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Goodbye (again)

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Hey all, it's Kraegus.

After some thinking over the past weeks of not being on, I've decided that I am going to leave SST. I've had some good fun here, and spent a good amount, and maybe too much, time on the server.

Recently, before I took LOA, I was beginning to feel less and less attracted to the server. I started to become what I disliked, which is a person who only hops on for drops. The passive just isn't the same as before, and while I understand and respect that, I just can't get reattached into it.

A quick note to some of you possibly thinking that the last post I made's reaction is causing this. It isn't. Sure, I didn't like it and I know I fucked up, but I've rebounded from that stuff before.

Not much was keeping me on, save for drops to take up my time, and the weeks I've been away I've found other stuff that can do the same.

Seeing as I am going to be getting a job, hopefully not as a store clerk, my time will be held by that. I am not sure if I would enjoy putting my free time into SST. Instead I want to try and make friends IRL, hang out with them, go to concerts and raves, get drunk with them, find a DnD group or something, etc.

I'm not lying when I say I did have a blast here, a lot of great memories and friends were made here. Thanks to everyone who made me smile and kept me going throughout the months, as it has been hard let me tell you.

For my characters, while I'd prefer for them to be sent to another unit, as if I want to come back I can use them, its not the end of the world if you just discharge them.


Thanks to everyone for a  good year and a half/year and three quarters of fun. I might see you guys around, maybe not, not sure. I hope you all keep the server alive and well, GMod wouldn't be the same without it.

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10 minutes ago, Noviix said:

Peace my dude, only spoke with you from time to time but you were pretty cool.


Good luck.

Thanks, and likewise.

9 minutes ago, Lalatina said:

*Lays down on a war mine*

In the arms of the angles...

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12 hours ago, Appetite Ruining Kebab said:

I might not have been friendly to you but I've had fun RPing with your characters. Take care.

Thanks, it was indeed fun.

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