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Franklyn Holland - Beatnik

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Bad Joke of the day:


I saw a man with no legs today. He was legging it.

A man called out for a medic, "I can't feel my legs!" The medic quickly quipped, "You have no arms, that's why!" At least the man felt the Medic lent a hand.

A scarecrow was hobbling along a dirt field where once his crop yield. He was upon a wounded man by chance. He cried out in pain to the stranger, "Help me son! My guts are spilled!" The scarecrow replied in kind. "I'm not sure how, I can just stuff mine back! It's just grasping at straw!"
A man once jested and took in delight  in sorrow and plight. Till one day he took a fight which ended in his flight! Since he wasn't so polite he wasn't treated so right.

Name:  Franklyn Holland
Age: 24
D.O.B: I forgot
Gender: Male.
Affiliation: The Federation.
Homeworld: Vermillion
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Build: Lithe
Rank: Corporal

Backstory: There was a day he was born, and along he was torn. Between a life of misery or a life of trickery. So instead he opted for life of auxiliary.


Personal Notes: I have been feeling extra down lately. Not that I'm allowing this to effect my habits or relationships. Having watched Finch get shipped off, the bombing of a city with gruesome gas attack on a Sarc city and the general break down of a few people that while I am not close to have started to effect me. I have taken to drawing art. I wouldn't call it art but none the less it is a good outlet for my sorrows. I don't really want to burden anyone with my pain but the more I can express myself the happier I think I can feel.


Ode to the the Surinam toad. Who's back explodes with the loads of commodes.

Told of the toiled road. Filled to the brink of codes.

Abodes full of limitless antidotes to those of sufficent woes.

Toiling on the toes

On those of whom they


Personal Relationships

(Ask to be added please!)



Reuben Amukama: Alright guy. Swell in a cage. Cool Cat.

Lyndsey Carter: Life isn't about being even, it's just a little odd.


Sebastian Bently: The man I respect the most on the ship. At least professionally. I wish I've had more time to chat with him to get to know him on a more personal level, but as it stands this dude would be the coolest jazz singer in my lounge for sure.


Faust: She does things with weapons. Cool cat as well. Probably be a good bar back.


Casidy:   He's an bit of an odd duck. In a good way, like a lost puppy at times. This man will become my line cook. Probably make the worst jumbo, but god damn he'd fuck up any man who tries something.


Devin Saiphan: This cat rarely gets my humor and I love him more for it. He's alright past his burning desire to alight people. Of course he brings a fire to my heart at times he's alright. I'd keep him as a patron.


'Lick': Heard he got his nickname by licking the floor. Weirdo cat but an alright cat. Don't know him too well but he's one of us and that's all that matters.


Kyle O'Reilly: An Engineer I barley know. Alright guy, just wants attention and I don't mind giving him any.


Clenmore: She's a cool cat. Wouldn't know where to put her at the bar but I'm sure she'll fit in.



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