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Ravette Blackwell

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  (Recruit Blackwell, moments before being assigned to her Front line unit)








''Have you seen reflections, emotions in the others eyes?
Have you stared love in the face, seen it in the eyes?
Have you seen love die in those same eyes
Seen all that hope, how it is gone, how it just dies?
Have you felt what it feels when love dies? To be left alone?
Have you felt when world falls around you? How you are there alone?
Is there life after that? Is there anything after that pain,
anything after you seen that? After your life has gone in the drain...
I see nothing, all is just gone, drown in my pain, gone for vain...
I have no reason to live, I have felt my soul to die, my soul to be slain...
My life is so useless, worthless, meant nothing to the other, like a love,
it was just there to die and be gone, my love meant nothing, just gone..''



Basic Information

Name: Ravette Jane Blackwell

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Date of Birth:  21st of November

Place of Birth:  Roku San

Religious Beliefs: Atheist

Affiliation: Mobile Infantry

Alignment: Neutral Evil


Armed Services Career
Branches Served In:  Mobile Infantry
Current Unit: 112th Mechanized Morita Rifles Battalion, A. Company, 1st. Platoon.
Role: Rifleman, Flamethrower Operator
Rank:  Private
Demotions: N/A
Criminal Record: N/A
Age of Enlistment: 18


  • Clifford Blackwell: Father, Citizen, Alive
  • Henrietta Blackwell: Mother, Citizen, Alive



Personal Relationships     


Conformist :

  • Zealious Edwards
  • Joshua Edwards
  • Rachel Vallenwood
  • Alicia White
  •  William Beans
  • Alexander Tschenkowitsch
  • Aoife Hviteulven
  • John York
  • Valerie Faust
  • Troy Hughes
  • Cierra O'Casey
  • Jennifer Hayes
  • Reuben Amukama
  • Brian C. Larsen
  • Reuben Amukama
  • Franco Sorrentino
  • Sean Richardson
  • Alice Vickers



Non Conformist:

  • Travis Young

Grasp of death, fill me with the cold,
inside me, something crying,
pretty thing, torn wings, wounds deep,
what keeps me alive, tears of love, tears of sorrow...

I am told, no more will I grow old,
inside me, something dying,
In my heart, wounded, angel weep,
in my death, for dying angel, I owe...
  • Lilliana Verbeck

Many times tears are shed,
does it make us dead?

Life, that - tears can create,
for that, tears you should not hate...

So let the tears just rain,
get released from your pain...

In the stone, roses can grow,
just feed them, let the tears flow...

Shelter the roses in love and care,
even out from stone, grow, they dare...
  • Arryn Falco

Death, you are my sweet love,
come and give me your cold embrace...

Wrap your icy arms around me,
hold me, kiss me till I die...

Let me feel your cold touch,
feel you, feel death of my flesh...

Release my soul from this agony,
give me freedom, let me die...
  • Sebastian Bently

Darkness crawling inside my mind,
eating memories, rendering me blind,
all gone, memories, nothing can I find...

Carved empty inside, pain veiling my sorrow,
sorrow veiling my pain, I am feeling so hollow...

Sea of tears, drowning all, life is just a loan...
  • Alison Walcroft

...I am just a sad soul in the dark world,
sorrow and pain - my only companions...

...Dark words, burning tears of my pain,
comforting me in my sorrowful journey...

...Only one thing missing, final oblivion,
sweet death, in your icy arms I wish to sojourn...
  • Eleanor Tuuli

My shattered heart so hollow,
inside me, so much pain,
my bleeding soul, crying,
lost love, tearing me apart...

I am cursed to the sorrow,
screams inside, heart slain,
without you, I am dying,
farewell, queen of my heart...
  • Darius Hawke
  • Eliot Salem

Death, my friend, you are always there,
from you, no one flee, you are everywhere,
still, I wonder, why you are never here...

Death, my friend, you release others from pain,
all those people, they get free, so many slain,
yet, I ask, why I am still here in vain...

Death, my friend, you everywhere see,
from you, just redemption, can I plea,
here I ask, come here, set me free...



  • William St.Claire

Birth was my first sin, be here,
to cry, with my scream silence tear...

Life was my second sin, just live,
mock this world, my opinions give...

Love was my third sin, to care,
just worship her, how did I dare...

Questioning was my fourth sin, raise doubt,
my mind use, see no reasons when look out...

Rebellion was my fifth sin, my own rules make,
refuse to obey, not orders from others to take...

Arrogance is my sixth sin, to my own sins list,
to think I know, believe my own sins see in life's mist...

I will still have many sins, my own pride I will fall,
I will regret most, hope redemption before death call...

Death will be my last sin, to surrender and die,
just release my life, to darkness and oblivion fly...


  • Astrea Ravencroft

Sometimes I draw blood
My own blood
It is a ritual I undertake with the utmost solemnity.
I gently puncture my finger with a pin,
a pin I keep hidden away for just such a purpose.
I squeeze the tip of my affronted digit to control the flow.
Releasing and withholding at will,
letting the scarlet substance seep slowly into a crystal glass.
I admire its consistency,
the richness of its color.
So much is reliant on this stuff which
fuels the imaginings of saints and scoundrels,
and stirs my own hidden passions.
My ritual reaches its denouement
as I consecrate my body in its own blood.
I return it from whence it came
The glass stands empty.
I sleep


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2 hours ago, Archer said:



>washburn says the nametag




goth gf?

With a few words, my heart is torn,
from my pain, only sorrow is born...

Finally, behind the lies, my life I can see,
dreams collapsed, there is no hope for me...

Words of love, tarnished - lie, all they burn,
once love - now gone, forever, ashes to turn...

All those lies, in front of my eye, now flashes,
what once were my love, now only remain in ashes...

Tainted ashes of love, only feed the seeds of lie, 
blown in the wind, to seek a victim, a heart to die...

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My shattered heart so hollow,
inside me, so much pain,
my bleeding soul, crying,
lost love, tearing me apart...

I am cursed to the sorrow,
screams inside, heart slain,
without you, I am dying,
farewell, queen of my heart...

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