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James 'Chev' Chevosky [DECLARED DEAD 4:50 pm 7/26/2298]

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James Chevosky died of his head wound at 4:50 pm July 26th, 2298.


Character Theme #1




Combat Theme:



"Why is it always the good people that die, and the bad people at live to see another day?" -Sgt James Chevosky

Death Song:




Personal Emblem:




First Voice-log Sent to his parents:


"Hey mom, hey dad, I hope you two are doing well." *slight rustling heard in the background* "I uhhh... I am just getting settled into my new assignment, I was sent to the 'Grant' as it is called, it's a federation ship. I am assigned to the Infantry Regiment 112th Moritas... The 'Deathtakers'. I have a good feeling I will do well here, I have already made a few friends. If I can call them that."


"I am sitting in my bunk now, just relaxing. I already went on a mission, a few actually. I am a 'Private First Class' which is held in higher regard around here, and many NCOs think I have potential to make it far." *a slight sniffle is heard in the audio, like he is thinking a moment* "So far, I have done very well for myself. I uhh. I got my hand blown off" *he would chuckle* "Don't worry though, I am supposed to get a new one soon. I just wanted to let you two know that I am doing well, and that I love you two very much, and I am not letting this war change who I am."


"I can already feel slight changes in my attitude and my demenour, when it comes to being a soldier, but not to being a normal person. I am trying to become an NCO. Get higher standing so I can actually make some change, do what I wanted to do which was help and improve people. So far we are winning the conflict with sanctuary and are taking the fight to them, they will not win this war. Not while a Chevosky is on the frontlines."


"I know I left our faith. But after I have experienced, I do not think I can go back to praising god, but only praising others, real people who I put trust in. Staff Sergeant Bently, Corporal Hughes, Specialist Carter, I can call them friends, and I trust them to keep me alive in battle more than god himself. They are my comrades, and nothing will change that."

*there would be a slight fuzz in the audio before a shuffle what sounds like against bed sheets*

"I know you are worried about our family line, who will be the heir to myself, but I have to leave that all behind. I don't even know if I will live to meet a girl and actually make a family out of it, but that's really not my priority at the moment. After sis died, and so did little Gregory, I could not go back. I've made up my mind about rather than starting a family with a girl I love, to start a family with my friends here in the Mobile Infantry. And gaining my citizenship in the process."


"To think, a few months ago I was a refugee. Along with you two, now I am serving the federation to my best abilities. All I can do is hope you two trust in me, and believe I will live to be old and happy just as you two have. I am also happy to know you two are in a safe place, where you can rest and start a new life."


"Mazurek Dabrowskiego, mom and dad, Poland is not yet lost. Believe in me to get it back."


Basic Information:

Name: Chevosky T, James
Age: 21
D.O.B: June, 30 2278

Gender: Male
Affiliation: United Citizen Federation, Mobile Infantry
Role(s): Squadleader
Kin: Mother(Deceased), Father(Deceased), Sister(Deceased). James is Literally the last Chevosky.
Homeworld: Terra(Earth)
Alignment: United Citizen Federation(Coalition)
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Build: Athletic

Time Served: 1 year (IC Time)

Example Picture of Character's Face:




Video James Uploaded to FedNet when he was 14| Dated June 5, 2292:




Voice Log #1 (Bi-Weekly):


"Ever since I've become Sergeant, I decided to do a voice log on things, you know a keep up to date kind of thing, state my feelings and emotions, shit like that."

*clearing throat sounds*

"I was promoted to Sergeant today, with a gun to my face. I felt no fear, I was not scared of what the LT would do, I think he knew I wasn't scared. I'm not an easy person to frighten or to be fearful. Besides that, I decided to do these so in case I die, people know what I feel, and how I felt about things, perhaps it will make a difference perhaps not, maybe people can learn some lessons from these, maybe not. It depends who listens to them or who happens to come across them."


