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[IC] FedNet Press release on the Oharian factory incident.

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A microphone stands as journalists prepare themselves, The room is lit quite hollowly as they prepare, An FFRL Researcher stands before the podium to address the journalists, The podium reads "Lieutenant Justin Trench, FFRL"


FFRL Researcher: Ladies and Gentlemen, At this time, Zero-Six-Hundred hours Terran Standard time, The Factory of Wyman Arms was attacked by a Sanctuary Task Force, intent on sabotaging the program, At this time they have stalled much of progress and have seized control of both the facility and the prototype weapons.


FFRL Researcher: We are currently unsure going forward on the situation at this time, However we will ensure the new adaptations of the project and its assets relating to Wyman Arms will be brought back into the coalitions use, And production and research of the prototypes will continue on schedule.


FFRL Researcher: I will answer a few questions from the floor, If any?


Mostly all of the journalists spring onto their feet, raising their hands onto the podium, Attempting their best to get the weary lieutenant's attention.


Reporter #1: What would have prompted Sanctuary to storm the facility and in the process, the project?


FFRL Researcher: At this time we are unsure of Sanctuary's motives, Weather or not they understand the importance of such a facility is currently up for debate at this time; next question please?


Reporter #2: How did this occur, was there a data leak, or possibly a spy that has leaked this information onto the enemy?


FFRL Researcher: At this time the details are being reviewed and nothing is concrete, next question?


Reporter #3: There are rumours that Brunham leaked this information in favour of their new Mark three project being superior to the Wyman Arms rifle, can you confirm that?


FFRL Researcher: At this time nothing is known and we cannot go chasing rumours of whether they are false or true, that is the final answer from me tonight, Thank you.


The podium's light would dimmer as the Lieutenant began to walk away, The journalists from FEDNET begin shouting out and chaos erupts as Marines try to hold them back for his departure.


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