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Derpytoast Ban appeal

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I was recently perma banned from the server for posting fake logs during my drama with Fitz. I would like to start by, again, apologizing for doing so. It was never my intention to get Fitz banned, I just wanted to find out why I was being targeted by Fitz (Which at the time seemed to be the case) and get back into Medical. (As I said to Liz in the screenshot below.) Getting back in Medical is all I wanted out of this.





Again, what I did was wrong, I will not deny that or try to make up some excuse for it. I take full responsibility and from this point on will be sure to never make a mistake like that again. I’ve loved my time on this server for over a year now and would love to keep playing, I’m just here to RP and have fun. To be sure that no more drama occurs between me and Fitz I have taken the steps to unfriend and block him over Steam and will, whenever possible, avoid him and his characters through the server unless it is necessary ICly. I didn’t want to remove him as we were good friends before all of this but I realise it is the best course of action. I have apologised multiple times to Fitz and Liz and do feel awful for all of this. Again though, I am truly sorry.

I was simply under the assumption that Fitz was the one who got me removed From medical and when I figured out that I was incorrect in this I once again apologized to both Fitz and liz, Even more so to Fitz than anything else.




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The permanent ban stands.



We acknowledge and appreciate the act of public apology; however, this was one line among many that had been crossed.


It would not benefit anyone in any way to explain, in detail or summary, what you had done and why it was wrong -- you already acknowledge your fault in your original post.  With that said, I do wish to encourage you to focus on improving upon how you address similar situations in the future.  If your idea of resolving dilemmas involves tearing down those around you, you will find yourself without good friends.


I sincerely wish you the mental fortitude necessary to grow into someone who's actions and words bring hope and comfort to those around you.

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For documentation purposes, after additional consideration and internal discourse, this ban has been lifted.

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