"Although, this week has been interesting, it turned upside down after Miguel died. That fucker helped me through a lot, and helped me realize a lot of things about myself that helped me change for the better, probably what contributed to me gaining rank. I'll miss him, so much... He was like a brother to me really, but I have to move on, I cannot dwell on his death, I would rather remember him. Recently I have been growing closer to some troopers, forming relationships. It's been nice, being a Sergeant so far, it almost seems less stressful than being a Corporal, it is much easier to solve problems and to keep people in line."


"Recently I have been becoming Friendlier with higher ranks, made up with the Captain I hope, seemed to have renewed my friendship with Bently and others. I decided to promote Decim to corporal which was probably a good decision, he is competent and I have also decided to take him under my wing a bit to make sure he doesn't fuck up. In other news Lance Corporal Clenmore and I seem to share glances sometimes, I don't know what they are, or why they are there, but in a way it worries me. I hope I am not growing feelings out of my ass for my relationship with Alysia would obviously get in the way with that. Honestly what the fuck is wrong with my mind. All I know is I don't like it."


"Last but not least, Carter seems to be getting along with Parker, he seems to be the only guy who has gotten on her romantic side, so many have tried and failed to get with her, but this fucker broke the wheel. I'm more than impressed. All I know is that he better not hurt her, or brake her heart, or I will beat the shit out of him, he needs to work on repairing her wounds rather than digging them deeper. I will put my trust in him for now because he seems like a good guy."


"That's it for my bi-weekly voice log, I will be doing these every two weeks from now on. Help me get my thoughts and emotions out there."

Voice Log #2:


"This voice log was a little delayed due to me being too fucking busy. I've had little time to actually sit still and do these fucking voice logs." *slight chuckling from Chevosky is heard*

"Annyyyywayyyyssss. Let's get on with this VOICE LOOOG."


"This month has been pretty lax honestly, other than the fucking bi-weekly mandatory trainings we have to do now, which every NCO is expected to do. I don't 100 percent agree with the initiative but I understand having NOT LAZY NCOs is pretty important. Although I am not lazy much to begin with, this really will help point out the NCOs who want their rank compared to ones who are lazy. "


"In other news, I made the decision to break with with Alysia, at least cancel our papers, I just don't feel the same way that I used to than when we first met, long love is like that. I know I have a small but of feelings left for her, but it's just not like it once was, and I don't want to force myself to love her, and to lie to her, which I will not do."


"I've made some new friends this week as well as have gotten closer to current ones. I hung out with Jessica Read, a medical specialist. She's actually a pretty cool girl to hang out with, for some reason we were sitting in the sim chatting shit and listening to music. I consider her a friend after all that stuff and may even have a small 'crush' on her. Although it's nothing I hope, considering I am not the only one that has feelings. She's pretty, I gotta give her that. Just her attitude in general is pretty nice to be around, I usually like surrounding myself with positive people, because it helps keep myself positive. That's something everyone should do if you ask me."


"Another awesome thing was when we played dodgeball, holy shit that was fun, MerCing troopers was probably one of the most entertaining fucking things ever, it was funny as hell sending people flying with these super balls we used. Shit was great. Also Top is planning a dodgeball tournament, wonder how many people will actually sign up for that."


"That's it for this voice log for two weeks number two. I hope to make another one soon, but I just heard a call for Infantry to the briefing room, I shall return!"

Voice Log #3:


"I know this is a bit late, but it has been a busy month. I've been fighting Progenitors, the enemy of humanity that has plagued our galaxy for too long. In the process... I have lost close friends and other respected people I looked up to. So I have not had too much time on my hands to do another log."


"But I have time now so I will get on with it."


"The Prog campaigns have not been easy, I lead the first mission against them and it seemed to go fairly well, although it was not easy, there was lots of CQC involved and we had to spend a lot of time clearing halls and shit, which was just a total mess. The second one however was more interesting... We invaded the Prog home world and destroyed a temple or some shit, but in the process we lost Captain Bailey, Gargano, and General Martin all on that one mission. The death of Gargano hit a lot of people hard, especially Carter, I did whatever I could to cheer her up and for the most part it worked. not too soon I lost my mentor, Staff Sergeant Hayes, who had been someone who had always tried to help me become a better leader."


