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Well then!

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As a few of you may know, these past few months have been playing all hell on my activity, and as such, my exams have ended up in me taking a step back from SST for until the exams have finished.


I then made the dumbass, hasty mistake of running back to the server for about 3 sessions, followed by a few after that during early May and late April, as my conditional offer from university changed to an unconditional after my university received updated EPQ grades (Damn AQA). I then thought this was an excuse to kick back and relax and come on the server more, hence those spots of activity here and there.


About a week after those spots of activity, I realised (with some help) that what i was doing was... Well, stupid. As I found myself slowly wanting to come onto the server more and more and more. And I appreciate to some, that they have probably heard the whole spiel of "I'm leaving for a bit" followed by "I'm coming back" followed by "I'm leaving for a bit" and so on and so forth, until my recent silence towards pretty much 99% of SST. This is more because I had decided to spend my free time playing other servers that were not so addicting or demanding of commitment, and in doing so I said nothing to .net other than via steam to a few people, who are more than likely fed up with my moaning about exams ;D


SO. I have knocked 2 exams out, and have 4 more to go, lasting until the 18th of June. These next 20 or so days may not affect my university standing, but I realised a lot of JOBS look at A-Level grades as WELL as University/GCSEs.


This is my way of saying a very belated, one hundred percent sure, guarantee LOA until the evening on the day where I destroy that final exam, and have an excuse to take what petty money I've earned via part-time jobs and spend it all on getting so drunk my liver wants to eject itself... Where I will more or less slowly get into SST again.


One or two had questions like:

Why are you playing other servers and not SST?


To answer simply, it was that SST, as many have said before, is addicting to most and you end up missing it, whether it be the people, the gameplay or the roleplay or all of the above. And it more than likely ends up in the person returning within a month or two. Which was exactly what I was afraid of if I jumped back into the server. I tried to convince myself that the server was trash and such as a quite frankly awful attempt at getting myself to stop playing for a bit, and often found myself going through the forums. So I decided to switch to other games/servers which required little to no commitment.


Why do we hardly speak anymore?


Simply put: Similar to my reasoning above. I didn't wanna get drawn back in, plus it felt awkward for me doing that. But hey, that's just me.




SO... I will be pretty much going dark, other than on steam, until the 18th of June, whereupon I shall arrive back to the server on a flood of my own salty tears or cheering that I nailed the exams.



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sopt moaning about exams to me in STEAM JESUS CHRIST JK I luv ye braaaaaaaah aliensbrooooooo

Take care I'll see you on the 18th unless I go to boot

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