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Sabine Bilodeau

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(pre-surgery Sabine)








(Sabine enjoying coffee)






(Sabine caught napping in the bar backroom)






(Sabine giving a cheeky smooch at the camera)






(Sabine in as Officer Cadet in her dress uniform)





(Sabine on Iskander - 2298/08/10)




(Sabine with her sister Camille, May 2299)



(Sabine on Iskander, May 2299)

(Then-SCPO Sabine in the bar)


Name: Sabine Rehema Bilodeau
Age: 25
D.O.B: 2273/06/02
Gender: Female
Roles: Navigations Head
Homeworld: Mars, near Olympus Mons
Hair color: Darkbrown
Eye color: Left Oceanblue, Right Fieryorange
Build: Mainly slender with some shape to her
Rank: Lieutenant Commander


Medals and Ribbons

Commission Ribbon



Audie Murphy Survival Medal



Good Conduct Ribbon



Citizenship Ribbon



Service Ribbon



Purple Heart



Multiple Combat Action Ribbons



Small Craft piloting license



Large Craft piloting license



Navigations Station Ribbon






Mother: Neferteri Rehema

Neferteri Rehema grew up on Mars in a reasonably wealthy family. Once of age, she enlisted in the Federal Fleet and served her two years before settling down with Charlés Bilodeau.

Father: Charlés Bilodeau

Charlés Bilodeau grew up on Terra, then moved to Mars at age twenty before enlisting. After serving three years, he settled down with Neferteri Rehema.

Sister: Camille Rehema Bilodeau


Rich family leaves her with a significant amount of money to spend.

Character Description:

Sabine is a fairly well shaped, slender figure with two strikingly differently colored eyes. She's most often seen with smokey eyeshadow to draw more attention to the eyes and is most usually seen wearing her standard navy uniform with skirt, high-heels and pantyhose. Her accent is fairly non-existent. Despite her name, she doesn't have any inherent french accent when she speaks, she -can- however put on a good french accent if she wishes. Her voice comes off as a mildly deep, smooth voice that could well be described as pleasant to the ear.


Achieving Master Chief Pettyofficer rank

Only losing once while playing Pool in the bar

92 points on York's stealth sim



Letting Silas Vernon die

Not preventing the boarding leading to Chevosky's death

Letting the Grant be nearly destroyed by the Ark on 2298-07-25

Letting the Grant be destroyed

Personal Relationships
Relations: Loved|Admired|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Aquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears

--[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]--

- Elizabeth Graham: "She's a cute one, especially with that hair and those eyes. Quite a curvy one too~ She's pretty nice, occasionally had a chat in the canteen and the armoury. Eventually decided to retire. Good for her, even if I'll miss the days at the range~ Hopefully Camille isn't too tough on her." G
- LtCol. Sebastian Bently: "Seems like a swell guy, helped me out with ship repairs on the Grant one time. Got soaking wet with me, then nearly blew up with me, then filled the cramped space with CO2 so we could shut the fire off. No, that isn't an euphemism for anything. Hopefully he's doing well despite these circumstances. I refuse to believe he had anything to do with this whole ordeal." F
- LtCol. Elrad Davidson: "Seen him a few times, seems enthusiastic or, boisterous. Personally speaking I have no clue though. He dropped to Private recently, interesting move." A

- WO. Valerie Faust: "I saw her around a few times on the Grant but never reeeally talked to her so I wouldn't know much about her." A

- Pvt. Sean 'Dumbcunt' Richardson: "Annoying." DM

- WO. Liliana Verbeck: "Tried talking to her once, shot me down rather rudely. I wouldn't mind if Camille was a little tough on you. Looks like you may not be as bad as I first though, but I'll never forgive you!" DM

- Lt. Travis Young: "He made the sword currently on my hip, and the sheath for it. We've had a good few chats over the months, seems like a great guy. Doesn't seem to have too much luck in the world of love though. Unfortunate, I'm sure he could show a girl a good time. No clue where he might be now." FG

- MSgt. Aaron Holtz: "Spoke to this mangled piece of veteran Mobile Infantry death-machine a few times in the bar on the Grant, seems like a neat person. I don't know too much about him though. Hopefully he's doing well." AF


