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[FEDNET] Laptev System Fallen, Sanctuary on the Offensive

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The Laptev System's central binary star.




The system of  Laptev came under swift attack yesterday by an armada of Sanctuary warships near the Coalition-Sanctuary border. A star system of three planets; only one of which is habitable, came under fire, and then invasion by Sanctuary forces. The planet Okhotsk II has a very small population, mostly comprised of Mobile Infantry and Fleet personnel. The planet is home to several sizable resupply centers vital to Coalition fleets patrolling the long stretches of border between us, and the enemy. 


The men and women of Fleet and the Mobile Infantry fought hard, but were no match for the tremendous firepower and speed possessed by the Sanctuary fleet. Twelve hours ago, the last bastion of Coalition forces centered on the Okhotsk II's southern pole surrendered, and broadcast that the planet was now under control by Sanctuary.


Evacuation and mobilization efforts are already underway in several nearby systems, with fleets from Castus doubling down on security while reinforcements arrive from Faraway and Hesperus. A Corvette was lost in the initial attack, the AFC-BC229 Cincinnatus, staffed with over 3,500 personnel, managed to buy time for nearby Coalition warships to retreat to safety while managing to transport a fraction of their staff to the nearby hospital ship the AFC-HC428 Clara Barton. 

We managed to get onboard the Clara Barton, (now safe in the orbit of Iskander) and talked to some of the people who were there, like Lance Corporal Ian Cheng.






Crowded transport ships await to transfer the remnants of the Cincinnatus to be reassembled to fight again. Here, MI, Fleet, and Military Intelligence mingle, in a state of shock. The majority of the personnel were caught off guard once the attack began, with casualties estimated to be approximately 3,500 killed, with hundreds wounded.




"It was crazy. Alarms, sirens, the works. We kept watchin' more and more ships pop up out the bay windows, an' we started to look around at each other like, "this is it." I don't think any of us expected us to make it, but- thanks to Captain Montez, we did." 


Lance Corporal Cheng was in the Cincinnatus' mess hall when the attack began. He speaks of the ship's captain, Aurelio Montez, who went down with his ship after the attack began.


"When everyone else was freakin' out, Captain Montez kept his head. He managed to get as many of us as he could into boats- our only hope bein' the Clara Barton. I never knew him personally, but I'm indebted to him. We all are. Without him, Sanctuary might've gotten more than just the Cincinnatus. I owe him my life."


Captain Montez was one of the 3,500 whose lives were lost yesterday at the hands of Sanctuary. The atmosphere in the Clara Barton is one of remorse, remembrance, and trepidation. 

Military intelligence has issued a statement that they are taking swift defensive measures to counter the threat to the Coalition, and that they wish to maintain a sense of discretion regarding the positioning of their defensive fleets.


Here in the Clara Barton, troopers of the 323nd Moritas await to be reassigned to combat-ready battalion. The company's CO, Lt. Elizabeth Webster, was also among the 3,500 killed on the Cincinnatus. The hospital beds are packed with men and women who witnessed firsthand the unbridled ferocity of Sanctuary's war machine, and they're eager to return the favor. Troopers like Lance Corporal Ian Cheng, who says,


"Those bastards took the lives of some of the finest men and women I've ever served with. There'll be hell to pay for this- no doubt."






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