"On to even more depressing topics, I talked to Bently today, who IN FACT has become a not just a Second Lieutenant but First Lieutenant in the span of a week... I talked to him about why I wasn't Staff Sergeant yet. He said he didn't 'need' me as one, I don't even know what that means, but it really hit me to the core, the way he described it, I argued a bit but he seemed hell bent on holding me back from ever advancing the ranks. Maybe he doesn't want me to fuck up again or something... Who knows... no matter what though he will always be someone I look up to and can all a friend, he can always count on me to be a loyal trooper."


*sirens blaring in the background*


"Fuck... looks like I will have to cut this one short. I think we are about to be boarded, I have to go get ready. This is Sergeant Chevosky signing out for now."

Rank: Staff Sergeant

Promotion Record: Rct - Pvt - Spc - Pvt - Pfc - LCpl - Cpl - LCpl - Cpl - Sgt - SSgt

Chevosky's Story: Was born in Krakow, Poland on Earth before it's destruction. He grew up as a middle class child in the city and soon went to college, in college he would play semi professional football(soccer) and was also a dancer, he would get in two years of college education and be a really smart man, readying to become a businessman, with his (then) girlfriend. After Earth was a battleground, he left with his family(who survived), he arrived too late to save his standing girlfriend, resulting in her death, and went on the run as a refugee, trying to find somewhere safe with his mother and father, after he found somewhere safe for his family to stay he vowed vengeance for the death of his sister and nephew as well as his brother in law, so he joined up with the Mobile Infantry to let out his inner rage and anger on the battlefield (thus resulting in him not joining the fleet), after these events, his home destroyed, all his family, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, he was not the same man for a long time, he had a deep rage that left a deep scar on him, almost inhuman, it was so heavy for a time anyone around him could feel the pain and anger bleeding off of him. After a while he gained control of his emotions after some severe mental rethinking for himself. Usually it takes a lot to get him angry, but when he does get angry it is very hard to calm him down.

Attributes: Kind, Impatient, Tough, Charismatic, Brave, Assertive. Absolutely Selfless. 

Combat Record: 50+ Drops, 3 Major Operations

Combat Performance: Performs very well in combat, usually keeping control of his soldiers while managing to kill very many enemy combatants at the same time. He doesn't get the same satisfaction killing bugs but puts his combat skills to use tearing the arachnids apart. His fast mind and quick body usually keep him alive in combat by moving very quickly to get close to the enemies and kill them before they even see him on top of them, usually resulting in a reduction of combat wounds.

Wounds: Bullet in brain (Chance of Survival 10%)

Other Information: Enjoys socializing and joking around with his fellow MI, will often be kinder to people going through rough emotional trauma or having a bad day. He is very careful with what he says most of the time, choosing to keep his mouth closed rather than risk saying something stupid and getting himself in trouble, especially after recent events of him doing so. Will risk much for people he loves or has grown close to, often putting them first before himself. He likes to get close to the troopers he commands, preferring to lead by becoming friends with his troopers rather than leading them through fear and fierce loyalty. He will often be seen leading from the front, he is not a chair general at all. He can be mean when he needs to be, but prefers to solve conflict through diplomacy, don't get it wrong though, HE WILL be an asshole if you do not follow orders and show blatant disrespect to him or his superiors.

Character Description: Would stand at 5 feet 10 inches, being pretty athletic, having a toned fit body. He would have scars scattered along his entire body, the most notable being the 4 inch scar above his left ear going horizontally along his hairline, preventing hair growth due to the scar tissue. Having an above average face, but surely not male super model worthy. A defined Jaw-line and easy to tell facial features. His body can be seen as fit, having defined muscle and tone to it, a sign he keeps in shape for his duty as an Infantrymen, he can be seen (if shirtless) with a large Polish Eagle Tattoo on his upper left chest over his heart(resembling his personal emblem, except colors inverted, Blood Red Eagle instead of a white eagle). Usually very clean shaven and hair kept to a short length. Has good posture and always wears his MI combat uniform, usually only taking it off for PT or for going to bed. Can usually be seen wearing his beret proudly as well as his Sergeant patches. He can be seen with a Bio-Tech hand, that is usually covered with a glove, and a Bio-Tech left leg below the knee, usually covered by his combat pants and his boot.

