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Valerie Faust

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                                                                                                                  FEDERAL ARMED SERVICES ARCHIVE G79-ARC23-33







General Information


           First Name: Valerie


           Aliases: Panzer, Val, Fausti Wausti

Middle Name: Elise

Last Name: Faust

Age: 20

Date of Birth: November the 14th.

Nationality: German

Place of Birth: Leipzig, Germany, Terra
Alignment: Neutral Good
Father: Peter Faust , Mobile Infantry Captain. Status: Alive

Mother: Monika (Dreher) Faust , Mobile Infantry Corporal. Status:  Alive

Brother: Ferdinand Faust, Marauder Second Specialist. Status: Deceased





             Physical Information

Height: 5ft 9
Weight:  150 pounds
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Build Type: Mesomorph
Medical History:
- Ruptured Spleen during Field Hockey Fixture


Mental Information

IQ: 119

Preferred Learning Method: Reading and Writing

Academic Interests: History , P.E.

Athletic Interests: Field hockey


Pre-enlistment Background
High School Education:  High school Diploma
High School GPA: 2.08

College Education (if applicable): N/A

- Field Hockey

Criminal Record:
- Fighting
- Vandalism

Summary of Pre-enlistment Life:
Born into a Military Family. Valerie Faust seems to be your average Individual following her Parents footsteps in their Military Careers, her Father being a Captain in the Mobile Infantry and her mother in the Reserves, thus letting her be home more often in comparison to her husband. A carefree and happy girl Valerie was, growing up with her Older Brother Ferdinand in a loving home during her childhood. 
Once Puberty came around the corner, Valerie appeared to have become more shy and quiet in the public, always seeking for her brothers aid.  Unfortunately later on, the young teen adapted a juvenile attitude possibly through the negative influence of the peers she mingled with, Valerie become a problem youth being charged with multiple Offenses and at risk of being expelled from School for her poor Behavior. Her parents were driven with a passion of guilt and shame of their Daughter, frustrated of her, they'd have given up quiet early on with her Antics, only her Brother was always right beside her, guiding his Sibling gradually towards a more reasonable and collected behavior before joining the MI. It all payed off in the end, Valerie just sorted herself out and graduated. Ultimately, with School over and Valerie being sent out into Adulthood , came to the decision of leaving her Rebellious Youth behind and enlist into the Federal Service, like her parents wished.
Letter of Suspension sent to her Parents



RE: Suspension of Valerie Faust


Dear Mr and Mrs Faust


This Letter is to advise that your Daughter Valerie Faust , has been suspended from school for:


- Disrupting other Students Studies

- Violent Conduct (A fellow Student needed Medical Care for their Injuries inflicted upon by your Daughter)

- Disrespecting Staff


This Suspension is in effect from the 24th of February to the 18th of March inclusive.


You and your Daughter are requested to meet with myself at 8:45 AM on the 17th of March for the purpose of discussing your child's re-entry back into School.


If you wish too discuss this suspension, please contact my Office.



Yours Truly,

Principle Fabian Gasser.


cc: Superintendent Manuela Burgstaller









(An Image sent to Ferdinand Faust on Social Media "I miss you brother, I hope you are doing well <3)




(Valerie Faust age 15 , with two classmates)




               A drawing of Pfc. Valerie Faust by Sergeant John York






                                                  Armed Services Career
Branches Served In:  Mobile Infantry
Current Unit: 112th Mechanized Morita Rifles Battalion, Alpha Company, 1st. Platoon
Role:  M55 Gunner
Rank:  Private First Class
Promotion Record:
Rct - Pvt - Pfc - LCpl - Pfc - LCpl - Cpl - Sgt - Cpl - LCpl - Pfc - Cpl - Spc - SSpc - MSpc - GySgt - WO- 3Spc- Pfc
Criminal Record: Article 92
Age of Enlistment: 17
Wounds Received in Duty:
- 308. Round to the left shoulder blade
- 308. Round to left Bicep
- Multiple Rounds to the Torso and Right Shoulder
- Second degree burns to Forearms
- Right Arm Mangled from Shotgun blast.
- Ribs bruised and left arm Broken and dislocated from Tank shell.
- Pincer to left shoulder
- Chest slashed open
-  Concussion, Skull Fracture, Popped ear drums, Cracked Ribs and Collarbone after diving onto a grenade
- Left Ring Finger shot off
- Second Degree Burns to the Face
Status: Alive
Awards Received:



Mobile Infantry Cross

Citation: For throwing herself onto a Grenade, saving the Lives of 5 Troopers.




Mobile Infantry Distinguished Service Medal (V Device, Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster)


1st Award Citation: For Merit as a Non Commissioned Officer

2nd Award Citation: For Covering her Squads retreat on her own as a Machine Gunner.



Purple Heart (1 Gold Star)




Combat Veteran Medal





Combat Action Medal




  Meritorious Unit Medal

Citation: For Participating in the Battle for Terra




  Valorous Unit Medal

Citation: Awarded for the Siege and Destruction of the Ark.





Citation for Meritorious Service





Mobile Infantry Service Ribbon




General Specialization Ribbon  ( 3 Silver Stars )




Citizenship Ribbon




Mobile Infantry Veterancy Ribbon




Operation Olympus Unit Citation





Operation Meggido Unit Citation




Operation Lambda Unit Citation




Operation Dawn Citation




Omega Campaign Unit Citation





Operation Restoring Hope Unit Citation



Personal Relationships
Relations: Loved|Admired |Bruder/Schwester| Good friends|Friends|Acquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hate|Fears   Deceased
                                                                                                                                            Mobile Infantry

         Jackie Knoxx: How you do, Madame Corporal? Jokes aside, it is great to finally her as an NCO, seems like she is getting the hang of it. Proud.


