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Anderson Kayne

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<::Processing Request::>

>Opening File...

>Opening File...


-File Start-


Anderson Kayne


Private Anderson Kayne listening to General Martin's message to Sanctuary





- General Information -


Birth Name: Anderson Christopher Kayne

Alias: 'Kanye'

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Age: 24

Date of Birth: July 13th, 2274

Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts, Terra

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 164 lbs

Blood Type: A-

Build: Athletic Mesomorph

Eye Color: Hazel-Brown

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Mental State: Sane

Personality Classification: INFP-T (Mediator)

Alignment: True Neutral


- Medical History & Information -


Minor Impairments: N/A

Major Impairments: N/A

Scars/Other Distinguishing Marks: Scars litter Kayne’s body, mostly across his arms and legs. His lower left leg is replaced by a Biotech and the rest of it is heavily burned and contorted. His chest shows visual signs of injury with four large scars from bullet woundsLeft Hand is replaced by a Biotech, Wrist is visibly scarred.


>112th Medical Record<


INJURED by Sanctuary Footman, GSW to the Right Shoulder | March 28th, 2298 | RECOVERED

INJURED by Unknown Undead Enemy & Acid Rain, Severe Burns on Left Leg | March 31st, 2298 | RECOVERED

SEVERELY INJURED by Drake Long, 4x .308 Rounds to the Chest & Abdomen, Pierced Lung | March 31st, 2298 | RECOVERED

INJURED in Dropship Crash, Fractured Ulna in Three Places | April 2nd, 2298 | RECOVERED

SEVERELY INJURED by Sanctuary Tripwire, Lost Lower Left Leg | April 21st, 2298 | RECOVERED | BIOTECH

INJURED by Sanctuary Footman, GSW(s) to the Left Shoulder and Right Calf | April 25th, 2298 | RECOVERED

INJURED by Sanctuary Marauder, Small Caliber GSWs scattered across either Arm | April 29th, 2298 | RECOVERED

INJURED by Sanctuary Regular, Grenade Blast mutilated Left Hand | June 2nd, 2298 | BIOTECH



- Family -


Mother - Amy Kayne | Maiden Name: Jones - Alive - Civilian Nurse

Father - Grayson Kayne - Deceased - Federation Serviceman


- Pre-Service Records -


Education: High School Diploma

Grade Point Average: 3.2

College Education/Majors: N/A

Criminal Record: N/A


- Federation Service Records -


Branch of Service: Mobile Infantry

Current Service Unit: 112th Mobile Infantry Battalion, 31st Morita Regiment

Age of Enlistment: 20

Total Deployments: NOT YET APPLICABLE

Military Accolades:


Purple Heart (Multiple)



Distinguished Service


Service Record:


Enlisted into the Federation at Age 22

After training Kayne was transferred into the 112th Mobile Infantry

Serves as a Mobile Infantryman with the 31st Morita Regiment

Received NCO Qualification

See Promotion Record for specifics


Kayne was transferred to the 89th Training Battalion from the 112th in order to condition new NCOs and Enlisted.

Recently Kayne has been transferred back to the 112th.

Current Rank: Private First Class


>Promotion Record<


PROMOTED from Recruit > Private on March 23rd, 2298

PROMOTED from Private > Private First Class on March 26th, 2298.

PROMOTED from Private First Class > Lance Corporal on March 28th, 2298.

PROMOTED from Lance Corporal > Corporal on March 30th, 2298

PROMOTED from Corporal > Sergeant on April 7th, 2298

PROMOTED from Sergeant > Staff Sergeant on April 9th, 2298

DEMOTED from Staff Sergeant > Sergeant on September 19th, 2298

DEMOTED from Sergeant > Private First Class on March 26th, 2299



>Training & Qualifications<

  • Basic Infantry Training
  • Basic First Aid Training
  • Combat Life Saver Qualified
  • Junior NCO Qualifications
  • NCO Qualifications
  • Under-barrel Grenade Launcher Qualified
  • Advanced Infantry Training
  • Morita Mark 1 Superiority


>Noteworthy Photos/Videos<



"Corporal Anderson Kayne, moments before his first EVA Jump."



This design can be seen painted in dark blue on the front end of Kayne's Helmet



Sunglasses Kayne occasionally wears ; "Beans" written on the side in hand writing that differs from Kayne's



- Personal Relations -
Loved / Interested / Best Friends / Close / Respect / FriendsLike / Acquainted / Neutral / Disliked / Hated
 = Deceased



Sebastian Bently

"Fuck I'm in the 'less than a Left Leg' club too now. Bently's a great soldier and a noticeable helping hand around the ship and on the field. I wouldn't be who I was or where I was if he hadn't been an involuntary mentor, he has my back and knows I'll have his. There's few as selfless as him."

"I know I was gone for a while but it's not gonna sit right calling Bently 'sir' all the time, but hell 'Bently's Bandicoots' is catchy. We'll need to catch up."




Franco Sorrentino

"Great now we both have no left hand.”


Elrad Davidson

"Loyalty certainly is everything to the Colonel and I have no issue with that. He occasionally deploys with us and I can always appreciate leading from the front. I hope he lasts”  


Jackie Knoxx

"I see her around every now and again, a bit loud, never really had a sit down talk with her. I know that she has quite a history and it's not all that redeeming"


Daisy Bailey

"Not my Captain.”


Travis Young

"Know's a thing or two about BioTech rehab, he also never shies from a decent conversation.” 


Morgan Keller

"Bit of a nut case upon first glance, but everyone has their flaws. She apologized after her fit and legal dispute, hopefully she makes out alright."


Cornelius Zeem

"I have to say I’m actually kind of impressed with Zeem as of recent. He’s becoming a capable trooper with some leadership qualities, hopefully that keeps up.”


† William 'Cool' Beans 

"You really never truly know what you have until it's gone. I was never the out-going type, but Beans found the best in everyone somehow and could bring it out. Your personality will be deeply missed and you'll be remembered, however, I don't think there's any soul who can fill the void of 'Cool Beans', Bushman, or William Beans.. Rest in Peace and thank you."




Noah Gargano

"Gargano's a good kid, he's got a decent head on his shoulders and he could go far... As long as he keeps to his more mature side when it counts and maybe hits the gym."



 Michael Finch

"Well he's not dead but he is gone. Finch was alright I suppose, tough egg to crack though, you could almost never get past his NCO face."


Liliana Verbeck

"Verbeck is good company. We share similar traits in leadership and work well together. She knows what she’s doing and I’m glad to have her in the platoon.”


Haleem al-Attar

”The uh.. medic lady with the name I can barely remember. She’s diligent and hopeful for sure I just hope that diligence doesn’t get in the way.”


 Sean Richardson

"Oh Dumbcunt.. where to begin."


Annabelle Thacker

"She's nice enough, certainly a gung-ho Federation type. She's earned her battle scars and seems pretty up-front."


Rahman Decim

"Everyone loves Decim... right?”



-File End-


>Closing File...

>Closing File...

:>Returning to Federation Service Records Database<:













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updated pretty much every relationship already on there


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3 hours ago, HazyDay said:

Daisy Bailey


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Travis Young


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You can add me if you want I’m Morgan Keller!


All done.

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