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Alysia Harper

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Alysia Harper as an Ensign

? Broken Mind <███████||> Clear Minded ?


Basic Information


Name: Alysia Harper

Place of Birth: The Mayora

Date of BirthApril 11th, 2278

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Height: 5'4


Physical Description:


Weight: 121lb

Hair colour: Brown

Eye colour: Heterochromia (Blue Right, Brown Left)

Bodytype: Ectomorph




Upper left side of head.




Military Information


Rank: Ensign

latest (144Ã40)


Branch: Fleet



Date of Enlistment: December 2nd, 2297


Years of Service: 2.3 Years

Service Record:






Federal Service Ribbon



Combat Action Ribbon



Warfare Division Ribbon



Fleet Service Ribbon



Purple Heart w/ Star Device



Personal Information








[Under Reconstruction]





Personal Relations



Loved / Admired / Like Family, Brethren / Good friends / Friends / Acquaintance / Neutral / Mixed / Dislikes / Hates / Fears


--[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]--



Franco Sorrentino (P)


"He seems to be an alright man. On one hand I think he is trying to hit on me. On the other hand he does seem to care a lot about the crew and he's been nice enough to see me on the bridge. I can admire a leader like that."


Tarre Beare


"Fuck that stupid bitch. Glad she transferred out of Fleet."


Reuben Amukama (P)



"Annoying. Selfish. Troublemaker. Known to cause fights and just be a overall menace in the M.I. Every time he has been in trouble and demoted, Colonel Davidson turns around and promotes him same day. Pretty sure I seen him as a Lance at least twice now. He has also been held in the brig only to be released right after the Colonel rears his head (must give good head). Then again, everyone has a history right? Maybe his younger years were just fucked up and this is how he is. Regardless, it's a failure of leadership to not contain his behavior and him exploiting the Colonel (so it seems) is just weakening the system and I know others see it as that as well.

Jackie Knoxx (P



"I remember the first time we met. I remember avoiding her as much as possible and simply ignoring her if need be. Now? I believe she has a chance. She simply had someone be brutally honest with how she acts. I feel terrible, still do. I feel though now, that old wounds can be healed. A chance for a possible friendship to grow. It will be rocky, it will be difficult, but I believe if she sticks to her word of changing, I will trust her to do so."


It's so disappointing when you see someone who you think is growing and you are able to turn a new leaf with them but they merely revert to their old ways. I guess that is just how it has to be. 



Patrick Stevenson (P)


 "The Sergeant who spilled coffee on himself and seems to be glued to one spot in the bar. Not a bad individual. I have seen far worse. I think he was trying to flirt with me at one point too. Got to keep an eye on that.


Noah Gargano (?)


 [No information Available. Have not met.]


Sebastian Bently (P)



"Hello Sergeant, nice to meet you. I am here to file a Sexual Harassment complaint. What a introduction I made with him. He seems okay but his face shows experience and his eyes give the impression of being tired both emotionally and physically. Hopefully this...war...can be ended soon enough so he can rest. Overall however, not a bad person and he never really showed me any form of discrimination due to my branch of service. I don't know, maybe we can talk more in the future as our bonfire RnR talk was quite nice."


Iris Blanka (P)



"A nice growing psychic within the Mobile Infantry. Has had quite an enjoyment with the interactions between myself and Hughes. Her and Choi are also a very interesting couple to see together and its adorable too!

"Another person I have grown more attached with as a friend over the past few months, along with Choi. She has seemed more distant than usual, which I hope rectifies in the future. Its nice having her and Choi together for drinks at the bar.



Apukohai Tyberos (?)


"I don't like being questioned on my motives and actions regarding space battle. I don't budge in your infantry lane, so don't budge in Fleets. I know he has also got on Hughes nerves a bit in the bar with his indiscriminate and highly pushy line of questioning. He either needs to fix himself or don't bother me."


Jee-un Choi (P)


Another person who is now a close friend of mine. We began chatting quite some time ago, starting in the bar. Since then, we shared hellos and goodbyes with eventually having meet ups and drinks together. She heavily enjoys Blanka's company and I can almost always find the two together. Herself, along with Blanka were responsible for getting help when I attempted suicide, most likely being directly responsible for me living. I still don't know if I should feel shame, anger or sadness at my survival."




--[[Federation Engineering Division]]--



Troy Hughes (P)



"For darkness to exist, there has to be light. We have both lost so much in the past few months, especially recently. We are both reeling from our losses and I can totally believe we are almost leaning on each other for emotional support. I would say almost as if we are the last remaining connections to the old group of people, or the Backroom Gang if we can call them that. It's nice though, to have that familiar feeling for once. To be comfortable and just enjoy chatting with each other. Even in all the chaos, we have to be aware of our own welfare, what better to do so than sitting together alone with some coffee and just chatting, like the old days with the gang? No matter, us coming together as a couple is nothing but amazing and I am quite thankful to Elswood for being the risky man he was to pull it off.


"He cheated on me. With the medic Vega. He had the decency to tell me but, it was too little too late.


So its been, over a month and a half. The ice between me and him I think is starting to melt and I decided to give him another chance even though some of my friends questioned that decision, it is mine alone to make. 









William Saint-Claire (P) 


"An odd individual. He walks into my bedroom with a plate of hot dogs and water and begins chatting me up. I can almost feel a mixture of sincerity and possibly more devious intentions with those wieners."



--[[Federation Hospital Corps]]--


Dorian Elswood (P) 



"I can't thank you enough Elswood. You took a risk, absolutely disobeying an officer's request and somehow through it all be able to get me and Hughes together. You can come over for coffee anytime!"


