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Are you ready for the great handguard meme?

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What is up, my doggies. I have to make this thread because someone requested it. First off, I know everyone is sick of this, and I really am too.


So, what happens is mostly people say it's the "heat of combat", and yeah, maybe. Still daft though. Here is what goes through their minds.

  1. Fighting bugs
  2. You're really into it, killing those bugs
  3. You forget that the handguard is there and so logically extend your hand like a foot forward to miss the handguard and grip the barrel, your arms now completely extended and functionally useless for firing because the guard is spoopy
  4. You hold the rifle through excruciating pain, most likely firing from the hip or something when even if the handguard wasn't there you could just set it up on the bipod or rest it against the sandbad in front of you, but no, you hold it for forty minutes straight


I can get RPing flaws, but if your character is so stupid as to discomfort themselves just to avoid using a handguard which would keep their hand completely safe, they shouldn't be in the military. (US military has minimum IQ of 83, I believe)


Sometimes people say they got it changing the barrel. This is funny because you actually do wear gloves, but anyhow, the barrel isn't screw on, it works like this (far as I'm aware).




In this video here, you can see at no point does the gunner touch the hot barrel. 


My main point is, as an MG gunner you just don't touch the hot barrel at any point at all. You should know this on the field, and "heat of combat" isn't an excuse for everything, or you could probably make another mistake -killing someone-, and say the same thing. If you can find me an official government document for any nation in which it is stated that you should hold the barrel as it's hot for long enough to cause a third degree burn, post it here and I will concede.  You won't though, so will just need to accept that this isn't protocol, it's just you wanting to be spehshul. You should be punished for wasting supplies and making yourself a casualty, not commended for your stupidity.


Someone said an XA told me to drop it, but I'm not sure about the XA situation. Franco said it was stupid and he'd stop it, and Durango said he would tell the LMG team to use the handguard. So far I don't think they've done any of it so, and I've had to deal with this three times now. It just keeps happening.





@F r a n c o


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Okay, I guess I'll say it now.


Everyone is to drop the whole 'hand guard issue.


I'm beyond sick of seeing the same hand full of people argue and complain about such a small issue. It's actually a bit sad.


I'm beyond sick of getting 3 different messages a day about this small issue when I'm trying to enjoy my time away from the server.


Locking this thread. If you people want to keep barking at each other, do it in steam messages.



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