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Dopinder 'Paperboy' Sev

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[Accessing Federal Network MI Correspondent Dossier]






[Access Granted]


Onship Theme: Memories of the Audie Murphy





Face claim:




Basic Information:



Name: Dopinder Sev

Nickname: 'Paperboy'

Age: 23

D.O.B: 20/07/2975

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Indian

Age of Enlistment: 18

Affiliation: FedNet | Mobile Infantry |

Role(s): FedNet Correspondent | Rifleman |



latest?cb=20081228205857 35th Tech Brigade liaison, G-Company [ UCF Denim] [pre civil-war]

latest?cb=20081228205857 112th Mechanized Morita Rifles Battalion liaison, A-Company [ UCF Audie Murphy] [pre civil-war]

latest?cb=20081105172352 FedNet War Correspondent team #102 [Kodiak Station] [pre civil-war]

latest?cb=20081105172352 Monitoring Team #092 [R-9 Satellite Base] [civil-war]



Father |Imprisoned | Collusion with the Burton-Howel Group |

Mother | MIA | Last known location: Terra (earth), pre-invasion |

Grandfather | MIA | Last known location: Terra (earth), pre-invasion |


Homeworld: Epsilon Prime

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Dark Brown

Build: 5' 10 | 90kg |

Rank: Private





Medical Report:



  • Scar on right thigh, consistent with an arachnid pincer wound. [Healed|Cleared]

  • Scarring on lower abdomen, consistent with plasma scoring [Healed|Cleared]

  • Scarring on the right shoulder, consistent with small caliber bullet puncture. [Healed|Cleared]

  • Scar across lower back, consistent with an arachnid pincer wound. [Healed|Cleared]







Early Life:

Dopinder Sev was born on the twentieth of July, 2975, in Achilles, on Epsilon Prime. The only child of Markus Sev, a businessman with ties to the Burton-Howel Group, with whom he has a strained relationship with. He has stated in a psychiatric evaluation that his father was a 'stupid fool who didn't understand when to quit. Or so my mother used to say.' His mother, Souren Sev (Souren Beliar), was a civilian with a family history of federal service. Sev's extended family included his grandfather on his mother's side, Darren Beliar, a retired Mobile Infantryman, who served in the first bug war. Sev's father was imprisoned when he was five years old, as his collusion with the Burton-Howel Group proved to be his downfall. The group was discovered supplying the [REDACTED].


Sev’s family on his mother’s side have deep roots in federal service, and this prompted Sev’s mother to move the two back to her father’s home on Terra, in Adelaide, Australia. Sev’s childhood years would see his attitude influenced by his grandfather’s values in federal service as well as his deep and passionate interest in the Federal Network. Sev had a relatively normal childhood and excelled in his schooling. In highschool, Sev was interested in History and Moral Philosophy, and was infatuated with a girl in his class. However, when the girl turned out to be uninterested in pursuing federal service, Sev broke off the relationship, ending it just before his acceptance into the FedNet Correspondent program.






Although opting for civic service, FedNet’s War Correspondence program required the individual to pass basic training so the liaison would be able to adapt to the situations most Mobile Infantrymen would be facing. This is to ensure that the correspondent will not hinder the MI on their missions. After completing his training at Camp Arthur Currie, Dopinder Sev was given his first assignment. Being the FedNet liaison to the 35th Tech Brigade as they made their way into the AQZ (Arachnid Quarantine Zone). Sev’s first encounter with the Arachnids introduced the newly minted journalist to the horrors of bug plasma, as the UCF Denim was hit orbiting the target planet, with him and many MI escaping in dropships. His videos with the 35th, although well shot, were deemed demoralizing by military intelligence and were therefore struck from the record.


After this assignment, Sev would develop a somewhat distasteful view of Military Intelligence. This was carried over to his next posting, as he was demoted to the rank of private and assigned to the 112th onboard the Audie Murphy. Participating in many numerous drops and campaigns, Sev was present during OPERATION: BREAD BASKET and provided the UCF Audie Murphy with daily FedNet announcements. This earned him the nickname ‘Paperboy’ which was given to him by an NCO at the time. While stationed with the 112th, he managed to gain the rank of Private First Class. His time with the 112th came to a close when FedNet assigned him to Kodiak Station as a part of the Correspondent team stationed there. While there he wrote constantly to his mother and had frequent calls with Alfred Smith, who kept in contact with him since his departure from the 112th. While on station however, he made a dangerous error of fraternising with another trooper and was subsequently given a non-judicial punishment (NJP) and demoted to the rank of Private. It was in light of this incident that Sev was immediately transferred to his latest posting, the R-9 Satellite Base as part of the monitoring team stationed there.


