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Alysia Harper on an RnR.



Personal Information:


Name: Alysia Harper

Age: 20

D.O.B: April 11th, 2278

Height: 5'4

Weight: 121lb

Eye color: Heterochromia - Brown Left, Blue Right.

Hair color: Turquoise

Sex: Female

Bodytype: Ectomorph

Homeworld: None. Ship Born. ( The Mayora. )





Born upon the freighter vessel Mayora, Alysia Harper was given one of four birth assignments that dictates her purpose on the ship. These are indicated by tattoos printed on the side of their head taking the shape of a pip from a deck of cards. Harper, being Engineering was given a heart. Attached to a body scarring exoskeleton during work-shifts, she would sweat, bleed, and cry to ensure the working operation of the self-sustaining Mayora. The Engineering assignment was not seen as a curse, rather as a gift. Individuals who survive the conditions are usually very smart, philosophical and usually self aware. Those assigned to other birth assignments: Mercantile (Clubs), Security (Diamonds), and Flight Crew (Spades) more often than not assisted Engineering where they could. This usually takes the form of reduced rates at stores, free services such as medical or assistance as available.


When Harper turned 18, she partaked in the ship tradition of  "Hopping". When the vessel arrives at a planet port that is known to offer opportunities in various fields, those who have turned Eighteen are forced to leave the ship to explore the outside world and decide their fate. If after five years they survive, they can return to the Mayora and be given a temporary number tattoo next to their assignment tat to indicate number of years on ship times two. At 20 years (Indicated by 10 on head), they can retire on the Mayora and enjoy it's comforts if they wish. Harper, having been dropped off at one of these ports was rather dedicated to her duties of crewing a ship. It was not long before Harper's curious questioning of locals and investigative nature lead her to the recruitment office for the Federation. Scoring high marks on her tests allowed her to go Fleet where she has been since. Last records showed her being assigned to the AFC BC-291 Ulysses S. Grant.





Upper left side of head.


Professional Information:



United Citizen Federation Fleet





Senior Chief Petty Officer






Federal Service Ribbon



Combat Action Ribbon



Warfare Division Ribbon



Fleet Service Ribbon



Purple Heart


Role: Bridge Crew - Weapons Division






Loved / Admired / Like Family, Brethren / Good friends / Friends / Acquaintance / Neutral / Mixed / Dislikes / Hates / Fears


--[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]--


Franco Sorrentino (P) - "He seems to be an alright man. On one hand I think he is trying to hit on me. On the other hand he does seem to care a lot about the crew and he's been nice enough to see me on the bridge. I can admire a leader like that."


James Chevosky (P) - "They say that the person you love should not only be your lover, but also your friend. A friend where you can be yourself, to trust when alone together and be your teammate in battle. I have never seen Chevosky be anything less than a friend. I love our talks together alone in the back of the bar. I love our times alone when he hits me from behind and it drives me wild. Most importantly, I love our synergy as a Fleetie and Infantry. Whenever he is hurt, I am there for him. When I was hurt, he was there for me. I'm nervous when he falls to a planet or moon, and like a knight with wings lays waste to those that wish to hurt him or his friends. When he returns safely, it's like an anchor off my heart. He is sweet, he is honest, he has more emotions than half of the M.I. James can be a bit submissive and hesitant at times, he can be a diamond in the rough at the worst of times. Though...I don't expect him to be perfect; I guess that what makes this love rather than infatuation."


Tarre Beare - "Fuck that stupid bitch. Glad she transferred out of Fleet."


Reuben Amukama (P) - "Annoying. Selfish. Troublemaker. Known to cause fights and just be a overall menace in the M.I. Every time he has been in trouble and demoted, Colonel Davidson turns around and promotes him same day. Pretty sure I seen him as a Lance at least twice now. He has also been held in the brig only to be released right after the Colonel rears his head (must give good head). Then again, everyone has a history right? Maybe his younger years were just fucked up and this is how he is. Regardless, it's a failure of leadership to not contain his behavior and him exploiting the Colonel (so it seems) is just weakening the system and I know others see it as that as well.


