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[IC] Award Candidate Suggestions

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Good evening alpha company,


This notice is to inform all ranks that they are able to suggest others that they feel performed a feat or act that falls into line with any award or medal that the Federation currently offers, the list can be found here:



Any award can be suggested by those of the rank of Private and higher, though understand those with lower ranks will require witnesses on hand to provide evidence to the suggested act that commends that individual for the award.


Follow the format listed below:



Your Name:

Your Rank:

Date Written:


Their Name & Rank:

Award Recommended:

The act committed:




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Your Name: Zealious Odin

Your Rank: Sergeant

Date Written: 26/05/2298


Their Name & Rank: Aoife Hviteulven

Award Recommended: Distinguished Service Medal

The act committed: Not only saved the life of myself she also disarmed/defeated a Sanctuary Lieutenant Marauder in melee combat coming out victorious with no wounds to herself thus helping in my objective to secure the Sanctuary officers located in the same room.

Witnesses: Only Myself/Anybody who view's the head cam footage.

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