Characteristics: Has a Bio-Tech left hand and left leg below the knee.

Achivements: Being one tough mother-fucker

Regrets: N/A

Relations: Loved|Admired|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Aquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears| 

MSpc. Valerie Faust:


"Faust is alright, I have no reason to be super attached to her, but she seems like a pretty cool gal, we often share jokes about our heritage to each other, it's a fun past-time I think we both share equally."


SSpc. Haseem bint al-Attar:


"Attar Seems like an alright girl, although she thinks too much in my opinion. Had a long chat with her the other night, she seems to be an alright girl in general, she just way over analyzes things which can lead to her getting on people's nerves." 


Update: "Can't believe she died, it was kind of a massive shock, though, we weren't too close it still really sucks that she died."


Update: "Apparently she didn't die! Holy shit what a fuckin legend!"


Cpt. Sebastian Bently:


"Shit? Bently? Man, do I have a lot to say about him. He seems like a really cool guy, though a bit of a loner and often has a short temper, he often is a good well rounded commander and competent leader. I look up to him in a way. We have chats here and there, though I usually have to initiate the conversation for him to talk to me. The one thing I like about him is that he chooses duty over his closer partners. I just really hope I am making a friend out of him, it would be nice to have someone like Bently around when you really need them. In general I respect and trust the man, he seems to really have good intentions whenever he does something."


Update: "Been a massive dick to me recently, I don't know why."


Update: "Found out why he's been mean to me lately, apparently it's because he knows I am way better than I have been acting lately, well I will try my best to not let you down Bently, and have taken your words to heart Staff Sergeant."


Update: "He seems to be a little more relaxed around me now like he actually thinks I am a friend or something. Honestly I think he has gotten a little bit more chill and been in a better mood recently rather than in a shitty mood. Although I refuse to start to trust him to tell me to go places. Like dark engine rooms."


Update: "He seems to be warming up to me a little, at least that's something I can say maybe. He even bailed me out once which is something I will always thank him for and I am indebted to him at this point. I'm looking up to him more and more as much as I can. He got fucking Lieutenant before Top did, which is just amazing, I hope I can take his place as Staff Sergeant now that he's out of that slot, and maybe aim to be as good as a Staff Sergeant as he was."


Sgt Troy Hughes:


"Troy Hughes, that motherfucker is a good friend to me. He's been there when I needed him, and I've been there to help him out during rough times. We got along day one, we often joke around to each other and like to tell each other stories. Sometimes it drifts off to emotional shit and we just talk it out until we feel better, but we also like to fight together, and we usually make a good duo in combat, often working best together and always getting shit done with whatever we are assigned."


Update: "You saved my life brother, I owe you so much I cannot even explain it. I feel like we are getting closer through combat and through personal issues. There are so many things we have in common, I feel like you are probably becoming one of my most trusted and closest friends on the ship."


MCpo Alysia Harper:


"Ah... Alysia. We met around the first month I was on-board the ship, I almost instantly had a crush on her honestly. I talked to her here and there, but eventually my feelings couldn't hold themselves and I said some flirtatious jokes, but instead of sounded disgusted or harassed she responded in kind. She is little and adorable, and fun to joke around with, she makes me laugh all the time and I love talking to her, our talks can sometimes go for hours. From then we decided to be together. Do I love her? Very much so, am I afraid of losing her? Most definitely. We have had some fun times together, and had held some personal conversations here and there. Yes maybe we have fucked a few times, but that's just what couples do right? I love her more than anyone, and I will fight to my last breath to get back to her, I will make sure to never do anything stupid again. She is the last person I truly love, after the passing of all my parents and family."


