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Theme Song:



[Insert Reference picture here]

Basic Information:

Name: Kyle O'Reilly

Age: 23
Gender: Male
Role(s): Engineer
Alignment: Federation
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Build: Lanky
Rank: Spc

Backstory: He was born


Strength: 15/20
Dexterity: 15/20
Constitution: 15/20
Intelligence: 11/20
Wisdom: 15/20
Charisma: 20/20

Misc. Attributes:

Combat Rating: 8/10

Pain/Health: 7/10

Wealth: Lower Class

Other Information: Has a really shit tattoo that reads 'HOORAH' on his left thigh

Character Description: Lanky build, Blue, Short scruffy brown hair, American accent, White skin

Characteristics: Charismatic, Humerous, Laid back

Achivements: Won a drinking contest


Regrets: Throwing up after drinking contest



Picture of 2Spc. Kyle O'Reilly and Pfc. Gary 'Gaz' Johson taken on 31st of May 2298:

(Picture credit to 3Spc. Jessica Read)



Picture of Kyle O'Reilly meditating on 1st of June 2298:



Personal Relationships
Relations: Loved|Admired|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Aquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears

--[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]--
Alexander 'Lick' Tschenkowtisch: Ah yeah man this is a cool Asian dude, let me into his squad y'know man. Just genuinely a nice guy to everyone and is just like super dope. Hooah!
Rahman Decim: This is a cool Lance Corporal who lead my squad on my first drop I used my M55, he was like 'oh yeah man use the M55' that's why he's a fucking legend y'know. Need to check out this guy off duty man, Hooah!

Ethan 'MotherThacker' Thacker: Met this guy in the bar and he's cool as shit, totally welcoming to my enthusiastic behaviour y'know and he's got a good taste in music because he likes some of the songs I put on. Want to hang out with MotherThacker way more. Hooah!

Devin Saiphan: Really awesome Weapons Specialist, just a cool guy in general and loves the positive attitude which is great. I hope me and this guy hang more grow that friendship y'know what I'm saying, he's still a brother though man. Hooah!

Miguel Lorenzo: My Hispanic brother yo! Cool mexican dude who's got a big unit of a fucking grenade launcher that puts mine to shame, he's cool off duty and he wants me to spar him but nah I don't want to fight this guy unless it's messing around because he's a cool dude y'know. Hooah!

--[[Federation Engineering Division]]--
Lyndsey Carter: Trained me in munitions and shit, cool girl and seems to be friendly with just about everyone. I respect her for keeping that positive attitude going and shit man, yeah great trainer and shit and part of the squad. Hooah!



--[[Federation Hospital Corps]]--


--[[Federation Marauders]]--


--[[Federation Fleet]]--


--[[Federation Provost Corps (Marines)]]--



--[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]--
Gary 'Gaz' Johnson: This guy's a future sniper hero man! Yeah he's probably my best friend and shit, jokes around a lot and jams out to music with me. We feel like we've met eachother before at some wack party or shit but yeah fucking cool dude y'know. Hooah! You dead man.. Gonna miss you. FUCK.

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