Hi   Earlier this week I informed the rest of the admin team that I was reaching a tipping point. SSTRP has/had no longer became fun for me, and I was considering either shutting down the server, or handing it over to an XA.       Furthermore, as I mentioned last, I have accepted a role that requires me to commute back and forth to London each day - meaning I will not have the freedom and the time that working from home once entitled me.    But the overwhelming consensus from the admin team is that they would very much like me not to shut down the server - that they and many of you continue to enjoy it. Unfortunately however the XA team have all pretty much said they would rather resign than take on the reins. Thus I am left in a conundrum as to what to do.   As a middle ground I will be taking an extended LOA - perhaps for a week, perhaps a month, perhaps a quarter. I will continue to pay the bills, but I intend on having nothing to do with SSTRP - or at least the administrative side. In the interim, I intend on leaving the decision making solely in the hands of Durango, Tonic, and Franco (who was made XA a couple of days ago). They will act much the same as I have - each with unlimited power to act unilaterally, with the assumption that they will seek a consensus amongst other XAs when making decisions of significant consequence for the server. Only where there is a conflict between XAs will I intervene.   I am rarely afforded the opportunity to speak plainly but I feel this is one of those occasions where I can let my hair down:   To the majority of you who are cunts: fuck you.   To the few that were decent people: it has been an absolute pleasure and you were a most welcome relief. I hope you remain when I return.   PS. Trilby is the biggest cunt that I've had to deal with over the past two years. If I had the foresight to know what a cunt she'd turn out to be, I would have still confronted Ace & co. over the fact that they were harvesting her personal details for nefarious purposes, because unlike Tril, I am not a total fucking cunt. Virtue signal away, fuckhead - when push comes to shove, when there has ever been a stand to be made, you were always the first to sit.