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Takeshi while visiting a town in the Yamagata prefecture, circa 2289.



Basic Information:


Name: Takeshi, Rahman

Age: :: Classified ::

D.O.B: :: Classified ::

Gender: Male.

Affiliation: UCF.

Role(s): Mobile Infantryman.

Homeworld: Terra.

Alignment: Federation Nationalist.

Hair color: Black.

Eye color: Green.

Build: Mesomorphic Athletic.

Rank: Sergeant.


Attributes: :: Classified ::


Wealth: :: Classified ::


Blasts from the past.




:: Rahman's biggest mistake during his teen years ::


Rahman, pictured in the Orange Hair.



:: Relationships ::

Relations: Loves, Admires, Respects, Good friends, Friends, Likes Neutral, Hates

Spc. Jackie Knoxx: Weird girl, sounds like she's done some stupid shit in the past with this platoon. Meh, it's not my issue now, I just know who she is now and she's aight'.


Jessica ReadA medic who needs work on her medical skills, but I am sure she is getting trained. Plus, she isn't too bad on the eyes like some other medics.


Engineer Kyle: Engineer that can try to blow stuff up, he's aight'.


Annabelle Thacker: Heard she got lashed for back talking the stuff, not that I care really as she seemed to hover around the MI often, almost as if she was MI. And if she was I wouldn't want her back in the MI now considering her attitude.


O'FarrellA carefree marauder with a perfect attitude, he aight'. Plus we managed to make a line and trap that one kid.


Saiphan: Another Asian dude, but he isn't my type of Asian. He is THAT Asian. He aight'.


Faust: An MG girl who tried to fight this Richardson character, honestly, I wish she beat the shit out of him much like I would've. Maybe German and Japanese relations still exist?


Bently: Cool Staff, only shot me once in the head. He's cooooolll in myyyy boookkk. Also, go get that Lieutenant big boy.


Chevosky:  Some Sergeant that overlooks me like an overprotective mother during their kindergartner's first field trip to the zoo. He's aight'.


Attar: She's a good medic, but her /elitist/ attitude has to go. 


Vega: Ehhh, she's good. Thanks for that /favor/ by the way.


Ji ParkKoreans are annoying and obnoxious, she's no exception.


:: Factions ::

Federation: Perfection.

Sanctuary: Shiet.

Skinnies: Hate them.

Bugs: Hate them.


:: Divisions ::

Mobile Infantry: I am no longer lonely, so fuck yeah. But they are autistic.

Engineering: Just blow stuff up for me and we're good.

Medical: I wish they existed.

Marines: Who?

Intel: Meh.

Marauders: Only useful when you want the bugs drawn away from your lines.

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On 6/3/2018 at 2:43 AM, Bohannon said:

Fuel my ego add Annabelle Thacker


Also what the fuck did I jsut watch



On 6/2/2018 at 11:13 PM, alright sassy said:

Kyle O'Reilly and possibly Knoxx


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11 hours ago, VulcanisTheShiba said:

Add old fart irishman


11 hours ago, Randynand said:

Valerie Faust


11 hours ago, saiphun987 said:

Do Devin Saiphan mah boi


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