Sev was devastated to find that Earth had been invaded. And he was even more distraught to find that his mother and extended family listed as MIA. He could not do much at his posting, and almost went mad with grief. With the civil war boiling down to a two faction confrontation, FedNet assigned Sev once again with the 112th, this time onboard the UCF Ulysses S Grant. He is currently awaiting his transfer.





|Loved|Admired|Like Family, Brethren|Good Friends|Friends|Acquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears|



Franco Sorrentino - One of the first people he met when assigned to the 112th. Saw him through most missions and is a sort of father figure that Sev lacks.


Troy Hughes - One of the few men he could trust to do his job, pretty much saved his ass multiple times.

Aora Kelmen - One of the more conversational MIs when Sev was assigned with the 112th. Was a trooper that Sev could discuss the finer details of life with.


Anton Volker - Thought he was a hard ass at first. But time away from the man has shown Sev that he was only doing the best in relation to the circumstances.

Alfred Smith - Was a pretty friendly guy. However, he has heard from outside sources that that may no longer be the case. He and Sev still keep in contact with calls, but he hasn't shaken the man's hand in a while.


Garret Swift - Another NCO that at first, was a hard taskmaster to Sev. But Operation Bread Basket showed Sev the deeper side of the man. And soon the two developed an understanding. Sev then made it a conscious effort to improve himself.


Yumi Nakamura - Sev heard about her death while he stationed away from the 112th. He assumed that the girl had a trouble past and was a right mess. Was there to witness what Maclagan did to her.


Graham Maclagan - A real piece of work, but no different from the NCOs at boot. Heard we was transferred planetside after some Op went bad.


Aiden O'Farrell - A Marauder that saved his ass on many occasion. He was one of the other troops to make conversation with Sev during his time with the 112th. His death was picked up on by Sev while he was stationed at R-9.


Alice Vickers - One of the few people that Sev has confirmed not to be insane. Vicker's was apparently in the bad books with some Spooks.


Abbigail Vitison - Sev's female parallel of Franco and sort of the detachment's mother figure. He remembers only good things about her and hopes nothing has happened to her since he's been gone.


Samuel Cronk - One of the only Australians that Sev has met, Sam was a lively bloke that soon became friends with Sev. He heard about the details of Cronk's death through a call with Smith.


Noemi  Rosangela - A spiritual girl the last time he saw her. Maybe reality has caught up to her by now. Sev didn't want to think about it.


Valentina Pachec - An NCO that had Sev's back when he was at his lowest. She was also the driving factor for Sev to continue his career as a FEDNET liaison with the Mobile Infantry. Her views on reality and the MI were the topics of most of their conversations.


Mikayla Kowalski - One of the friendlier, if not sterner NCOs he had encountered when assigned to the 112th. Sev remembers the time he was almost died during OPERATION: BREAD BASKET and he had the entire engineering corp to thank for his continued survival.


Victor Von Klauster - Haven't seen the Kraut since I was last with the 112th. Pretty sure he kept on going on about how he was Swiss. It'd be nice to see the germanic bastard again.


Bohannons - There are honestly too many of these guys and gals to keep count. Sev's met three to four of them now? Honestly a friendly bunch though.


Aaron Holtz - Another familiar name from Sev's time on the Audie. He tries to remember what Smith has told him about Holtz. Apparently he lost his wife in all the chaos. A damn shame.


Ines Amante - All Sev remembers about this chick was her sweet as bandanna and all her talk about gunning down bugs. Hopefully she is that same fiery woman he first met. But then again, we all know what the MI does to people.


Eleanor Tuuli - Sev remembers crushing hard on the pyschic psycho. But that was a long time ago, and he's learnt that psychics are just a step down from Military Intelligence.


||Photographic Archive||








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