Update: "She's never been there for me recently, I never see her around anymore. I feel like our actual relationship has been set on 'hold'. I feel like she is distancing herself from me, avoiding me almost. Our recent conversations are not what they used to be, I am really getting worried about where this is going, and I don't like the strain it's putting on us as a couple."


Update: "I feel bad for questioning her love for me, she got really mad after I questioned it, but I am glad we found things out as adults. Our first argument wasn't fun but I feel it made us closer and helped us out as a couple. I will miss you when you are gone on training and will be thinking about you as often as possible."


Update: "I am so happy you are back, although unfortunately we have not been able to spend a lot of time together recently. I hope that is to change soon, because I have a lot of fun stories to tell and a lot of time to make up with you after your 2 months of being gone." 


Update: "I ended our relationship, it was kind of hard for me, despite all my doubts about things, I thought I really loved her. Over time I guess we kind of grew apart due to our duties and her being away for so long. We never had conversations like we once had. I know somewhere deep down I will always love her, but not like I used to, not like when we first started being together. I'm sorry Alysia."


Update: "The break up went horribly, she probably hates me now. I wish it didn't go that way. She did many things for me, I will never forget that. I just hope we can make up, I don't want her to hate me after everything we have been through. She doesn't seem to want to talk to me at all. I'll let her take her time, I already feel terrible enough about it as is. In a way I miss her already. I'm such a fucking idiot."


Update: "After about a week from her I started losing my mind missing her and feeling guilty for breaking her heart, I finally made up with her, and we are back together(I think?). Although I don't know if she will ever feel the same about me again, I will still keep loving her until my last breath. It was a mistake of me to do what I did, I felt so bad for doing it. I felt like an asshole piece of shit. But all that matters is that we are together again and I can hold her in my arms again."


Cpl Lyndsey Carter:


"Carter, Carter, you cone loving soda drinking weirdo. She is great, really. I love getting laughs out of her and making her day with puns. Though she is soft hearted and kind, it kind of stops her in the 'war' aspects of the Mobile Infantry. She does her job to her best abilities, which I don't blame her for. Her soft demenour limits her combat effectiveness and she often gets distracted, but she really makes up with it in personality, which is out of this world in a way. I've never seen anyone as positive as her. Stay that way Carter, don't let war change you hun."


 Update: "She's lost a lot in the recent months, I can't help but feel for her since I went through the same shit. Right before they were about to sign their papers, Parker who was Lyndsey's first love it seems died during a mission. I was in command and I was there when he died. She is already showing signs of PTSD and I will do everything in my power to make sure she is fixed. I'm really close to her, she is my best friend and someone I can always trust, I will try my best to be with her through these hard times of hers."


Spc Lawrence Chandler:


"Chandler is a cool guy. I haven't seen him recently, though that doesn't stop us from chatting and being cool. He likes football, I like football, the soccer kind anyways. We like joking around with each other and he falls into our little 'Carter, Chev, Lorenzo group of friends."


Spc Alicia White:


"White has healed my ass more times than I can count. She seems like a sweet girl, sometimes a little moody which I can understand after being a medic and having to save people's asses all day. I see her here and there, though never consistently. I've held a couple conversations with her and have come to the conclusion that I should eventually get to know her a little more."


Pvt Sean Richardson:


"Fucking Richardson, I hate him, but I also cannot hate him. He seems to need work on his social skills and not pissing people off skills, but other than that I have seen him in combat and he can ACTUALLY listed to orders, I thought he would be a total fucking idiot, but he proved worthy enough for me."


Update: "I hope he gets hit by a bus."


 Cpl Simo Hyvonen:


"Hyvonen, the Finnish cunt? Nah I am joking. He's a pretty chill guy, he's good at command and I can respect that. Although once he nearly got me Court Marshalled after some gay drop that was just a complete clusterfuck. Though I do not 100 percent blame the guy. Stay cool Simo."


