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[IC] Notification to NCO's

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Due to recent incident that occurred during an RnR, it is being put in place that Infantry NCO's are to seek out permission from the station guards or planetary defence force, to bring a small supply of weaponry that will remain locked with the highest ranking NCO until the need arises in which these weapons would be used.  The supply will consist of Carbine variants of the Morita rifle along with three mags per carbine.


If denied then we will respect and follow along with their wishes and continue on with the planned Rest and Relaxation.


If granted it will be the responsibility of that NCO to ensure the supply remains locked until an emergency arises. If it is found the supply was opened and weapons used for recreational activities such as hunting or target practice, the NCO in charge of the supply at that time will find them self being subject to severe punishment.


This will not be placed into effect when RnR is conducted on planets such as Iskander (One of the coalitions main hubs) that are deep within our territory 


If any questions arise to this let me know as soon as possible.

-Msgt L. Verbeck

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