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Medical TKs.

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Hello, recently we've had some problems over temporary kills. I'm going to clear that up. To start, don't give a tk without consulting an admin first. Secondly, no tk should ever be more then a week at max (and one week tks rarely used) I don't want to see people not being able to use their characters for a month, enough of that. If I hear about a tk given without consulting an admin or that's longer than 1-week your medic is gone.

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I'm gonna clear up a few discrepancies with Liz's original post on this.


 Whilst MEDICAL is responsible for giving a trooper the information based on their TK, any TK extending beyond 10 OOC hours needs to be cleared up with an Administrator. If you disagree with an administrators decision on a tk being authorised or not, contact an executive admin with Logs of the scenario.

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