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Face Claim:


[Jessica's FedBook profile picture, taken Early June 2296]











Basic Information:


Name: Jessica Read
Age: 19
D.O.B: 14/10/2279
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Mobile Infantry
Role: Combat Medic

Father: Charlie Read [Alive.]

Mother:  Elizabeth Read [Alive]
Homeworld: Langon, Iskander
Alignment: Neutral Good.
Hair color: Brown.
Eye color: Brown.
Build: Athletic.
Rank: 3Spc.

 Promotion Record:

Rct. - Pvt. 





[Jessica on a ship heading to the Ulysses S. Grant. 31/05/2298]

(Medic in the center) 



Born in a quiet town on Iskander, Jessica grew up with her Mother and Father with a relatively peaceful life. Starry eyed and wanting to see the Galaxy she signed up to the Mobile Infantry a few months before the fall of Terra, coming out of training and heading into the 82nd Morita Battalion before being transferred near the end of May, 2298 to become a Medic.



Strength: 12/20
Dexterity: 14/20
Constitution: 13/20
Intelligence: 14/20
Wisdom: 13/20
Charisma: 16/20


Combat Rating: 6/10


Wealth: Middle Class


Character Description:

A slim female stands before you at five feet and seven inches. She has a pair of bright blue eyes with a warm and kind smile often held on her face. Her hair is long brown, always tied back in a ponytail. Often comes across as flustered or ditsy. Usually speaking in an upbeat and “bubbly” voice to accompany her kind and caring facial expressions. Her accent was unrecognisable to most, but was best described as something similar to a Danish accent.





I went on my first drop with the 112th today! It went well. We saved some people and shot a few bugs. I think I made a few friends too. A Medical Specialist, White, has been helping me and is taking me under her wing! I'm learning all sorts of cool stuff already! We even placed down a flag on a mountain. That was fun. I even took a picture!  



I saw the Progenitors yesterday.. they were- so much scary than I could have imagined. Even managed to kill someone. I feel ashamed to say it but when they came I hid. I hid from them like a coward. I couldn't help it though, I was just so scared. At least Sigrun was there to keep me safe. 



I got injured last night for the first time... well- really injured, the neck thing didn't really count, that was just a little scratch. Laceration from the left shoulder to my right hip. It knocked me right out so I don't know what happened after that. It hurt a lot, obviously, but I feel a little better now. Walking's a little difficult but I need to get outta this bed soon. I kinda want a sandwich. I think I'm gonna go get a sandwich. 



Photo Album:


I decided to start a mini photo album because why not! Might be fun!I'm even gonna add music that I think fits a picture!



Sergeant Cage claimed a mountain. It was awesome!

I felt like I was on top of the world!



Fighting some bugs in a tunnel! Kinda dark but it was pretty cool!

Here in Death Valley!



I got a scarf! I hope Knoxx likes it! 

Makes me look like a Rebel or something, I love it!



This might be one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen in my life. 

Even when the Universe is at is darkest, somehow it still manages to be so beautiful.



Me and Carter swapped Vests so I could be an Engineer. I even have welding goggles. Ignore Skye in the background though, he's lame. 

Sometimes it takes times like these to know you're in the right place.



I'm covered in so much blood... most of it belongs to my best friends. I'm so scared. I don't know how much more of this I can take. I just want to go home. 

Don't let me be gone..


Personal Relationships:
Loves, Admires, Respects, Good friends, Friends, Likes, Neutral, Hates


Jee-Un Choi: She's Fleet now, which is awesome! She's super nice though, I've been tasked with helping her with her Mental Stability and I think she's doing really good. I like her a lot, she's really sweet and fun to hang around with. I'll definitely have to grab a drink with her at some point too. 

Choi is my own little Patient. She and I are pretty close now, actually. Her 'Personal Councillor' we call it. She's super great company and someone who is always a pleasure to be around! I like having her around or just having her company in general. She's really great.


Kyle O'Reilly: He's interesting. I took a picture for him earlier. He said it looked good which was nice. I think he tries way too hard to be cool and puts on this little act for people. It's a bit much. He should try to just be himself but who knows. 


Devin Saiphan: I don't really know a lot about him. He seems sweet though. One of the people from last night who came around to say hi and welcome me to the ship. Really nice of them, actually! 


James Chevosky: A Sergeant now. We hung out in the Messhall for a while today, it was nice. He was nice. Glad I got to properly talk to him. Returned my thermal blanket too after borrowing it which was kind of him. Guess he's not as mean as I thought he'd be. 

We spend a whole night together just hanging out and chatting and it was so much fun. I think I could see me and him being really close friends. At least, I hope we do become close friends, he's so nice and sweet. Even gave me his mother's sunglasses which was so sweet.

He died a while ago... I haven't really talked about it and I've been trying to avoid thinking about it but... I do miss him a lot.


Gray Seraphim: Another one of those people who helped welcome me to the ship in the bar. He seems nice too. I think he has a Girlfriend called Jesse too. Which is weird. Small world I guess! 


Chloe Reeves: She's an Australian girl with cool hair. She confused me a little bit the other night. I... don't really know how to feel about it. The more I think about it the more I grow confused. 


Jackie Knoxx: She seems pretty cool. I got to finally meet her properly after seeing her around and she's so nice! Super cool too. She's kinda rude and super lame and stuff but I think we could be besties. Maybe. Even if she was really cruel with how she left earlier I gotta admit, she has made me wanna see her again...

Hung out with her a few times now, she's great! I really like her a lot. I hope she likes my new scarf.

I hate you for leaving me like that, but, again, as cruel as it was... it worked. Now I can't stop thinking about seeing you again. Ugh- why are you so lame?


