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Appetite Ruining Kebab

FPS drops and console errors.

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Hi. Lately during events, I get these two errors, and some similiar variations:


class C_PhysPropsClientside[-1]:SetAngles(nan nan 0.000000 ) : Ingoring unreasonable angles.

Class_PhyspropClientside[-1]:SetPos (nan nan -nan(ind) ): Ingoring unreasonable position.


They flood the console at an extremely fast rate and I think they're the reason behind my occasional FPS drops (which fixes itself when restarting the game)


Does anyone know what this is related to?



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Just now, Appetite Ruining Kebab said:

I've reinstalled the content pack and don't have an issue so far. Thanks for the tip, though.



Yesyes. I wish I could have figured out what it was in particular but the items aren't familiar to me.

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1 minute ago, Appetite Ruining Kebab said:

False victory. The errors still persist. I'll consider combing through the rest of my addons/uninstalling.

Yeah, if you want to fix it for sure, unsub from all addons, uninstal Gmod, delete the Gmod folder, then reinstall everything. 

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