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Rahman 'Noodles' Decim

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Rahman (Pictured Center) helping a wounded civilian after the Coalition bombarded a local colony. Circa Early 2298.



Basic Information:


Name: Decim, Rahman

Age: :: Classified ::

D.O.B: :: Classified ::

Gender: Male.

Affiliation: UCF.

Role(s): Mobile Infantryman.

Homeworld: Terra.

Alignment: Federation Nationalist.

Hair color: Black.

Eye color: Green.

Build: Mesomorphic Athletic.

Rank: Lance Corporal.


Attributes: :: Classified ::


Wealth: :: Classified ::


Blasts from the past.


:: Rahman's biggest mistake during his teen years ::


Rahman, pictured in the Orange Hair.



:: Relationships ::

Relations: Loves, Admires, Respects, Good friends, Friends, Likes Neutral, Hates

Spc. Jackie Knoxx: Weird girl, sounds like she's done some stupid shit in the past with this platoon. Meh, it's not my issue now, I just know who she is now and she's aight'.


Engineer Kyle: Engineer that can try to blow stuff up, he's aight'.


Annabelle Thacker: Heard she got lashed for back talking the stuff, not that I care really as she seemed to hover around the MI often, almost as if she was MI. And if she was I wouldn't want her back in the MI now considering her attitude.


O'FarrellA carefree marauder with a perfect attitude, he aight'. Plus we managed to make a line and trap that one kid.


Saiphan: Another Asian dude, but he isn't my type of Asian. He is THAT Asian. He aight'.


Faust: An MG girl who tried to fight this Richardson character, honestly, I wish she beat the shit out of him much like I would've. Maybe German and Japanese relations still exist?


Bently: Cool Staff, only shot me once in the head. He's cooooolll in myyyy boookkk. Also, go get that Lieutenant big boy.


Chevosky Some Sergeant that overlooks me like an overprotective mother during their kindergartner's first field trip to the zoo. He's aight'.


:: Factions ::

Coalition: Meh. "Moral Highground".

Sanctuary: Slightly better meh. Still commits war crimes.

Skinnies: Hate them.

Bugs: Hate them.


:: Divisions ::

Mobile Infantry: I am no longer lonely, so fuck yeah. But they are autistic.

Engineering: Just blow stuff up for me and we're good.

Medical: I wish they existed.

Marines: Who?

Intel: Meh.

Marauders: Only useful when you want the bugs drawn away from your lines.

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On 6/3/2018 at 2:43 AM, Bohannon said:

Fuel my ego add Annabelle Thacker


Also what the fuck did I jsut watch



On 6/2/2018 at 11:13 PM, alright sassy said:

Kyle O'Reilly and possibly Knoxx


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11 hours ago, VulcanisTheShiba said:

Add old fart irishman


11 hours ago, Randynand said:

Valerie Faust


11 hours ago, saiphun987 said:

Do Devin Saiphan mah boi


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