Rahman Decim: He's one of those Corporal guys. Seems pretty cool though I haven't seen him much. He's like, the only Asian ever though. He's got those tiny eyes and the little squishy face, it's kinda cute. Reminds me of a chubby baby. 

He listens to cool music, it's like... Foreign. I don't know what language but it sounded cute. He speaks like 3 languages too. Seems like a nice guy. 


John York: He's a Tech Sergeant and seems super nice. We hung out yesterday and he let me sit with him and Decim, then sat with me for a while in the messhall with Chevosky and Walters and Carter. Don't Stop Believin' is one of his favourite songs too so he's officially my friend! I like his scarf too, it's really nice! 


Miranda Walters: She's a really nice Corporal. Let me stay close to her for my first few drops and kept me safe. She even filled me in on some gossip and stuff which was exciting. Probably one of my favourite people on the ship. 


Lyndsey Carter: I like Carter! She's really really sweet! She has this funny little obsession with cones and some people kinda bully her for it which I don't like, but she takes it with a smile and always manages to keep her spirits high. I really admire that. Keep being awesome, Lynn! 

Giraffes are cooler than Lions, but Carter's still pretty cool. She's really nice and super sweet. I hate seeing her upset but I think she might be getting better. I hope so. Or I'll have to harass her for hugs or something. 

I miss her so much... first Chevosky then her. She was a very close friend and I'll miss her every day.


Alicia White: I love White so much. She's like my mentor and stuff, been teaching me Medical things and keeping me under her wing. She isn't mean either and actually takes her time to help me with things even if I can be a little slow... I just don't feel embarrassed to ask dumb questions or when I don't understand something simple. She's super sweet and really nice to talk to. A real role model, honestly! 


Haleem bint al-AttarOne of the Medical Specialists. I don't know about her though. She makes me feel kinda awkward and I feel like she doesn't like me. or at least she thinks I'm dumb or something. She makes me feel like I am at least. I don't really know if she does actually hate me though, she's never said she does, I just get that feeling. Makes me feel kinda sad, actually. Or at least makes me feel like I'm a bad medic. I want her to realise I'm trying my best, although maybe that'll make me seem even worse...

She was actually kinda nice today. We sat and talked for a while too, feel like I kinda got to know her sorta. Maybe she isn't as bad as I thought, or she's just keen to help me out... I'll try to take her words to heart and be more confident, it's just kinda hard. 

I feel like it's complicated between us... on one hand I like her and want to be her friend but on the other she scares me. I want to be a better medic and she says she'll help me which I'm so so grateful for. I'm just scared that she'll give up on me soon. I don't want to let her down. 

She transferred out. It makes me kind of sad, in the end I did like her but I guess she wanted to go somewhere else... it's a shame.


Troy Hughes: He's one of the Corporals, Engineer too. He didn't really want a scarf which was kinda sad. He seems okay though, nice enough. Though I think he was angry at something today or just sad... I'd ask him but I don't think we're close enough for me to really ask him about it with out it seeming weird or like I'm trying to pry. 


Tallie Vega: One of the Third Specialists that I met today. She seems pretty cool. She kept a scarf which was cool, suited her a lot. I wanna hang out with her again maybe, she seemed fun to talk with but I'm not too certain. Guess I don't know her well enough yet. Maybe I can change that soon though!


William St. Claire: Another Lance on the ship. He seems okay. Pretty nice and decent to talk to sometimes. He helped me patch up my neck when I got hurt and I returned the favour by getting him home. I think he'd be okay to talk to a little more, but I guess we'll see!

We've spoken a little more and yeah, he's pretty nice. He sat with me a little while I was feeling sad which helped me. I'm grateful to have people like him around who are so nice to me. 


Kristina Sigrun: She saved my life. I'm extremely grateful and owe her so much for it. She has super nice hair too, all spiky and cool looking. She also accepted my scarf, a blue one, and it looks really nice on her. Her big suit and axe makes me feel really safe when I'm around her as well, which is nice... I think I could trust her to keep me safe on a drop. I'd like to get to know her more too. She feels kinda like a role model. Like... she's just this big strong manly girl, kinda like Knoxx. I wish I were that strong and cool. 

I like her a lot. She's really kind and sweet and seems to really care about making sure people are okay. She helped me save a kid today. He's alive because of us and that makes me so happy. I feel like I could sit and talk to her for hours.

Sigrun is really great. She was nice enough to come and visit me when I got hurt and made me feel a lot better, she even stayed with me until I fell asleep. She really is a big gentle giant, just like she said.

I love Sigrun a lot. She's probably my closest friend and someone I hold so so so dearly on ship. She makes me feel so happy and cheerful and I admire her so much. I wish I could be as strong and brave as she is... maybe one day. I hope so at least.


Dave Foster: He's a camera guy. A correspondent or something like that, real big word. He seems really nice though, we had a nice little talk while I was helping him with some medical stuff. I'd like to talk to him a little more, maybe. See what else he's done in his job, maybe even show him some pictures I've taken! Though I bet they're nowhere near as good as his.. Maybe he could teach me! 

I heard he died. It makes me sad... I really wanted to learn how to be a better photographer. Plus there was just something about his casual down to Earth nature that was so enjoyable. 


Clifford Williams: Medical Specialist, he seems really nice. Him and Attar don't get along at all. He's trying to encourage me to just try things out even if she tells me not to, I'm not sure if I should listen to him, but I do like him and want to learn things from him. 


Noah Gargano: He seemed like such a nice person. I'm sorry that I didn't know how to help you. I hope I made the pain go away and helped you pass in a better way... I'm sorry, Sergeant. 

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