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Ymot Tommy Wort

Gary "Gaz" Johnson [KIA]

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(Gaz died after being sucked into a sinkhole on a campaign)


Theme song


Face claim



Basic Information:

A cocky man who claims to be "A future a sniper, and a hero to the federation". He is usually an asshole and has never really got anything nice to say unless it is to a female he finds attractive.

He carries his beloved binoculars and wears his signature green cap. He always chews gum.

Name: Gary "Gaz" Johnson
Age: 27
D.O.B: Unknown 
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Federation
Role(s): MI cannon fodder
Kin: Dead, they are all dead
Homeworld: Terra

Hometown: San Diego
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Build: Well built
Rank: Pfc.


Gaz was a weed smoking, loud mouthed guy who was always known for breaking the rules. He had a troubled childhood and was always a violent guy as result. He was always interested in the MI, however due to his attitude, had a lot of issues getting out of bootcamp. His past of a abusive family has troubled him socially til this day and he was the only one to survive the Terra disaster out of his entire family.


Strength: 17/20
Dexterity: 13/20
Constitution: 12/20
Intelligence: 10/20
Wisdom: 12/20
Charisma: 20/20

Combat Rating: 8/10

Pain/Health: 8/10

Wealth: Poor

Cocky, ignorant and loud. He has a very odd presence and is too confident in himself.

Telling another soldier to get over his recently dead brothers death.

Personal Relationships:

Lawrence Chandler:

Mother fucker calls me "Gay's" Instead of Gaz and acts like what I say about becoming the best sniper in the federation isn't true. He he knows deep down he is jealous of me and he isn't as cool as he thinks he is. Heard the guy miss fired a nuke on his own platoon, what a dick.


Made up with him. Not because he beat me senseless, but because I need to be less of a dick to be a good sniper.


A friend, I want to give him my cap when I die.


Miranda Walters:

Some hot girl who pretends I am not attractive. She said on my second day "Fucking hell not even the tide would take him out." Which isn't true, in fact I have been with ALOT of women and she is just hating on me because I am better than your average soldier. She will have a crush on me soon, I know it.


She is more friendly with me now, after I apologized. Maybe she will want me now.


Franco Sorrentino:

I haven't talk to him much but all I know is that he dissed my plans of becoming a hero and best sniper of the federation. The fucker said "He will be dead in a week". What a douche man, he thinks he is the shit just because he is a "Veteran". I will be his rank in the future I reckon, then we will see who will be laughing.


James Chevosky:

A corporal that acts like he is a fucking sergeant, honestly, the guy acts like he is a veteran or war hero. He told me to clean up some glass that a fleetie smashed up and thinks it is funny to gang up on someone like me. I am gonna be the best fucking sniper in the federation, everyone will remember me but no one will remember Chevosky. I want him in the cage.


I made up with him. He still needs to act less like a hero but I don't want to hit him so all is good.


Kyle O'Reilly:

This guy is like a brother to me, he is just as cool as me. We are gonna be the best damn soldiers and friends in the MI, just watch dude. We aim high bro.


Franklyn Holland:



Devin Saiphan:

You know what, this is guy is cool. He treated me well even when I was an asshole on my first day and still treats me nice now. Devin seems like a chill dude and not a dick unlike most people on this ship. 


Alicia White:

Not sure who this chick is, but she heals people. Apparently she is taken so I don't see much point in talking to her. 


Miguel Lorenzo:

He seems okay, but he is friends with Chev and beat me that one time. I gotta keep my sniper eye on him, he seems shifty.


(Gaz died after being sucked into a sinkhole on a campaign)



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