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Awards of the Federation Fleet

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Awards of the Federation Fleet


Hero of the Federation

The Highest award the Federation has to offer; it is often awarded to citizens who often went above and beyond the call of duty and sacrificed themselves for the greater whole and the safety of mankind.
FleetSilvercross Fleet Silver Cross Awarded for primary acts of bravery and heroism, onboard or ashore.
StarshipCommand Starship Command Medal Awarded for those who have taken command of their own starship.
Ace Ace Ribbon Awarded for excellent pilotting skills in a medium- or small craft and acts of bravery against any foe of the Federation.
Fleet DistServ III Fleet Distinguished Service Medal Awarded for secondary acts of bravery and heroism, onboard or ashore.
NCO Fleet Commission Ribbon Awarded to individuals who are commissioned officers within the Fleet.
Longevity Longevity Ribbon Awarded to those who have completed ten years of service.
Citizenship Citizenship Ribbon Awarded for fulfilling 2 years of service within the Mobile Infantry/the Fleet.
FleetOfficer Fleet Service Ribbon Awarded to all crew members who have been an NCO for at least two months.
FleetDistServ Combat Action Ribbon Awarded for surviving a space battle.
GoodConduct Good Conduct Ribbon Awarded to crew who have served the Fleet two years without punishment and that have joined the ranks by their own will.
PrisonerOfWarRibbon Prisoner of War Ribbon Awarded to those who have been captured as prisoners of war.
PurpleHeart Purple Heart Awarded to those who have been wounded in action.
JointService Joint Service Ribbon Awarded to those who serve in a separate force of Fleet or the Mobile Infantry.





LargeCraft Large Craft piloting license Awarded to Starship pilots.
Mediumcraft Medium Craft piloting license Awarded to TAC pilots.
Smallcraft Small Craft piloting license Awarded to Dropship pilots.




  • Navigations


  • Warfare
Awarded to Petty Officers who have joined a Division.


Federal Defense Medal Awarded for enlisting in the Federal Armed Forces.
Thank you to @El Excellente for providing me with his old award page, for which this is essentially a copy. I'll work on getting a larger version of the pictures soon.

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