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Incoming changes

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Howdy, everyone. 


So, with Mcrann having sudden real life responsibilities (best of luck, friend) weapon specs has been tasked to me. Here, I'm going to highlight some key changed to the system. Note, everything that will be stated is subject to change. This is simply the current plan.


1. Senior Specs be gone. From now on, there are simply SPECIALISTS and MASTER SPECIALISTS. No in between. Senior Specialists only further dilute the MI with a rank that is, frankly, unnecessary. Gunnery Sergeant has also been removed. For the most part, I'll be as hands off as I see fit, leaving weapon specs' to the two Master Specialists ( Currently being @Jun Nagase and @Randynand ) Eventually, I'd like to introduce a third master specialist, in separate time zones from the first, and one whomst is not an admin. 


2. Not all weapons will be locked to specialists. Some will, some will not. For now, it's decided that the UGL will be unlocked to Lance Corporals and up. (I'm also going to try and get TONs in the hands of regular infantry, since the engineers are already fucking snowflakey enough.)


3. Explanation and utilisation of specialisations will be simplified. Documents will be concise, and posted here, instead of linked to a google document.

4. As recently appointed Master Sergeant, I'll be working to figure out ways for the NCO corps to further incorporate a specialists weapon into an over-arching plan. Specialists are trained to use their weapons, NCOs will be trained to use their specialists.


5. Master Specialists will hold reviews of Specialists, whenever they see fit. If anyone holds an NCO character, it's similar to the NCO meetings the Senior NCOs hold. Sitting down, asking opinions, asking how they feel, and so on and so fourth. Master Specialists will be further briefed on this at a later date. 


6. I'll be looking into roles for Specialists / the MI as a whole, both direct action weapons and otherwise. An idea I've had was a Combat Correspondent. This will be explained at a later date, and is subject to change / removal, or even to be cut entirely from concept.


Ultimately, my and the Master Specialists goal will to be the assurance that specialists are useful additions to the platoon, without them becoming the next clique on the server. I'll state this now, clique behaviour OOCly will not be tolerated, and IC clique behaviour will likely have IC consequences. Thank you for your time, and keep your eyes peeled for more information.

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