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One and only Miguel Lorenzo squad fam *dab* ganna kms now

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Miguel's’ tattoo.

And face reference. 




After the Battle of Cassandra. (obviously it would be MI gear not what ever he is wearing)

Image result for ptsd marine (

Basic Information:

||Height-5’11||Weight- 156||Age-21||Birthday-May 18|| A veteran MI trooper from a couple light scars apparent on any skin that is showing. He has a nose that looks like it is constantly broken as it is slightly curved. There is a tattoo shaped like a grape vine as it crawls up the right side of his face the final leaf ending on the corner of his eye. The tattoos’ stem gets thicker as it travels down his right arm the roots spreading out into each finger. Leaves following it until just above the wrist where the roots begin. The leaves surround his entire arm. He is of Mexican descent and many of his words in english seem to be replaced with mexican slang words.

Name: Miguel Lorenzo

Age: 21

D.O.B: May 18

Gender: Male

Role(s): LMG Gunner

Kin: N/A

Homeworld: Earth

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Brown

Build: Lean athletic.

Rank:  Spc.


Personal Relationships (will add just ask :P)

Relations: Loved|Crush|Goodfriends|Friends|Aquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears


Lyndsey ‘Lynn’ Carter. Lynn. She’s fun. Pretty and we have some good times. Right now she’s an engineer. For some reason she loves puns. Which puns our like if a tanker and a brain bug had a baby it would be living hell which is what puns are. Lynn was actually the one to convince me to become a Specialist. Pretty sure Lynn was the first person I met after being transferd. Although I kind of took the first step it’s all childo. I can run to her if I have problems and she’s a great friend. I really worry about her but she's a good fighter so nothing should go wrong. I hope. Also I have no chance with her apparently which sucks. But it's all childo.  Also one time she saw me do a double back flip. That was badass. Friend.


Chev-- Nice guy good effort and shit. Have not really got to know him though. In my little circle of friends you could say. He’s an alright squad lead.   Squad lead. Usefull. 


Bently. He’s a Staff Sergeant. I don’t really like him. After some stuff that I did which was pretty dumb on my part I’m pretty sure he wanted me whipped. If it were not for Verbeck I’m pretty sure I would have. Hardass for no reason unlike Finch. tries to act nice. Wearing a mask like all the SNCOs. Saved my life yesterday. Says he's just doing his job. I still don't trust him but I owe him one. I also still remember he tried to get me whipped so.  Staff. Useful. Trust.

Verbeck-- Some psychic stuff. Some loco shit is what that is. This one time I am talking to this guy named Cen about Verbeck and she just appears and says, “Whispering won’t help.” Freaked me the fuck out until she said that she can’t actually hear conversations. She told me that after I apologized to her. Saved me from being whipped though. And she does not seem mean but who can hold a Master Sergeant position and not be an absolute dick? She’s wearing a mask. Strong. Smart. Masks.


Finch- Scary mother fucker but I know he means well. He’s just trying to make sure we all don’t die horrible deaths. He’s hard on us but for the right reason. Unlike some of the NCOs I respect him the most. Good leader. Perfect NCO I believe. Gone. Discharged, let an enemy escape. HIS FAULT! IT'S ALL HIS FAULT! HE ORDERED THE RETREAT! WE SHOULD HAVE PRESSED! If I see you again I will kill you.


Tallie Vega- Ok so she helped me after I got kicked in the balls by Sigrun REALLY hard when I was drunk on RnR. But that’s all I remember from that night. Also she seems pretty chill. Also she’s nice. But of course I think that is a requirement for medic.  Medic.


White- Ok so she's a medic and she's dating the Staff. Which means she's almost invincible. If she gets into any trouble the Staff can bail her out. Which is stupid. The rest of us would serve the punishment but White can just avoid it. She's also a specialist medic which means she must be good. Better then the guy that uses nano-machines son. He tried to inject me and Lynn for some reason. But going off topic. She seems alright but she's kinda untouchable. I don't want to talk to her much. And she is dating Bently who I don't really like.  Weak. Smart. Medic.