Jackie Knoxx (P) - "I remember the first time we met. I remember avoiding her as much as possible and simply ignoring her if need be. Now? I believe she has a chance. She simply had someone be brutally honest with how she acts. I feel terrible, still do. I feel though now, that old wounds can be healed. A chance for a possible friendship to grow. It will be rocky, it will be difficult, but I believe if she sticks to her word of changing, I will trust her to do so."


Noah Gargano (P) - [No information Available. Have not met.]


Sebastian Bently (P) - "Hello Sergeant, nice to meet you. I am here to file a Sexual Harassment complaint. What a introduction I made with him. He seems okay but his face shows experience and his eyes give the impression of being tired both emotionally and physically. Hopefully this...war...can be ended soon enough so he can rest. Overall however, not a bad person and he never really showed me any form of discrimination due to my branch of service. I don't know, maybe we can talk more in the future as our bonfire RnR talk was quite nice."


Jennifer Hayes (P) - "I always liked Hayes and it's nice to have a female I can personally see as a friend on the Grant. While she may look sweet, I have seen her absolutely destroy a lot of the men and women on the vessel during Spars! I need to remind myself never to get on her bad side. Oh and her and Hughes make a cute couple too!"


Miguel Lorenzo (?) - "He was such a nice guy. From what I heard, he broke mentally during a drop or something; I don't know the full story. The guy I know is now apparently strapped down in one of the beds in the Medical Bay. Violent. Crazed. Can you recover from that? Was it a Skinny? PTSD? I hope he recovers but I am unsure of how to feel about him currently."


--[[Federation Engineering Division]]--


Troy Hughes (P) - "One of the best M.I NCO's I know, besides my Chevosky. I feel comfortable in a sense when I see him and I usually have no problems talking to him or even be the one to strike up the conversation as need be."




--[[Federation Hospital Corps]]--


--[[Federation Marauders]]--


--[[Federation Fleet]]--

 Sabine Bilodeau  (P- "I remember the first time I met her. Gorgeous. Has Heterochromia like me though hers is injury based. I use to blindly look up to her. I use to believe she was the best. Lately though? I am doubting. Told some Crewman to do some basic diagnostics and I get called into her office to be told to not become a "Bitch of an NCO". I can never have a conversation with her and that is what hurts. It sucks not being able to not get to know your upper leadership. She always runs off and hides in her office or her room. There is times where she actually sits down, and talks's and I enjoy it so much. Though now...it's hard to see her as a leader, when she is never there."


Paul Schmidt (?) - "An okay person. Can't say much on him as I don't see him. Does seem to enjoy what he does though."


Jocelyn Holiday (P- "I think I seen her once or two but she seems to be either out of it or deep in thought. Can't tell honestly as I don't see her enough."




--[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]--


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Added @Troy Hughes @alright sassy finally. Sorry guys! Also took the time to update @StevieJr relation.


Also added the following:

  • Awards
  • More Personal Information
  • Backstory
  • Adjusted Relations faction names to be faction colored.
  • Added links to individual's char bios if available.

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13 hours ago, Mannulus said:

Added @Troy Hughes @alright sassy finally. Sorry guys! Also took the time to update @StevieJr relation.


Also added the following:

  • Awards
  • More Personal Information
  • Backstory
  • Adjusted Relations faction names to be faction colored.
  • Added links to individual's char bios if available.

It looks the same as it did last time.

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5 minutes ago, StevieJr said:

It looks the same as it did last time.

Because I been editing it over time, but did not post an actual update. >:P

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@OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz @Grizzly Hughes and @Arrow have been added.


Sorry @Grizzly Hughes, I don't remember Casey all that well. So many people to keep track of. I am pretty sure we have talked a bit ICly but I can't remember. ;_;


Also took the time to update the main picture recently with the more accurate model. Also added a secondary picture of Harper during an RnR in her more casual hairstyle.


I also made a Wiki of Alysia Harper too that adds some information, so go check it out.

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