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Using SWEPs, Props, etc. That are not in the content pack

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There have been quite a few events where I see admins spawning a mass of props that aren't given out in the content pack and weapons.


M9K especially.


It's frankly very annoying seeing errors pasted everywhere and having no real control over it.


It's not a huge deal but I thought a fast thread wouldn't be taken too seriously.


All I'm asking is that there is an effort to put all the used items into the content pack for convenience.


Edit: if it's expected of everyone to download that 500 addon pack to see everything, that's also a tad extreme.


It could be a personal issue but frankly I've ran over my content three times over, verified, reinstalled, etc. and I still have issues and I know other people do as well.

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10 minutes ago, Lalatina said:

Just uhh.. Download the packs you are missing? I know the staff aren't going to remove it unless it causes 0.00001% lag for that single second. Otherwise you'r stuck with it. 


No idea what the packs are. It's not really a HUGE deal, I'd just rather be able to see everything without digging through 500 items downloading everything that might be used.

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1 minute ago, Lalatina said:

I was refering to the M9K pack since u said it was an error for u.


Oh yeah I just did that recently, hopefully it works.

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There has been a trend in using custom models from other maps that added them. All the maps are mounted on the server, ie. their custom models are too.

But you shouldnt expect everyone to be subscribed to all the maps!!! refrain from using map props; stick to base props, we have enough of those.

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