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Noah 'Deadgano' Gargano- KIA 14/07/2298

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Face Claim (FedNet Profile Picture):




Character Theme(S)










Basic Information:

Name: Noah Gargano
Age: 19
D.O.B: 31/01/2280
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Federation
Role(s): Mobile Infantry
Kin: Father- Tommy Gargano (ALIVE), Mother- Morgan Gargano (ALIVE)
Homeworld: Colorado, USA, Terra
Alignment: Neutral Good
Hair color: Light Brown
Eye color: Light Blue
Build: Relatively Small
Rank: Sgt



Rank History: Pvt - Pfc - LCpl - Cpl - Sgt




Strength: 10/20
Dexterity: 14/20
Constitution: 11/20
Intelligence: 14/20
Wisdom: 14/20
Charisma: 18/20

Misc. Attributes:

Combat Rating: 8/10

Pain/Health: 7/10

Wealth: Middle Class

Character Description: A young American boy in his late teens standing at the small height of 5'6, He'd have light blue eyes and white skin, His hair would be light brown and scruffy, He wears standard Mobile Infantry clothing.

Characteristics: Charismatic, Friendly


Getting promoted from Pvt to Pfc and then to LCpl all in one day.

Getting to Cpl.

Getting to Sgt.









Photos and other shit:


Photo of Noah Gargano waking up in the medbay after taking painkillers.




Relations: Loved|Admired|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Aquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears

--[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]--


SSgt. Sebastian Bently: You are one tough as fuck Sergeant, like I'm not sure you feel that much emotion but you have definently seen some shit dude and I have to say I look up to Sergeants like you.. I don't know what it is but you know your stuff and I hope I can learn off you as I do Finch. You've took me under your wing and I can't wait to be like your prod- However you say it.. Yeah, you're actually a quite an emotion guy now that I've talked to you but you're good at keeping emotions and duty seperate. You're a big influence on me and I just hope that I don't disappoint you as a Sergeant. You were a father figure to me and I can't thank you enough for the chance of having you take me under your wing. I hope I did you proud and I hope you keep keeping everyone under control like you do. Gonna miss you.

LCpl Anni Jarvinen: You absolutely love your formations and being proper on the field, can't say I have anything against that because it reminds me of boot but sometimes you can get a bit picky but I guess I should try learn how to be uh.. Picky like you seeing as I'm a Lance myself too and you seem like someone who will become NCO because you always put professionalism over emotions. Not sure where you went.

Shang Guan: Crazy Chinese guy who is always hyped up but he is loyal to the Federation and for that I respect him. Glad to see you got your Private First Class rank back. Your passionate and have a chance of seeing full potential, you just need to calm down and control your emotions.

John Cross: I like this guy on and off duty, he's nice and a good second in command. Don't know what more I could ask for really, he's a bro. Not sure where you went, hope you're okay.

Matthew Krauw: Don't know him to well but he's one of the guy's I'd consider a friend despite not knowing him that well, yeah he's a cool guy. One of the nicest guys in our platoon, keep putting smiles on people's faces man.

Reuben Amukama: He acts like a tough guy from a vietnam war film or something,  guess it's the whole sleeveless bad-ass look along with the attitude. Pretty cool guy to be honest but he can get a bit too tough sometimes.. Doesn't bother me though, I don't think I'll get to the point where he has to get tough on me or well I hope anyway. Keep up with the tough act, it makes us all laugh and as much as I hated your attitude, people have their own way of doing things and you do your way well. Fun guy.

Cierra O'Casey: She's chill, pretty cool to hang out with and reminds me of Beans a bit. She's great on the field too so I make sure to choose her when I'm picking squads, takes orders well and there's like no backtalk. Not sure what happened to you, hope you're alright.
Alexander 'Lick' Tschenkowitsch: This guy's great, I remember talking to him in the bar when I was new around while listening to Frank Sinatra and he gave me a few hints -now look where I am. He's got a good music taste and just fun to hang out with in general, plus he brings out the funny side of Finch. From what I've heard he's lost friends throughout his time here but man this guy just makes me feel good damn. Good Friend. You're losing friends and your smile but I hope it stays as they do in your heart, I will never regret saving your life and I want nothing back for it because you give me enough, you give us all joy.

Valerie Faust: Get some! Yeah I haven't spoke to her much but she's a pretty cool dude from what I've seen, also she complimented my nose ring which was nice and I know she's good on the field from what I've seen plus she's got some sick (also cheesy) tattoos. She's all about that 'M.I love' man. You'll go out as a veteran I feel.

