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Basic Information:
A young and kind engineer who doesn't know what she is doing. She has sleeping issues, is addicted to Fed Cola and does good back flips. She also has a cone called "John" and enjoys a good pun.

Name: Lyndsey Carter
Age: 19
D.O.B: 31st July
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Federation
Role(s): MI Engineer
Kin: Michael Carter (Father), Irene Carter (Mother), Sam Carter (Brother), all of which are alive as refugees. According to sources Sam Carter may have joined the MI but Carters family location is currently unknown.
Homeworld: Terra

Hometown: Boston, US
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Brown
Build: Not too strong, not too weak,
Rank: Senior Specialist


Lyndsey was a musician before joining the Mobile Infantry to get her citizenship, she lived a happy life and had good friends (who sadly died after the Terra disaster). She has always loved music but music isn't important in the federation, so she gave it up to focus on more important things. She has always been a kind person no matter what and despite being diagnosed with learning disabilities like dyspraxia she has tried her hardest to learn and develop. 


Strength: 14/20
Dexterity: 15/20
Constitution: 14/20
Intelligence: 12/20
Wisdom: 12/20
Charisma: 16/20

Misc. Attributes:

Combat Rating: 7/10

Pain/Health: 5/10


Not poor.

Lyndsey is a kind and weird person and although not that bright, can be useful. She likes to talk to people despite being an awkward person and tries to be friendly to everyone. She brings a real sense of unity to the ship.

Relationships with people on board: (I only did a few as there is too many)


Noah Gargano:

Me and Garg both shared the same first drop and were friends ever since. He is a great squad lead and a kind person, I believe he will be a high rank in the near future as he is defiantly what the NCO's need. He is a very unique character and admire his will to not give up. He is also still a pretty fun guy regardless of his rank of corporal, which is good cause most people get boring the higher up they get.


James Chevosky:

I made friends with Chev when he was a recruit, he is a good soldier and has climbed the ranks really fast. Have a lot of funny moments with him and he is a good friend to talk to and knows his shit in combat. His work as corporal is really impressive and he although he has changed over time, his new attitude is getting him too places. Despite all the changes me and him are still very close friends and I trust him a lot. One day he will be Sergeant. Keep doing what your are doing Chev.


Lorenzo is a friend of mine that I met on a drop. Me and him use to joke around a lot and make good sandwich's, he is funny. He is good in the field and I trust him. Him and Chevosky use to hang with me a lot and we made a good team. I wish him all the best.

That cluster fuck of a drop destroyed Lorenzo. I don't know what horrors occured on that drop but he has lost his mind, he has gone insane and I'm scared that my friend will never come back. It is making me depressed, he was so close to heading back home and for him to get mentally destroyed just before returning home is just very sad. Please get well Lorenzo, please.


Adam Pearce:

Weird guy, talking to him is a unique experience considering his unusual past. Good person to talk to if you want to hear stories and he seems to be a dedicated soldier. He has got a good shot and is an edgy dude.


Michael Finch (DISCHARGED)

Finch is a good sarge, he picks me a lot in combat and seems to have a lot of experience. I respect him as he was one of the people that helped me get over Eamon Dickens death. He likes the color pink a lot.


If the rumors are true, Finch has been released for something he did on that cluster fuck of a drop. I am hearing lots of things and none of them are good. I hope he is okay where ever he is now, he was one of my favorite sarges and I am shocked to hear he was released. 

Victoria Galloway (KIA):

Galloway was a good mentor for me when I started out, she really helped me learn the ropes and made me a better engineer. Her backstory is quite inspiring and I trust her a lot, she is a close friend.


She is dead... I can't believe it.... This is one of the worst losses I have had to deal with, I am not sure what to write. R.I.P Galloway I will always remember you :(


Lawrence Chandler:

A close friend, nicest engineer I have met and is fun to talk to. Of course he responsible for my back blast incident however I don't really hold a grudge as it wasn't all his fault. He is defiantly a better engineer than me regardless of his mistakes. We have had a lot of fun in the bar promoting our "Cone" Cult with my cone John and we seem to get along really well. He is a funny dude and hanging with him is always a blast.

Cenarius "Zen": (I can't spell the rest of his name)

Zen is the most intelligent guy I know and my favourite memory with him is when we meditated together for no reason. He is extremely polite and has a weird taste in drinks. I haven't seen much of him in combat but he seems to care a lot about his fellow troopers and for that I respect him.