--[[Federation Engineering Division]]--

- Sgt. Troy 'Turtle' Hughes: "He's cute, and a bit shy~ Sometimes I feel like he's trying to get with me buuuut, too bad for him~ He's been through a lot lately though. His wife dying, his close friend being on his deathbed, now this whole thing with the Grant.. I hope he pulls through it alright. The ship is a tad more boring without him around. He's like my cute little brother~" FG
- Lt. John 'Scarf' York: "Talked to him once or twice, seems like a nice guy. Bit of a prude sometimes though~ Heard he's dating that cute Marauder." FA

- 3Lt. William St.Claire: "Tried to hit on me once in the bar, got shot down. Doesn't help that the then-commander Nash then called it out to everyone in the bar. He's an alright guy though. Recently came back after a long time, though he doesn't seem to have changed that much~" F

--[[Federation Hospital Corps]]--

TSgt. Charlie Scott: "Saved my life when the bridge took a shell. Pulled me out of the seat and treated my collapsed lungs. He's alright in my book from that alone, saved a whole lot of other people's lives too that day." A

--[[Federation Marauders]]--

- SSpc. Aoife Hviteulven: "That cute marauder." A
- WO. Kristina Sigrun: "She beats herself up too much sometimes. She's a good person at heart though, even if she doesn't believe it herself. On the field she definitely tears up trash like there's no tomorrow though, no shortage of stories about her tearing apart bugs and rooms full of Sanctuary troops with her axe. I'll never forgive you for flirting with me and making me think you wanted to marry me while you're getting engaged to someone else behind my back." GLMAH

--[[Federation Fleet]]--

- Cm. Mina Ren: "She's got a serious problem with attitude and temper. I hope she can improve." DA
- Cdr. Olivia Murphy: "Known her since my earliest times on the Audie Murphy, back when we served as 3Po.'s together, but I haven't spoken to her in forever. I hardly even remember anything about her at this point, beyond the odd picture of us together. She's climbed the ranks well though, and deservedly so. I'm not sure she likes me anymore though." FAM
- RAdm. Aramis Hux: "Great man, both as a friend and as a Captain. I have full faith in his abilities and his judgement. I couldn't think of a better Rear Admiral." GA

- FLt. Alysia Harper: "She had a promising career in Fleet, that's for certain. She seems like a nice person as well. Up and decided she didn't want to be on the Grant anymore, without even saying a goodbye. Hope you're alright." FG

- PO. Robert Smyth: "An enthusiastic crewman, perhaps a tad hotheaded but he means well. He can be funny sometimes though." F

- CPO. Ji Park: "I don't know a lot about her but, she held her own and got a distress signal out when the Grant was nearly obliterated. She's alright in my book." F

--[[Ex-Federation Provost Corps (Marines)]]--


- Camille Bilodeau: "She's my beloved sister. A beautiful model and a kind person at heart. I could hardly imagine her in a combat role though, and probably for the best that she isn't. She's always been good at handling stress though, so for that I admire her. I couldn't do the daily tassle she goes through."  LFA  2298/07/20 Photoshoot on Iskander, 2298/07/25 Photoshoot on Iskander

--[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]--
- Ens. Silas Vernon: "He was nice. I miss him at times, back when we were still on the Murphy. He went out with a bang and a half though, saving all of our asses. If only I could've been faster, perhaps he'd still be here." A
- CPO. Jon Paul Bohannon: "Aah, it's been so long I hardly remember now. I do remember him kind of.. Changing, before he I assume transferred out, and not for the better." FM

- SSgt. James Chevosky: "The loved-one of our Master Chief, they had a lovers spat once but, he seemed like an alright guy. Unfortunately, he didn't survive his injuries.." FA

- 3Spc. Jocelyn Holiday: "A nice and veteran psychic. It's said she was a good cook but, I've only had a few snacks from her. Shame I didn't get to try her proper cooking. Helped me cheer up Hughes a little, and tease him a little~" F


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Not gonna lie actually hurt I didn't make the list with out asking - Chief Petty Officer Jon Paul Bohannon (I dont remember his fucking rank)

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eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddddddddy ❤️

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