"I have yet to talk to Elswood about what happened, but I wouldn't be surprised if he knew and I don't even want to know how he probably feels about Hughes betrayal. I think he was also assigned as my Psychologist...great."




--[[Federation Marauders]]--



Artyom Kholvok (?)


 "A Russian Marauder. He seems alright but he looks at me oddly. I am unsure if that is good or bad. Regardless, not a bad Marauder by any means. So far." 


--[[Federation Fleet]]--



 Sabine Bilodeau  (P)


"I remember the first time I met her. Gorgeous. Has Heterochromia like me, though hers is injury based. I use to blindly look up to her. I use to believe she was the best. Lately though? I am doubting. Told some Crewman to do some basic diagnostics and I get called into her office to be told to not become a "Bitch of an NCO". I can never have a conversation with her and that is what hurts. It sucks not being able to not get to know your upper leadership. She always runs off and hides in her office or her room. There is times where she actually sits down, and talks's and I enjoy it so much. Though now...it's hard to see her as a leader, when she is never there."


"It's been, what? Over a year since I got on the Grant? I have seen a lot more of Bilodeau recently. She normally steps by every once in a while out of nowhere, so I can almost be certain she hides in the vents. She even called me her "Weapons cutie" at one point which actually got me to smile. I hope if I get to stay on the Grant, this does not stop. I should be knowing more than what I know currently about my leadership. I missed an opportunity,  I think, to talk to her after the ceremony regarding her service on the Murphy but I didn't want to pry her about something that might of been a sore spot. If she wanted to talk to me about it, she can bring it up. Overall, I am happy to see the changes that are happening.


Paul Schmidt (?)


 "An okay person. Can't say much on him as I don't see him. Does seem to enjoy what he does though."



✝️ --[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]- ✝️



✝️ James Chevosky (P✝️


"They say that the person you love should not only be your lover, but also your friend. A friend where you can be yourself, to trust when alone together and be your teammate in battle. I have never seen Chevosky be anything less than a friend. I love our talks together alone in the back of the bar. I love our times alone when he hits me from behind and it drives me wild. Most importantly, I love our synergy as a Fleetie and Infantry. Whenever he is hurt, I am there for him. When I was hurt, he was there for me. I'm nervous when he falls to a planet or moon, and like a knight with wings lays waste to those that wish to hurt him or his friends. When he returns safely, it's like an anchor off my heart. He is sweet, he is honest, he has more emotions than half of the M.I. James can be a bit submissive and hesitant at times, he can be a diamond in the rough at the worst of times. Though...I don't expect him to be perfect; I guess that what makes this love rather than infatuation."


Update: Fuck him! FUCK HIM! Everything I ever did for him apparently meant jack shit! Dropped me like a bad habit. "Feelings may return" my ass. Should of just hit me with a chair while he was at it.


Update 2: A relationship is built on mutual understanding and communication. This is ever more important if the couple has limited time together due to work or other matters. Chevosky, to me...is an unknown variable. It's hard to tell if he in fact still committed to the relationship or simply in pity mode due to the others apparently talking to him.  I think that is what gnaws at me the most. How do I know that he actually enjoys my company? Loves me for me and not just be a status symbol for him? I will be honest, I do not know. I just have to take comfort in trying at least. Third time is the charm.


Update 3 FINAL:



I love you.

Funny, when you think of these words. A phrase of many meanings, all unique to each person but the same to everyone.

I love you.

Is it not the passing of you that hurts me. It's waking up the next day, laying in bed and knowing.

Knowing that your contact profile on my PDA is gone.

Knowing that our conversations are just memories.

I love you.

How long has it been James? 

I'm sitting here crying.

I'm sitting here screaming.

I see you but your image fades.

Your face blurs.

I love you.

It's hard to say goodbye.

It's hard to say hello when there was so much left from yesterday, forever to remain unspoken for today and tomorrow.

They try to help me.

They try to comfort me.

But they too seem to just move on.

I love you.

We never got to do another RnR together.

Do you remember? The bonfire? The Apartments?

I remember.

I remember what I am.





I love you James Chevosky.

I love you.





✝️ Jennifer Hayes (P✝️


 "Hayes was my favorite female NCO in the M.I. I loved her enthusiasm. I loved her relationship with Hughes. Hearing how she went out was absolutely heartbreaking. Seeing how Hughes reacted was...equally heart wrenching. I just hope she is in a better place now."


✝️ Ji Park (?) ✝️


"Damn. First time meeting her and last time saying goodbye. Her final moments on the ship was the general belittling her. Heard she stepped on a landmine and died. Rare to see Fleet die."


✝️ Jocelyn Holiday (P✝️


"Originally she was a part of Fleet. Transferred to M.I without so much speaking a word to her. Saw he a few months later in the M.I, and again no words were spoken. Would find out she would commit suicide on the battlefield. It's so weird, to have our lines cross twice but never really /meet/."



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13 hours ago, Mannulus said:

Added @Troy Hughes @alright sassy finally. Sorry guys! Also took the time to update @StevieJr relation.


Also added the following:

  • Awards
  • More Personal Information
  • Backstory
  • Adjusted Relations faction names to be faction colored.
  • Added links to individual's char bios if available.

It looks the same as it did last time.

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5 minutes ago, StevieJr said:

It looks the same as it did last time.

Because I been editing it over time, but did not post an actual update. >:P

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@OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz @Grizzly Hughes and @Arrow have been added.


Sorry @Grizzly Hughes, I don't remember Casey all that well. So many people to keep track of. I am pretty sure we have talked a bit ICly but I can't remember. ;_;


Also took the time to update the main picture recently with the more accurate model. Also added a secondary picture of Harper during an RnR in her more casual hairstyle.


I also made a Wiki of Alysia Harper too that adds some information, so go check it out.

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