Spc Devin Saiphan:


"Love this dudes accent. That's the first thing I gotta say, he sound stereo-typically Asian, and it mixing with his love of fire is the best thing ever. He's a bit of a pyromaniac, but at least he can control his urges. In general he is entertaining to talk to and I get some good laughs out of him. I've never seen him get wounded in combat which is crazy, I guess you can say he has 'ninja reflexes'."


Update: "I've been talking to him a lot more recently, he is a good kid and a good soldier, he does what is needed to be done. He follows orders well and seems very loyal to his superiors which is good because if he wasn't I would smack him. He's fun to joke around with still and to hang out around, just a pleasant person in general. He's also very nice, and seems to never really be mean to anyone other than our enemies, let's hope it stays that way."


LCpl Gray Seraphim:


"A good lad, he seems to have a good heart, but also a heart for fighting which I like. No offense, but he follows me around like a lost puppy during combat, can't really be having that, he needs to stick with his squad and not run off all willy nilly because I am his friend. It may get him killed if he follows me to somewhere hot and he gets shot, it would not only make me feel bad, but also I don't want to see someone with his potential fall to stupid reasons."


3Spc Kyle O'Reilly:


"Nothing really much to say about him. Except I like his combat attitude, he really has a good mindset in combat the last few drops I have seen him in. After a couple convos I guess I can see him as an alright dude, though not enough to say he's close to me at all. He likes fist bumping, I can get down with that honestly."


Cpl Anton Volker:


"He seems like a competent enough Corporal, I haven't seen him enough though to really have any serious opinion, although he does what he does well and that's enough for me."


LCpl Helena Clenmore:


"She's a tall gal with red hair, she is actually not that bad looking either. I've seen her in combat a few times and talked to her aswell, she is pleasant enough to be around and talk to and I usually enjoy our conversations. On the field she is a competent enough leader all though she gets wounded a lot and that means she has to skip out on combat MORE. All in all a great gal and hope to see a lot of her potential come out."


Pfc Ethan Thacker:


"He's a cool dude. Talked to him maybe once or twice and seen him in combat a few times. He does well at leading after seeing him do it once, he has some potential to become an NCO and I hope to see him advance far."


Spc Annabelle Thacker:


"A calm and collected person, more so than me actually. She seems to have a knack for keeping her cool in combat and I could really use that as a role model for myself. I haven't talked to her too much but she seems okay, although she does need to work on her combat awareness after our poor Asian friend got kidnapped while she sat there and watched."


Spc Mikhail Kuznetsov: 


"He is a competent trooper and not that bad to talk to, has a good sense of humor and I can always appreciate that. Though I don't know him personally I know he has a lot of potential."


Spc Aiden O'Farrell:


"He's a nice and kind guy to talk to, talked to him in the back room of the bar for a while and got to know each other a little bit. He's done some bad-ass shit on the field and I can really get behind a guy that has the competence and experience he does. He seems like a cool guy and seems like someone I would really like to be friends with."


SSgt Travis Young:


"He seems like a solid well rounded dude, Ex-Pathfinder and all that jazz, apparently one of the most experienced troopers on this ship. In that case I would love to learn lots from him, if he would let me learn from him."


Sgt Rahman Takeshi:


"He's an ex psycher for intel that recently got transferred to Mobile Infantry. He's doing an amazing job so far, a proven field commander and a somewhat fun to hang around comedian. Although he has his flaws I am making it my job to help him become a better leader in other aspects wherever I can at the Master Sergeants request. Other than that, I would enjoy actually getting to know him more."


Spc Johnathan Skye:


"A marauder. He seems like a good kid, don't know too much about him, haven't talked to him much but he gets the job done on the field."


Sgt William St. Claire:


"He seems to have a bit of a superiority complex because he is a 'veteran'. Though I cannot deny he brings up good ideas during drops and such, I just think he thinks a little too highly of himself and doesn't think that I have seen some shit in my time in the MI. Other than that really no complaints about him, he's competent and a good trooper."


