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[IC] Hygiene & Regulation Reminder

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It has become apparent that personnel are not properly adhering to hygiene requirements and expectations as well as regulations, especially on the cosmetic side of things. That being said, it is expected of all personnel to follow the attached Hygiene Protocol  TO THE TEE.


If you have further issues or questions regarding protocol please notify your next superior in the chain of command.


This does not stop on the field, troopers are still expected to maintain proper regulation in dress, physical appearance, and attitude. For details on equipment and dress refer to the attached Equipment Regulations File for all information.


Take this as your proper warning, the aforementioned Hygiene section applies to all while the Equipment Regulations applies mainly to the Mobile Infantry but you know who you are.


Further discrepancies will result in proper punishment in accordance to the magnitude of said discrepancy.


-Staff Sergeant A. Kayne

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