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Jun Nagase

[IC] You as a Specialist

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[Posted on the wall in the Armoury and sent over PDA to all Weapons Specialists]


I want to remind everyone in this Division.


As a Specialist in the Weapons Division, you hold a rank equal to PFC.

However, as a Weapons Specialist, you should not be in a position of leading of any kind unless something has gone horribly wrong or you're a Sniper. You're part of the meat of the Mobile Infantry, but in order to be the meat, you give away your future as an NCO, and any position of leadership.


That means you don't dish out orders. In the field, your word carry's no more weight than that of a friendly suggestion.

You are nothing but a generic Grunt with a slightly bigger and better weapon and you should be acting accordingly.

That isn't to say you should be a mindless idiot only doing what you're explicitly told to, but rather that you should keep in mind that you're here to be what is, in essence, a terminal Private who offers some form of tactical advantage over a normal Private, whether through sustained fire, breaching protocols, better range and accuracy or ranged explosives of some kind.


If you have any questions, comments, concerns, regarding this message or the Weapons Division in general, contact Master Specialist Graham.

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