2Spc Jessica Read:


"A new medic on the ship, she seems to get a lot of attention from the lesbians of the ship due to her good looks. She seems friendly and innocent, which may impact her job a little on the field, she can get easily nervous on the field which is not a good thing, and something I think she needs to work on. She is nice to talk to, hung out with her for a long while one time in the canteen, just listening to music and chilling. One of my better moments on the ship honestly."


Update: "We hung out for like an entire day, she's really growing on me quick, probably had one of the funnest times I've ever had on the ship chilling with her and listening to music and chatting, got to know her a little and she got to know me a little, and is becoming someone I can really call a friend, I'm hoping we can take this relationship further in the future to become close friends or something more, who knows."


MSpc Magnolia March:


"Although she can be a bit of a loud mouth when she isn't wanted or needed to, I like her sense of humor. Other than the shitty pick-up lines I think she's not that bad, hasn't done anything overly enough to piss me off. She slacks at her job a little and acts up sometimes which gets on my nerves, though she does her job well enough on the field to the point where I cannot really complain."


Pvt Elrad Davidson:


"Loyalty over anything, that's pretty much his thing. I have some history with the colonel but not too much. I know him for making me jump down an elevator shaft when I first joined up and also beating me up when I was being a little shit. But I don't hold him responsible for beating me, that was the situation with Bailey, I think he's a good enough leader, he seems to know what he is doing and has a good way of doing it from what I have seen."


3Spc Wendy Goodwin:


"A motherly medic that I met this last week. She is pretty fun to talk to because we have a lot in common when it comes to interests and shit. Chilled together on RnR for a while and I guess I can call her a friend after we got to know each other a bunch. I think it's funny when she tells us not to curse to be honest, and being the nice guy I am I oblige, though she probably won't stop me from cursing," 


The lost and dead:



Sgt Noah Gargano:

"Garg is a pretty cool dude, the first time I talked to him we got along well, we fought in combat a few times together, though he needs some work on his commanding skills, he has his people skills pretty down to earth, having some funny convos here and there and some fun times, I guess I can call him someone I have grown to trust and respect."

Update: "We are Sergeants together. It was funny because we both got promoted around the same time and everything, we knew we would climb the ranks together but never on this scale. He seems to be a trusted and close friend to me and I can rely on him for things, though for a  Sergeant he is a bit soft, I don't mind it since others like myself make up for his softness with our harshness."

Respects: "Why did it have to be you? Of all people... I'm going to miss you, surprisingly a lot. I'm going to miss making everything sound right with your last name and all the fun times we had together. I will always remember Chevgano, our Sergeant duo."


Pfc Dave Foster:

"Foster is a great dude, met him when I was a specialist and we made a snowman with a giant dong together. He's a good cook and all around pleasant person to be with. Though I don't know too much about him, he does what's required on the field but is also an amazing photographer. We seem to have a decent relationship, we like talking and joking around with each other. All in all I really like Foster and think he is a good soldier and a cool dude with a sense of humor." 

Respects: "I'm glad we had our pepper eating competition before you died... I'm going to miss you man, it was nice having you around and you were really good company."


Pfc Gary 'Gaz' Johnson

"He's a cocky cunt, I hate him for that. He talks some serious mad trash. I cannot deny however he kept his promises and got to Pfc on his third drop. Become a sniper bro but don't be shooting me in the back of the head."

Respects: "I didn't see you die, but I am sorry that you did, you seemed to be gaining competence."

Cpt Daisy Bailey:

"Are you sure I can say whatever I want? Okay then. Well, to start off, I thought she was okay. Then I saw her real side, she seems to come out of her hidey hole every week or so, just to boss the MI around and do stupid shit. I fucking started to hate her even more after she decided to report me to the Colonel for 'insubordination' which resulted in him beating me the fuck up. It pissed me off so much, she's possibly the worst officer on the Grant, and I hold no respect for her." 

Update: "I decided after some thinking to move past our differences in the past. The changes I have been going through mentally taught me better. It really impacted me to make this decision after hearing that she is a cool person to get to know. We shall see in the future if this is true. Wouldn't be too bad to be friends with someone who's been around as long as she has. She seems to have forgiven me for being a arrogant cunt that I was at the time, which is nice to know."