Alicia White:

Is a good medic who has saved many lives including mine. She has a good humor and is the most reliable medic out there, apparently her cooking is good as well. She is also one of the nicest on board and easy to talk to. My favorite memory with her is when we both were hungover after a RnR and were sick everywhere, we seem to get along well and I am glad. She is naming all her tools like me now so that instantly makes her a legend. White is cool.

Alexander "Lick" Tschenkowitsch:

Great company, good humor and great dancer. He was victim of the same injury as me and I am glad he recovered, he is a nice guy and the reason for his nickname is hilarious. He has a good music taste and I reckon he should become a performer or something after this is over.


Sean Richardson:

He can be annoying but there is a kind person behind his dark humor. He seems to be the most musical on board and some songs he puts on aren't that bad however he needs to change his attitude.


Jackie Knoxx:

Despite her attitude and trouble making ways she has always been kind to me and at one point I thought we were gonna be friends. She just seems like a really hard person to talk to sometimes and I hope her issues get fixed one day.


Tarre Beare:

Not the smartest person in the world, I suppose she is kind though. She needs to work on her communication skills.


Reuben Amuka: (However you spell his name)

Hates engineers and made me fix a toilet once. Not a cool dude.


Jennifer Hayes:

Hayes puts in a lot of effort into what she does and is a NCO as a result. She gives useful training exercises and is dedicated. She has a nice Irish accent and seems like a person that I would like to get to know more.


Tallie Vega:

I have only met her once at a RnR, she came up to me, Lorenzo and Chandler and convinced us to play a evil prank on my friend Chev. Whilst he was having a "Romantic time" We barged into his room, threw condoms at him and Harper, then stole there beer and got drunk after.


John Cone:

I love my cone John almost as much as I love my family. He is always there for me and he is the greatest friend I could ever ask for. Me and Chandler hang with John and have good times, mainly cause of Johns amazing personality and his great humor. I LOVE John.


Kyril Layland:

Layland is the new master specialist who replaced Galloway and is a good mentor for me. He seems to have a lot of faith in me and tells me "To be more self confident". He has helped me come to terms with what happened to Galloway as he was her partner and he is quite a nice guy. He doesn't like John Cone much but I guess that is his opinion. Layland is a smart guy and I look up to him.


Franklyn Holland:

He is an odd ball and can be very unpredictable at times. He seems like a guy with a good humor and doesn't seem to take himself to seriously which means he isn't boring to be around. He apparently cooks too and I swear I am still recovering from that chili he made. I think he is alright and I hope he gets far as he is quite good in combat and seems know his tactics.


Valerie Faust:

I like Faust and I think she is a great soldier who obviously loves the federation. She says "MI Love" a lot and has cool tattoos, she also has a nice German accent. I have started talking to her more recently and she is a nice person. I do feel bad for accidently getting gum in her hair and I hope it didn't ruin her hair too much but she said it was fine. I hope to talk to her more as she seems to have a lot of experience.


Miranda Walters:

I have been good friends with Walters since she was a recruit and we have had a lot of fun in the bar together. She gets my humor and I get hers which makes hanging with her really fun. She climbed the ranks fast and I am not surprised, she has always been good in combat and seems like a confident girl. I love how she does puns and talks about cones and just gets me. Walters is cool.


Sebastian Bently:

He drinks a lot of coffee and is one of my favorite sergeants. He is a chill guy and is easy to talk to, he does this without coming across too soft as well. He is good professionally as well as socially and doesn't mess about in the field. I have only talked to him a handful of times but he seems cool, a good NCO in my book. Just never get on his bad side.


Eamon Dickens: (KIA)

He was very chill guy and was good to talk to whatever mood you were in. We use to meet recruits together and met many odd people which use to make us laugh. The bar always seems empty without him.


Elizabeth Taylor: (KIA)

Misunderstood girl who stood for the right things. We met when she was going through a rough time and were alright friends. Shame she went before we could talk more.


Cornelius Zeem (DISCHARGED)

Didn't talk to Zeem much but he defiantly was a good soldier and was around during some good times. He had a good knife throw and a lot of confidence. I hope he is okay, he ZEEMED pretty sad when he left.



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9 hours ago, Coleision said:

add tallie vega dawg


Was she the one who threw condoms at Chev with me, Lorenzo and Chandler?  If so I wrote about them.

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7 minutes ago, Ymot Tommy Wort said:

Was she the one who threw condoms at Chev with me, Lorenzo and Chandler?  If so I wrote about them.

yes and she healed me after i got nut taped by a viking

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