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[Parker on his way to the Grant. 22/04/2298]




Basic Information:

Name: Alex Parker
Age: 23
D.O.B: 02/09/2274

D.O.D: 28/06/2298




[Parker's voice would be heard coming from an audio file.]

If you're hearing this then it means, well, I'm dead... it's been a long ride, the MI. I've enjoyed it, honestly. Met some of the greatest people the Universe has to offer. However there is one person. Carter, if you're hearing this, I'm sorry. I hope you can make it through the next year and a half with out me, I truly do. You're so much smarter and so much better than anyone, including me could ever give you credit for. I hope I at least got to tell you I loved you before I passed, I really do. If not, well... [The recording would go silent for a few moments before Parker spoke again.] I do. Love you, I mean... You really are one of the kindest, funniest, most unique and incredible people I have ever met, just being able to call you a friend is more than I will ever deserve. I'll save a pizza for you in the afterlife, and hey, maybe you can open up that pizza place with out me, huh? [Parker could then be heard choking up, clearing his throat before muttering.] Fuck.. I'm fine. [He'd then begin to speak again.] Try not to make any pizzas too crazy, and make sure to teach me everything you learn when we see each other again. 

Mum, Dad, I love you both too. I hope you both are proud of the man I became as I'm proud of you. 

If I died before we took my home back from the glowing blue fucks, promise me you'll kill them. Every last fucking one of them. I just hope I get to drop at least one more of the cunts before my time is up. 

Possessions wise, give everything to my family. I'd like my sidearm to go to Carter, maybe it can keep her safe while I'm gone. 

It was a pleasure to serve with all of you. Truly. 


Alex Parker. 

[There would be a long pause before the audio file stopped.] 

Gender: Male
Affiliation: Mobile Infantry
Role: DMR Specialist

Father: Sgt. Andrew Parker. [Alive.]

Mother: SSgt. Jessica Parker. [Alive]
Homeworld: Terra
Alignment: Neutral Good.
Hair color: Light Brown.
Eye color: Blue.
Build: Athletic.
Rank: Spc.
 Promotion Record:

Pvt. - Pfc. - LCpl. - Spc.

--Transfer to First Platoon.--



Growing up on Terra, Daniel was raised by a military family, joining the Mobile Infantry like his parents when he turned 18. He was stationed in a the 23rd Battalion for a few years until the Fall of Terra.

During Terra, Parker was stationed with a few other Battalions with the task of defending Atlanta, America, from the Progenitors while Civillians were extracted. Out of one thousand troopers only a few dozen survived, Alex included.

He and the other survivors were split off and sent to fill up vacancies in other places, Alex being sent to the 112th Battalion, Second Platoon. On the 22/04/2298, Parker was transferred to First Platoon to fill a vacant position in the DMR ranks. 



[Parker on a drop with Second Platoon. 08/03/2298]



Strength: 13/20
Dexterity: 16/20
Constitution: 12/20
Intelligence: 14/20
Wisdom: 12/20
Charisma: 14/20

Combat Rating: 8/10

Wealth: Middle Class

Character Description:

Parker is a rather tall man standing at 6'2" with light brown hair and blue eyes with an athletic build. He has a British accent, speaking in an upbeat tone, coming across as friendly and kind in his expression and tone.



[Picture of Alex in School. Picture taken 12/05/2293]

Personal Relationships:
Relations: Loves, Interested InAdmires, Respects, Good friends, Friends, Likes, Neutral, Hates


James Chevosky: Seems like an interesting person. He's a decent leader, wants to go up the ranks as well. I feel like he might be able to make it if he reels himself in a little. I wish him the best of luck on it.


Valerie Faust: I like her. She's one of our Master Specs. Laid back, fun to chat with and all. Think she wants me to help her with spreading some of that good ol' fashioned 'MI love.' Sounds good to me, honestly. I look forward to properly working with her in the field. 

You could say she's my 'Ally' ba-dum-tss. Nah but the Kraut is cool. I like her. My new little stealth buddy. We'll crawl through the Eastern Front together and avoid the big dumb T-Rex fucker. Hope to see you on the battlefield soon as well. 


Lyndsey Carter: She's an Engineer chick. Wants to get better with her M55 and make people proud and such. A noble thing for sure. She's pretty cute, honestly. I'd like to get to know her more. She seems nice and good to talk to. Suppose we'll see. Hope to see you prove your worth, Carter.  

Oddly enough we've gotten pretty close over the last few days. I'd say she's one of the people I'm closest to. Her company's always a pleasure and she's a great laugh to be around. Makes so damn fine pizza as well. Who knows, we could own a pizza restaurant one day I reckon. Parker and Carter's Pizza Palace or something. Has a nice ring to it. Hell, she  even knows how to take a joke. Honestly it's kinda hard to come up with all those names for her but it's worth it to see her reaction. Though hopefully it doesn't actually annoy her too much. 

I've met a lot of different people over the years can I can safely say that Carter's one of a kind. Hopefully the next RnR goes well, she agreed to go on a date which should be interesting. Speaking of hopefulness, I told her that I'll try to keep her safe for the next year and a half which, while seeming like a difficult task considering the circumstances, I'll try my best to actually do.

I'm sad to hear about the loss of her parents. Hopefully I can help her through it. I also hope she enjoys my company as much as I enjoy hers, and that she enjoyed the little mini-date thing. Ya know, even if I didn't get stabbed by the Master Sergeant. There's always another time for that though. I care about her a lot, just not sure if she feels the same way. 

Well, looks like we're getting papers. I'm quite happy with that, honestly. She's a great person, fun to be around, kind, nice on the eyes and we just kind of click. I'm glad, like... really glad. 

York signed the papers, just gotta give them to Verbeck later. I can't wait for us to be official. I truly am the luckiest man alive. 


Cierra O'Casey: What a chick. Pretty sure we're on the same wave length about a few things. I could certainly see us hanging around each other much more frequently. I most certainly look forward to seeing more of this one, whether it be in the bar or anywhere, not sure that either of us are picky enough to plan or care about where we hang out. 


Kyle O'Reilly: Seems like a cool guy. Not sure on too much about him but he's certainly a social one. Might chat with him at some point, find out his story. 


Elizabeth Graham: The Recon lead. Quite the looker and quite the fine shot. We teamed up to do some sniping and my God we did good. Dream team, actually. Hope we get to work together again soon, Master Spec. Sanctuary literally won't know what hit 'em.

Gave me the training and made me a Sniper. Hopefully I can live up to the last guy before me, made him sound like a bit of a big deal. 

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what's the point of showing a 'face-claim' of some random soldier dude who you don't even show the face

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