Respects: "Captain Bailey, we had our differences, but you were admittedly starting to grow on me a little. It sucks that you had to die before I could actually properly make friends with you, or maybe even a professional relationship of some kind."


Spc Miguel Lorenzo:

"Ah yes. Lorenzo, the Hispanic from another planet. We've had some good times me and him, the Pen Wars, joking around with Carter. Good times. He recently lost his shit, which sucks, I really hope he recovers. And sorry I had to lash you on your birthday man, just don't backtalk me like that again."

Update: "Fucking hell, I lost my shit and we got into a fight, he has not been the same person recently, some mission on Cassandra changed him, caused him to lose his mind or some shit. I really hope he gets better, or I may have to make him better myself."

Update: "I'm really glad we made up 'amigo', if anything that bullshit that happened just helped us get closer and become better friends, happy to fight beside you. I feel like after that shit we have a blood bond, almost a 'brother from another mother' kind of bond. That fight didn't draw us apart it only brought us together in the end. And I really feel we can go far, you really are almost like a brother to me. I was more than happy to get you out of your edgy phase too, didn't intend to see you cry, but in that moment I knew you were changed, never go back to the bullshit 'hombre'. Always look towards the future, never the past, that's one lesson I learned man, you should do the same."

Final Update: "I can't believe you are dead brother... I will always remember you, I will always carry your tags with me. You will forever be in the hearts of the troopers, you are a symbol of struggle than can be beaten, I will not let you be forgotten."


Sgt Michael Finch:

"It really sucks to see what happened to Finch. I was actually starting to let him grow on me. Despite his way of leading which I disprove of I was starting to get to know him and hold a respect for the man. It sucked how he got sent to prison, mainly because of what I told the Colonel. I still kind of feel guilty for him being shipped off."


SSgt Jennifer Hayes:

"Honestly, I have a lot to say about Hayes. When I first met her I didn't really know much about her, we talked here and there yeah, I was some measly Private and she was a Corporal I think. No matter what in the ranks she has always stayed one step ahead. She is a very determined NCO, she listens to her troopers which I highly respect in an NCO. She asked me to keep track of potential which I did, she seems to have been testing me a lot recently. We have held a personal conversation here and there, though nothing too serious. She's probably one of my favorite NCOs on the ship and will remain that way for a long time I feel."

Update: "She betrayed me, stabbed me in the back, rather than confronting me and trying to tell me what I did wrong, she comes in while I am fucking injured and demotes me and says its my fault. Sorry Jennifer, I can't forgive you for that, and perhaps I never will."

Update: "I forgave you after we discussed it like adults, thanks for believing in me, it means a lot."

Respects: "Hayes died... She was my mentor... she taught me how to be an NCO, and she's gone. I mainly feel bad for Troy, that poor fucker lost the last person he had left, Hayes. You will always be remembered to me as a friend and a great NCO, you will be missed dearly by me and others."


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Just now, StevieJr said:

What's al-Attar's full name again?

Haleem ibn Assud bint al-Attar.

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1 minute ago, StevieJr said:


Third Specialist Haleem ibn Assud bint al-Attar.



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Just now, Fitz said:

Third Specialist Haleem ibn Assud bint al-Attar.



I am just trying to make sure this the right one okay :(

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Just now, StevieJr said:

I am just trying to make sure this the right one okay :(

Lol it's fine, it's good that you're doing so.

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your one and only mexican friend....right we friends? no ok luv u dad (miguel lorenzo dum dum

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On 4/29/2018 at 3:44 PM, StevieJr said:

D.O.B: June, 30 2278
Gender: Male
Affiliation: United Citizen Federation, Mobile Infantry
Role(s): Rifleman, Squad Leader, Second in Command of a Squad.
Kin: Mother(Ill), Father, Sister(Deceased)
Homeworld: Terra(Earth)
Alignment: United Citizen F

Updated BIO a bit!

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