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Basic Information:  

A quiet finnish man with a thick beard that seems to have been put through the grinder more than a few times.

Name: Simo Hyvönen
Age: 18
D.O.B: 2280
Gender: Male
Affiliation: United Citizens Federation
Role(s):  Mobile Infantry Rifleman
Kin: Father & Mother (KIA) Younger Brother (Alive)
Homeworld: Terra
Alignment: Neutral Good
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Ice Blue
Build: Lanky/Athletic
Rank: Lance Corporal


Simo Hyvönen began live in Finland in 2280 to well respected hunters a few miles outside the city of Rovaniemi. His childhood aside from schooling from his mother and ocasonal school room setting consisted of Simo hunting with his father in the woods near there home. When Simo was 9 his little brother Valto became a part of the family and Simo became the caring big brother, they would both with their father go hunting Reindeer, foxes, and wolves among other tundra prey. At the age of 18 wanting to do something more with his life he enlisted with the Mobile infantry, after graduation he was shipped to the 112th.


Strength: 13/20
Dexterity: 15/20
Constitution: 12/20
Intelligence: 12/20
Wisdom: 17/20
Charisma: 10/20

Misc. Attributes:

 Eagle eyes (20/10 vision)



Combat Rating: 6/10 (When not under extreme stress) 8.5/10 (When under extreme stress)

Pain/Health: 7/10|9/10

Wealth:  Blue Collar (Pre-enlistment)
Middle Class (Post enlistment)
Other Information:

Seems to always have a beanie on his head and has a small brown book and carton of cigarettes on his person

Wears a Orthodox styled Cross

Character Description: 

6'3ft|200lbs|Blood type AB+|Black hair|Ice blue eyes| Has thick but short beard| His voice draws upon a heavy Finnish Accent| His Combat uniform is brand new and emaculate| His helmet has several white Tally Marks across the forehead| His offduty appearence consists of a plain black T-shirt and a black beanie on his head| Has several scars from various wounds across his body|






I shouldn't have left you, I never knew, it would be the last time I saw you...


Personal Relationships
Relations: Loved|Admired|Like Family, Brethren

|Good friends|Friends|Aquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears

Jennifer Hayes: A crush of mine when I first got here she's made it clear that she has other interests, but we've grown to be great friends. I'd think we probably jump on a grenade for each other if it came down to it

Elrad Davidson: The guy is fucking insane, I would never want to cross this dude something's off about him.

Sean "Dumbcunt" Richardson: A disgusting pig and a complete idiot, I never realized they let gorrilas in the MI/

Jackie Knoxx: She says she's been here for years, but always complains about not being promoted I can guess the reason. She's an edgy bitch that always tries to bring down the new guys, probably why she never got promoted

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