Sigrun- She kicked me REALLY hard in the balls on RnR once. I'm going to get back at that merodeador in a hand to hand fight if it's the last thing I do. I swear. I will END HER I will send her to the FUCKING SHADOW REALM HOMBRE. I mean it's all fun and games but I -will- get a one up on her in a fight. I think she wants to be a pathfinder. Good for her.  Strong. Useful


AndersonSo he's a crazy guy who tricked me into drinking NANOMACHINES SON. *Cough* Sorry ever since I drank them I when ever I talk about NANOMACHINES SON, I say that. Anyways the, -ahem- tiny robots, have made me calmer and I think my reaction time and decision making have been faster. It's been pretty great. He also gave me some anti-depressant tiny robots that made me like really happy for a while. Anyways I think he got bridged. He was just trying to help but he did it in a not ok way. Still that merida helped.    Asshole spiked my drinks and injected me with pinche COCAINE like the hell. It's not nanomachines son it was cocaine. What a dick. Vales Verga 


Darius Hawke This guy. Man I love this guy. He's a Pathfinder. REAAAAALY good at fighting. I spared him with Konig (Konig is the CQC Master Specialist) She got beat up. I got kneed in the head and kicked in the jaw. I did pretty good for who I was fighting. I eventually gave up when Konig was knocked out and it was me versus him.  I realized I could not beat him even after a great combo. So I sat down and tapped three times. I got a couple good hits in too. A round house to the jaw. And a punch to the jaw as well. It was fun. I asked him his name and he complemented me on my fighting skills. That was that. He's pretty cool honestly. You could tell he was a veteran also he had the upper hand with Konig the whole time. He kept her on the ground and was chocking her which made me do something. Cool guy.  Strong. Smart. Fast. Trust. Useful


Lawrence Chandler-- So he's an engineer. Pretty chido guy. Speaks Spanish. Pretty nice and stuff. Complemented me on my fight with Hawke. I heard he fucked up on a drop, nuked everyone apparently. But mistakes are mistakes and he will get over it. Friends with the cone and Lynn. He's actually pretty chido.  Smart. Not trusted yet. Useful


The Cone-- This mother fucker will pay. I'ma kill it. I swear Enough


Knoxx or whatever the fuck--  She's actually fucking stupid. We were in a sparring and I was winning right? So I attempt a flying knee and miss so she comes in with her pinche BT and hits me in the side of the knee. Breaking it. What an asshole. One of the Corporals are going to tell the NCOs I believe. Vales Verga. Now I can't go on drops today. I even did a badass flip. It was cool. And she just says "Oh I really wanted to win." Yeah? Well I really WANTED TO WALK TODAY! GUESS WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS BITCH! Vales Verga 

----Diary----/Mental sessions/


So this is going to be like my only entry. First off finally turned twenty two. Second off. I'M GETTING OUT ON JUNE 1ST. A HUAVO! Seriously though I'm glad. Joined for quick cash and no danger. Turned out little money and lots of danger. Never trust recruiters.


Ok so. Bunch of shit I have been thinking about ever since I got word of us leaving. Like how am I going to get money. How is my family doing. How will I take care of my little bros. And stuff like that. It got me whipped when I said something  dumb and sassy. I need something to take my mind off of it.



I uh...Went through hell...I'm shook. I...can't. Gas...Flames. Screaming gun shots. Masks...More masks...explosions...voices. Battle of Cassandra. Heh. That's my sisters name...She died two years ago. 


The voices won't stop! The screams! The noises! I'm sorry! I never wanted this to happen! It was kill or be killed please forgive me! Go away!



Verbeck came to me. She talked with me. Told me thing to help. I-I can get better. I know I can...I just need to stop thinking...Close those voices out. I can shut them out. I can...I can do it...Even if it cost me my soul I can do it.


It's all Finch's fault. We could have won sooner. We should have kept pushing! But he called the retreat. Like a coward. If I find him I will kill him.


They won't stop. Verbeck advice helped but they are still there! They will never go away will they? I just have to keep it suppressed. The visions won't go away either! I can see them still...Help.


I need to get out. These restraints are making me insane! Please let me out!


I have got good new and bad news. Depends on your point of view. Good news. I finally got the medics to help me...Took three days. Bad news. Lieutenant says he wants to send me to a professional to get help. I don't want to leave. I want to get better but I can't leave yet. I have things to do.



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1 hour ago, Ymot Tommy Wort said:

Carter got the most writing. Fuck yeah.

ye ye

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2 hours ago, Wewai said:

König or Finch? 

Got u on Finch u fricking heck smelly i will send u to the shadow realm if u diss my writing u FREAKING FRICK 

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48 minutes ago, Zebastion said:

Add White if ya got anything to say about her.

Donezo boo

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On 5/12/2018 at 1:04 AM, Coleision said:

mission failed, we'll get 'em next time


I just realized i miss spelled tallie xD i was so confused when u first put that 

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On 5/9/2018 at 4:54 PM, Arrow said:


you're almost there bud


On 5/11/2018 at 11:45 PM, Coleision said:

add tallie vega dawg

so very close

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1 hour ago, Coleision said:

you're almost there bud


so very close

god damnit xD fixed

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