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[IC] Lasertag Tournament

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Lasertag Tournament

Death, destruction and danger!






Tournament rules:

Teams of five.

Equal, symmetric playing ground.

Morita Mk I Carbine

Tournament-style play (elimination)

Any rank can head a team

Best of three



Tournament rewards:


  • A handshake
  • A trophy
  • Promotions











Team registration:



Team name:

Team leader:

Team member #2:

Team member #3:

Team member #4:

Team member #5:

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Team name: Flamingos

Team leader: [TBD]

Team member #2: Cpl. Gargano

Team member #3: Cpl. Chevosky

Team member #4: Spc. Carter

Team member #5: LCp.. Walters

Mascot: John Cone

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Team name: Meme team six

Team leader: TSgt.Joshua Edwards

Team member #2: Sgt.Zealious Edwards

Team member #3: SSgt.Sebastian Bently

Team member #4: TSgt.John York

Team member #5: MSpc.Valerie Faust

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On 5/15/2018 at 10:00 PM, Hicks said:


Depends on how many teams we get. If there's more than enough teams to warrant a group stage, I would host matches whenever both teams happen to be online. Tournament phase would be more scheduled towards the weekends though.

IDK yet, all depends on how many sign up

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