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So, its time to take some time off.

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Hey guys, Its your boi, Scarse her- 


Alrighty cutting the shit, recently after the campaign went off with minimal problems, I have had the issue of losing my house, The notice was given about two months ago, And I dont know where I am going to end up, So

Im gonna be distant from SST for a brief peroid of time, Il be trying to sort myself out and get my school situation sorted out and such.

The result means less time on server while I sort my future out for the time.

Il be around on the forums and TS alittle bit when I can, but atm, I need to focus on school for the next month of so.

Its been fun thanks guys for understanding and 


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I-Im going.to s-say it now, since i wont have another chance...


I....I.....I.... L-l-l


*Blushes and looks away*


I want your big juicy cock and your hot sticky sweet white love nectar. Ahhhhh! 

I want your babies!!!


For real tho, gonna miss you :(

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