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Basic Information:


Name: White Alicia

Age: 22

D.O.B: 01/12/2276

Gender: Female

Affiliation: United Citizen Federation, Medical Detachment

Role(s): Combat Medic


Nicholas White [Father] Status [Deceased] Age [46]

Anna White [Mother] Status [Deceased] Age [44]

Alexander White [Brother] Status [Deceased] Age [12]

Rickard White [Brother] Status [Deceased] Age [10]

Homeworld: Terra


Hair color: Chestnut brown

Eye color: Hazel brown

Build: Slim, slightly muscular with a medium bust for her short height.

Rank: Specialist



Born as the oldest child in a small town in the forests of Sweden with an American father and Swedish mother. She enjoyed the quiet life on the countryside in a large house. Her father and mother treating her well, loving her. She was later accompanied with two younger brothers who she held close even though they could be a hassle. She held her brother closer than anyone else, she always caring for them and always sticking up for them when ever she could.

During her time in school was she treated like garbage, she most of the time being used as a punching bag or being pushed around despite never harming anyone or being rude once. All she did was trying to help anyone she could. Which she did, she helped most people with homework and anything she could even it it wasn't her duty to. She did everything to be seen as capable and accepted but she kept being bullied and pushed around... she being called a slut by other girls. She coming home from school with bruises and scratches along her arms from being punched. Despite all of this she didn't tell her parents, the only thought running through her head being that she wasn't good enough to be accepted, she always doing everything in her might to show that she's capable. A lot of this sticks with her today. She continuing to push herself to her limit just to show others she is capable.

When she graduated with great grades she wanted to study on further at the age of 20 but she looked among the few friends she had to see that they had enlisted in the Federation and they did their part. Alicia had never really thought about it but after a few weeks of considering the benefits of becoming a citizen she enlisted surprisingly with the support of her parents. She did it to find a place where she might be appreciated and accepted for being the helpful girl she was and still is...

In the MI she found herself useful and she felt like she was doing something for once. On the Murphy she made great friends she also found someone she loved dearly with all her heart spending most of her time with him.

Alicia later got transferred from the Murphy to which she lost contact with her loved and close on the Murphy. She was greeted at the new unit with kicks and punches most of the time acting like the unit's punch bag by the privates. Just like school she tried her best to help everyone but she figured again she wasn't good enough. Her endless fight to show she was capable continuing as she tried helping as many people she could, she spending more time on others and rarely even thinking about herself. 

Around the same time so also got the information about the loss of the Murphy she was heartbroken to hear most of her friends gone.

Alicia also heard about the attack on Terra the attack costing the lives of her parents and younger brothers. A couple months later she transferred back to the 112th where you find her today still reflecting on the things in her past.


Strength: 12/20
Dexterity: 14/20
Constitution: 11/20
Intelligence: 15/20
Wisdom: 14/20
Charisma: 19/20

Misc. Attributes:

Combat Rating: 7/10


Wealth: Poor


Other Information: She’s been in the MI for a little more than 2 years, she just enlisting into the Medical Detachment.


Character Description: She has a shade of chestnut brown hair tied in a ponytail most of the time with a red medical beret on her head with a few small strands of hair hanging down in front of her face. |

She looks to be in her early/mid twenties with the height of 168 cm.|

She always tries to keep a small smile on her soft face with her red/pink lips|

 Her hazel brown eyes slightly lighter shade than her hair as they fill with a friendly look of comfort|

When she speaks you can hear a slight Swedish accent on a few words from time to time|

Having a quite thin but also muscular body shape, a surprisingly medium bust for her height.|



[Alicia H. White on Rest and Recreation, Photo taken a few months ago]


Characteristics:  She cares a lot more about others than herself. She is kind and a little hectic when speaking to close friends.


Awards and medals:



Veterancy.png Mobile Infantry Veterancy Ribbon

Purpleheart.pngPurple heart x2

VCM.pngVeteran Combat medal x1

CAM.pngCombat action medal x1


Personal Relationships

Relations: Loved|Liked|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Acquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears


(Ask if you want to be added or updated)

Valerie Faust


I have talked a lot to Faust recently and she helped me through a lot of personal things, I see her as a close friend. You could say like she is family to me. She's always there for me when I need her and I feel like I can really rely on her. I trust her a lot with all the things I have told her and I feel like she trusts me. Thank you for being there for me as a great friend. I hope I can repay you one day...


