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Jun Nagase

Weapons - The WA-21

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The Wyman Arms Model 21 High Precision Battle Rifle, or WA-21 for short, is a DMR-type rifle created by the Wyman Arms Corporation in the late 2260ies, just after the meteor strike in Buenos Aires, with the intention of partial or full military adoptation to replace the Morita Mark One DMR variant.

It features an integrated bipod fitted into the hand guard and a quick-detach mounting system for its scope, allowing the rifle to quickly be transformed into a battle rifle configuration more suitable for close combat should the need arise.



Ammo Choice

Early during its development, it was decided that a key feature should be ammo interchangability between the WA-21 and the Morita Mark One, however testing revealed that the old 7.62x51mm NATO rounds used in the Morita Mark One gave less than satisfactory results for DMR purposes. It was decided to create a round similar enough to the 7.62x51mm NATO round that ammo interchangability was still possible while holding more DMR-oriented ballistics for the round that was to be designated 7.62x75mm WA.

The 7.62x75mm WA is a significantly longer round than the NATO 7.62 and held more gunpowder, allowing for a higher damage output with the larger round and more favorable ballistics for longer range engagements with the higher powder charge and thusly higher muzzle velocity.



During development, many different magazines were developed for the WA-21, however during trials it was found that larger capacity magazines, such as the thirty round box magazine and the fifty round drum magazine, were woefully prone to failures. Wyman Arms attempted to develop more reliable magazines, but in the end settled on their reliable 20round magazine, hoping to cash in on the need for weaponry following the meteor strike in Buenos Aires in 2268 rather than spend more time developing magazines.


Around 2298-2299, after the Civil War and the war against the Progenitors, Wyman Arms developed an upgraded 30 round magazine on short notice to increase the WA-21's sustained fire capabilities following the significant increase in humanoid targets. These magazines were quickly made available post-war and has for the most part replaced the old 20 round magazines, with no dip in reliability.

Some troops have reported however that the extended magazine can get in the way when using the rifle prone.



Though the Federation was impressed with the performance of the WA-21, the rifle was not to receive full scale adoption into the Federal Military.

Due to production cost and logistics, the WA-21 only had a minor partial adoption into the Mobile Infantry with only some companies seeing it available in limited numbers. 

Another factor leading to limited adoption was the lack of need of DMRs at the time as DMRs served little purpose in fighting bugs. Furthermore, the limited magazine capacity of only twenty rounds combined with a high recoil when not deployed on its integrated bipod further limited its usefulness against Bugs. As such, the WA-21 was only issued in small numbers to companies that fought Seperatists more often, or companies tasked with peace-keeping duties.


In the late 2290ies after the outbreak of the Civil War between Sanctuary and The Coalition, several stashes of the WA-21 was known to be raided by The Coalition for use, as the rifle proved significantly superior to the Morita Mark One when it came to DMR use against humanoid targets, though despite this, only the companies that saw the most combat with Sanctuary were given WA-21's.



Cartridge: 7.62x75mm WA Caseless
Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds
Max Range: ~2500m (~2734 yards)

Effective Range: ~1200m (~1312 yards)

Length: 1,025.7mm (40.38")

Barrel length: 455mm (17.91")

Weight: 4.1kg (9.04lb)

Accuracy: Sub-MOA

Muzzle Velocity: 1021 m/s (3349 fps)

Action: Roller-delayed, blowback operated

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