James Chevosky: Like hanging out with him, likes to joke around and stuff. Shame he lost his left hand because that's his dominant hand, hopefully they get him BT soon. He's Corporal too now, me, him and Walters 'Corporal Punishment' heh. I still like him but he seems to be losing his kinder side recently, I hope he doesn't forget it because I don't want him to be sad.  Still a good friend of mine and we're also both Sergeants which is cool, looks like we really are climbing up the ranks together and hope we continue hah. Yeah he's one of my closer friends probably, we're different to how we approach punishments but wouldn't do if we were all the same and his way works for him which is cool. Chevgano. You were like a brother to me, an older brother and good one. We were like good cop (me) and bad cop (you), it worked perfectly and we climbed together but I reached my limit. You haven't reached your limit and I feel you'll continue to go far in your career and go out as a hero.. Just got lay back on the swear-words..- Kidding, I'm gonna miss you Chevo.

Sean Richardson: He's alright, people don't seem to like him at all hence the nickname 'Dumbcunt'. Personally I think he's okay just a joker really, I don't know I can tolerate him and look past his annoying parts.

Rahman Decim: You're fun guy to hang around with but I can't believe you and Chevosky made me put on that outfit and then took a picture. Anyway yeah good lead too, like seeing him around. It was fun playing around with you, keep up the fun..- Yeah, gonna miss you.

Elrad Davidson: You're our Colonel and you are one scary guy but I have a lot of respect towards your because of you're rank and how loyal you are in general. I don't think we've actually spoke to eachother one to one but I wouldn't mind that, maybe learn a few things from you but I doubt you'd be interested.

Alice Vickers: You're an experienced trooper who came back for another run in our platoon and you've done well, taught me a few things and I hope you're given my space as a Sergeant because you hella deserve it. We knew eachother for such a short time and I wish it lasted longer but it what it is.. Your words were comforting and I took them to heart, keep up being great.





---[[Federation Engineering Division]]--

Lyndsey Carter: Another one of the first people I talked too, we were on our first drop together too which was pretty cool. We're good friends and you're typically a good friend to others anyway, I like having nice people around and you're one of them.. It's shame you got injured after that drop by some mistake but it looks like you got over it quick which is good, keep up that cool positive attitude dude. Don't let your emotions get to you, stay kind, stay humble and stay Carter. John was a legend and you were a bigger one, I can see great things in the engineering division for you and many names in your friends list. Gonna miss you.





--[[Federation Hospital Corps]]--

Alice White: I've been meaning to talk to you more, I just sorta see you around and I can see you're in the medical detachment now which is great! Yeah hopefully I can get to know you more though, you seem so calm but I don't know because.. Yeah I need to get to know you more -but still on my mind. You're cool, make jokes about my world famous egg making and stuff. One of the nicest people I've met, please keep it up.

Jessica Read: The angel that took me to heaven, thankyou.

Ylva Hilmarsdottir: We hadn't spoke much but I know she was an old experienced one and she was really laid back from what I gathered. Seemed cool.


--[[Federation Marauders]]--

That one Marauder I forgot the name of who carried me: I fucking love you, whoever you are. You ticked off one of the things on my bucket list.

Jurgen Sepp: I think you were the one who carried me...? - Anyway I heard you go around fuck all the girls or whatever, real player and you're like a hero of the federation because y'know Marauders are great. Massive respect to you or well any Marauder really. Keep gunning down the cunts that try to stop us you beautiful muscular man.


--[[Federation Fleet]]--


--[[Federation Provost Corps (Marines)]]--



--[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]--

(Fallen) William 'Cool' Beans: You were one of the first people I talked to who really got me, we clicked just like that and now you're gone... It's sad to see you go so soon man, I just wish we could've talked more. You always had a way of cheering everyone up and you were damn good with the ladies, on the field you were great and it was always fun how you counted your kills. I don't think I or anyone in the platoon will forget you, go pull some hot angels in heaven brother.

(Fallen) Charles Dickens: It's been hard getting over your death, it's been hard for all of us. You were such a nice guy, it's hard to notice what you have until it's gone and I hope you rest well man. I hope you rest well.

(Discharged) Sgt. Michael Finch: I have this feeling you had your eye on me but that's probably just in my dreams. I remember my first training here and you let me lead which was pretty cool, skip a week and you're promoting me to Private First Class for "showing I care about other troopers and want to report things when I don't think it's right." That really boosted my morale and on the SAME day I went on to be your Second in Command and ended up getting promoted to Lance Corporal, what a ride it's been and I hope it doesn't stop anytime soon. You're a good Sergeant. I heard you were discharged for letting an enemy go which ended up ruining the whole operation.. I guess sometimes we need to forget our sympathetic side but man it's weird how things can change just like that. I will miss you, it feels like I've lost a father figure almost but I don't know. Good luck.

(Discharged) Cornelius Zeem: I kind of latched onto you on my first day when I had no clue what the hell was going on before a training and you didn't seem to mind at all, I feel like we've climbed up the ranks with eachother man. Although we don't talk that much we still have the connection and for that I can honestly call you a good friend of mine on and off the field. Maybe one day we'll be NCOs together. We both became Corporals, it was all going out great but then you lost your hand.. Now you're gone, retired and so early in your career- We may never meet again but I hope we do.


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