William 'Cool' Beans


 Meet him on the my first few days on the Grant. I already miss his horrible pick up lines and the way he used to make me smile when ever and where ever we were. He'd always come to visit me in the medbay and bring my mood up and put a smile on my lips. He really was a character making me and a lot of others smile I just never got to really know him. I still think about you today, I always smile when thinking of you, all the jokes you made. There might be a smile on my face when ever I think about you but in my eyes there is sorrow. I wish I could have told you how I really felt about you...


Sebastian Bently


I have started talking to Bently more on a daily basis and I'm still trying my best to cheer him up when I see something is wrong. I feel more and more like he's becoming a friend as time flies by and even if i plague him my deadly hugs and nagging I'm slowly feeling like he's opening up for me. I thank him for the times he has been there for me and I'm just as grateful to be there for him.

I have recently started to draw closer with Benly noticing a drastic change since I first started talking to him. He laughs and tells me ordinary stuff. He is nothing like when I saw him at first, I feel like I myself also can come to him to talk about my problems and not in fear of being judged or laughed at. I feel like he's a really close friend even more if I'm honest. He brings out feelings I can only recall I truly felt two years ago for the first time...

I know I said I wouldn't throw myself into something I wasn't sure about after all the things I have gone through, but this time it feels different. I know this might turn out for the worst but I'm willing to take that risk just to be with someone who cares so deeply about me. Someone who I can trust with my absolute everything. I never thought I'd find love ever again after being thrown down the dark endless pit but after our first kiss I honestly felt hope again. I felt comfort, happiness, warmth,  love... 

'Some wounds cut deep but let me at least patch them up, they might leave a scar but it's better than leaving it get to worse.'

I can't explain how much he really matters to me. He gave a great time during RnR and I can honestly say I finally see a bright future. After all the things I have gone through, after losing everything I once had I finally feel hope and a future with this... this amazingly perfect guy. A guy who cares about me so dearly, he trusts me like I trust him, he talks about everything to me like I talk to about everything to him. Sebastian J Bently, I wouldn't know what to do without you. I'd do anything for you and me... I just hope you ever don't leave me... I wouldn't be able to live without you...

We have finally got our papers signed and I don't think I regret it what so ever, not a single bit. He's just... amazing... I can't really describe how but in all honesty he can make me laugh about almost anything. I can even find myself day dreaming about him. Just the thought of having a coffee with you or just talking for the matter of a few minutes makes my day so much better. When I say I wouldn't be able to live without you... I mean it. You even saved me when I got captured, you came to save me, you weren't too late like you said you were. All that matters is that I'm here with you again, without you I wouldn't even be writing this right now... I love you more than I will ever be able to write down, say or show you. I'm just so grateful to have you, I don't think there is anyone better... 





Troy Huges


I still remember the day we first meet, the day I found someone I knew I could rely on, someone who'd always be there for me which you were. I haven't forgot the memories we shared on the Murphy, all the wonderful moments all the silly ways you found to annoy me or make me laugh the way you treated me and showed me your love. There was no one quiet like you I wanted to kiss you all over until the night closed in and then do it over again, I was madly in love with you. How ever when I got transferred time took it's part and split on us both. We didn't talk for months upon end and as time took it's part I slowly lost more and more connection with you until I arrived back on the Grant where I saw a different Hughes then a year prior.

Today we mostly talk however you're still there for me and I'm still here for you. We share our thoughts and feelings. I'm just unsure of what I'm feeling for you after all these years and months...

I thank you for the good and happy times you brought me back on the Murphy but I can tell we have both moved on from our past, I still hold you close as a friend after all that happened. I wish you the best of luck and I hope you make it through this war...


Victoria Galloway


 I meet you on my first day on the Grant I remember it perfectly, you comforted me and you have helped me through a lot of hardship that day which still goes with me today. I still thank you for being there for me when times were rough. Even though there were some bad things between us I still accept you as my friend. You helped me through a lot and that means a lot to me. Thank you.

