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Military Intelligence- Prosecutorial Branch

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Military Intelligence Prosecutorial Branch


Interested in the ins and outs of Military Law?

Aspire to be seated on a General Court-Martial?

See yourself as a competent Legal Officer?


Openings are available for the Prosecutorial Branch, see the SOP for more details.


See you on the panel!

2Lt. Hugo F. Sculz (OC)








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Physical Details

Full Name: Corvo Vinitoni

D.O.B: May, 16th, 2295

Height: 5'11

Weight: 143lb

Eye Colour: Bright Blue



Employment history: Full-Time Student, 

Educational history: Basic High School Degree, Major in Criminal Justice and Military Law, Minor in Cybersecurity and Philosphy 

Criminal record: N/A

Service record: N/A, Fresh Recruit



Steam name: ZombieStalker08

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:47997439

Activity: All Day, Everyday

Timezone: GMT -5, EST (I live in Ohio, USA)

Roleplay history: Been Roleplaying since 2012 on GMOD. With over six years of Roleplaying under my belt and 27,692 Hours on Garry's Mod and have earned the title of being 8th in the world for most hours on GMOD. Bottom line is I've been Roleplaying serious Roleplay like CW:HL2RP for years.


Proof: https://steamladder.com/ladder/playtime/4000/


Length of time (on server): About 4-5 Days so far, being honest.


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