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Hello everyone,


It is today that I must inform you all of my inability to continue playing on this server as life and work begin to, once again, take up all of time. As such, I'm stepping away and resigning as Admin, Master Sergeant and 'MIPOD Supervisor' simply due to the fact that I can not handle any form of responsibility outside of my current situation; it is just simply unrealistic. I also don't want to hold anyone back in the factions that I, more-or-less, run.


I'd like to thank everyone for putting so much effort into this community and server that I have enjoy so freaking much -- Really, it is totally addicting and, like an addict, I'm almost growing emotional writing this. :(


I know this news is immediate and sudden, but that is due to the fact that I've been given opportunities this morning -- Opportunities that I simply can't pass up.


It's been great getting to know the majority of you and forming awesome friendships as we'll surely stay in touch.


As we say in the True North, of which is Strong and Free,

Fuck the bear, get a Tims and see you later, bud.


P.S.: Don't kill off my characters. When I return I'll want to play them again :^)

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I'll miss you, but life comes first bb. 


You do you, we'll still be here. 

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didnt know you that well but good luck in whatever it is you do, when you come back we'll be waiting

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My nigga. I'm gonna miss our times! ALL OF THEM! I hope to see you when you get back with us! 

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You’re not gonna fuckin’ leave me behind on this server all by my lonesome. >:(

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It's been an amazing run. Have fun and good luck out there.


You better come back at some point with blackjack, hookers and more maple syrup.

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