I don't know what to say... you just left like that... I barely got to say goodbye to you. I really hope you're in a better place now. 


Haleem bint al-Attar


A fellow medic, I don't know you what so ever personally but I can tell you're great at doing your job. You even managed to learn me a few things back when I was a 3rd Spec. I hope to return the favor one day and also get to know you a little more. 


Noah Gargano


Seen you around a few times and talked to you a little I also noticed you have climbed the ranks quite quickly. You're a decent guy and I'd like to know you a little more than just patching you up in the medbay and shoving drugs in your face. I hope you speak to you more soon.


James Chevosky


I Haven't really talked to you much personally you seem like a decent guy and someone who knows their way around things when it comes to combat. You sure are someone I can just come to to burn time with which is great cause it gets a bit boring from time to time. 

It's been some time since I wrote about Chev... but with time comes change and I can sure tell you Chev has become a decent Sargeant and more of a friend to me. I've got to know you a little more and you sure is someone I can rely on as a friend and in combat. I hope it continues to go for the better on your half. I wish you the best! 


 Lyndsey Carter


You're a decent lass some great humor but a little sloppy when it comes to combat but that will straighten itself out over time. I Haven't got to know you personally a lot but you look like a happy lass. I hope to know you a little more when the time comes.

I've got around to talk more to you and know you a little more, I have also seen you climb the engineer ranks and like I predicted, it all straightened itself out over time. I'd say you're a friend of mine, someone I can trust and just spew all my terrible jokes at. I hope you survival all of his and keep up all the good work up. 

Carter, what a nice lass she seems a little on edge how ever since the loss of her family... I know the pain it creates, it's something you never really get over I just hope you can manage it... I wish you the best Carter and sure hope you have someone to talk about all of this if not I hope you know I'm always here for my friends if not one of my best friends.


Sean Richardson


 I don't know you personally but you sure need to learn how to use your social skills. I have tried talking to you but It always ends with you taking the piss out of someone or something. I really hope you or someone else straightens you out. I rarely get pissed at someone but you have managed to get me pissed once or twice. I sure as hell hope you learn from your mistakes. 


Ravette Blackwell


A very... 'special' private to say the least. I have tried talking to her but she usually calls me a conformist and walks off or just keeps quiet to her music. Something is very clearly wrong but she refuses to ever talk about it. I tried once but to no success she only continued with her poems. I hope I can help her, I can tell she needs some.


Cornelius Zeem


 He left before I could know him, from what I could tell he was a good trooper with decent leadership skills however he got discharged at the rank of Corporal. I managed to say goodbye to him before he left, he actually left me something under my pillow I keep it with me in his memory. I consider him at least a friend, I just hope he finds a way to cope with not being with the 112th.




A Specialist, Fun and happy guy to be around. Known him for a good amount of time now he has got some nice humor and is someone easy to just spew all my jokes on. He used to be an NCO, I used to think he was pretty good at it as well, don't know what happened to that though, eh it's none of my business anyway. From the times I've seen him in the field I can tell he knows what he's doing. Great lad overall and someone I can really rely on. I'd consider him a friend or good friend. I wish you the best of luck and I hope you make it. 


Annabelle Thacker


Some fleetie lass, she seems nice I haven't really got to know her that well. I can say she's one of the few fleeties I have actually talked to properly if not the only one. I hope I get to know you more you do seem like someone I can spew all my jokes on to and have a good laugh with from time to time. I wish you the best! 


Kyle White


A trooper back from the Murphy, I was actually surprised seeing him after all this time. I had kinda forgotten him with time. He's specialized in using a flamer and from what I can tell he's pretty good at doing so and I mean what can I say you have the same last name so that's always a plus. As long as people don't think we are married or something. Anyway... you seem like a pretty good guy, good humor even after all this time. I wish you the best fellow 'Whitey'.


Devin Saiphan


Some specialist, I don't know him that well but he seems nice, some decent humor and quite friendly from what I can tell, I hope you know you a little more as time comes along. Hope we can talk a little more soon, keep safe! 


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sean richardson


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Annabelle Thacker and Kyle White


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