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[IC] Armoury Access

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4 - 7 - 2298


Troopers, due to a recent breach of security, and the ensuing injury of a trooper, armoury access is now restricted to Corporals and up. The door is locked, and no one may enter without a Corporals ID or above. Only in times of emergency, or required duty, will the armoury be unlocked to all.


If you wish to use the range, a Corporal or above must accompany you.


If you are a Master Specialist and require access in order to train fellow troopers, you must ask an NCO for permission prior to proceeding, including your own name, and all present to be trained.


If you are a trooper who is allowed access to a sidearm or firearm whilst aboard the Grant, you must have a Corporal accompany you to retrieve your weapon, and if you opt to stow it away.


In the event of an NCO wishing to run a training, the armoury will be unlocked for the duration of said training.


All proceedings must continue to be logged as usual.


Any trooper caught accessing the armoury without proper authorisation will face Court Martial and investigation.


MSgt. F. Sorrentino


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What this means oocly: 


The only time this door will be unlocked for everyone, is during the phase prior and post event where troopers receive their gear for said event. 


No, we aren't forcing you to roleplay stowing your gear and retrieving it each and every time. However, if you plan on smuggling gear away, it must be thoroughly and properly roleplayed.


No random joe-shmoo can access the armoury anymore. The door is ID locked, and can only be opened by fleet personnel, and Cpl. Unless you snagged someones proper ID, or convinced some fleetie to unlock the door, or somehow managed to break into the armoury, any instance of you roleplaying yourself stealing a weapon will be voided by default.


Master Specialists, if theres no Cpls on, go ahead and proceed with your training as usual. If there is, simply involve them for the sake of roleplay.


No, this does not mean that if the door is not PHYSICALLY locked ingame, that you can just waltz in. Unless specified as being unlocked, it is, in fact, locked.


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