        Aaron Holtz:


'' You vant me to be specialized in ze Flamer, do you vant me to die zat Badly?'


As I arrived on the Audie Murphy for the First time, I was clueless..not knowing what to do...not knowing my place..being torn between following the heard in their hunt for the higher ranks in the Mobile Infantry...everyone wanted that...but not me...despite the potential the NCOs said I had...I decided to get myself Trained in the Mark 2 , since I seemed intrigued by its firepower....then came Mister Aaron Holtz. The man out of the Blue picked me, out of any other more experienced troopers to become his Pointman and Battle buddy...me...a Fresh Pfc and LMG Gunner....The same happened over and over...he was always there and had full faith in me...at times encouraged me to be teached in every single Weapon there is possible...over the time...I gradually looked to this man...he made me to the Trooper I am today...I cant truly express how thankful I am....I hope I still make you proud to this day...




     Sarah Redbrick:


''Zhey vere Zombies indeed Red''


Sarah Redbrick, my dearest and staunchest Companion.  Or M55 Buddy in our own little Code. I've known this Trooper since the Days on the Audie Murphy. It all started with  a small chat and us sharing a cigarette after a long and grueling drop. At first was rivalry then acceptance of our M55 abilities and long behold, we became partners in crime from Omega to the Fall of Terra, side by side. She was there to help me after my countless blunders as an NCO and I was there to help her overcome the guilt and horrors of War...despite how cruel I sounded at times.

I thought I lost her once...after she gave herself for the well being of myself and the troopers around, the officer swine played an act of 'Executing' her to prove our loyalty......I was lost...in an endless absyss of nothing...it appeared I just used my own words against myself , This is War'

....I lost all hope...I wanted out...I wanted to leave...badly...but I couldn't, i had to keep my promise ......it was the right choice....She came back...and now.....me and her will be once more M55 Buddies..no matter what.




     Sebastian Bently 


''Ve all find our purpose one day....'


There are times where I take a trip down memory lane and stop by the most exhausting and meek experiences that are also known as the 'Dark Ages', the name fits like a glove. Being surrounded by depressed, apathetic and selfish NCOs wearing Black Armor to show of their Elitist attitude is indeed a sore sight. But...oddly enough its not all dark and depressed like a Edgar Allan Poe Story ....a certain Individual Named Sebastian Bently arrived to the 112th as a Transfer from a the way he put it  'a Failing Infantry Unit'.. from First Glance I considered him...too..'Neutral' and 'No fucks given' for my taste...but eventually I got to know him more and his intentions...he was a broken man..having lost one of his role models..also...we were both sent up shits creek without a paddle...being the underdog NCOs at the time...we needed to stick together...and stick together we did...both of us doing decent work as NCOs despite getting the shit end of the stick no matter what...after Terra..we havent talked much....the grieve was severe for the both of us....he still did the right thing....even stepping up to an NCO resposible for the death of Civilans.....balls of steel...he got punished...banished to Private for ever...not anymore...I present you CAPTAIN Sebastian Bently...a man who scrapped the bottom of the barrel who gradually climbed back up to the Top, spitting right into his Opponents faces while they basked in their apparent 'Victory....'

This man...I'll follow through hellfire and back...all the fucking way


( Corporals Sebastian Bently and Valerie Faust wearing Full dress uniforms as an NJP dished out by the Senior NCOs)

   Alexander 'Lick' Tschenkowitsch:


' Have you ever had in mind that Finch wants you to keep on being yourself, no matter what''


When It comes to Nicknames used in the MI I have always been skeptical about them, for one they can be used when they see fit, like Mikey for Michael or Ali for Alison but it can also be used as an Excuse to bring across how cool you are and a source of making you feel special. However, not all fall under that Case. In comes Mister Alexander Tschenkowitsch or.....Lick, as we call him..a Well Deserved name I believe. This man here is unique...a rare Gem. The first interaction we had was when he Greeted me as 'Human'.

'What a fucking Retard' was the first that came into my mind, but ultimately through more observations of him offduty and in the Field...I was wrong about him, the man is an Unsung Example of what a Trooper is supposed to be. A mix of humanity and Professionalism.

He was able to make my day a hundred times brighter and enjoyable with his 'Words of Advice.'

As one of his dearests Friends perished, he was at Rock bottom...a sad little Robot he was. So I was obliged to return the favor, luckily it worked. That must've really lit up his little red heart. Regardless I admire this man, A true Landser and Kamerad in my eyes...

Zealious Odin: Welcome back....Pathfinders were too boring for you?


Asbørn Nordheim


' Do not vorry, I still have a Pack of Cigarettes remaining.'


You know...it is strange when you stay late at night in the Armory, doing guard shift. Only for it to end with sharing a cigarette with a mysterious young boy. We first talked of similar topics we both admired and felt were pure adrenaline boosters, i.e getting up close and personal against a swarm of Arachnids without the help of Marauders. Funny enough...he seemed very intrigued in what I had to say....I am usually not the best when it comes to holding a conversation but...it seems he thought I was just right with what I had to say. I asked for his name , he answered Asbørn Nordheim. I wanted to give him mine, but he denied it. Wishing to find it out himself.


A few weeks later,  on an RnR when I was alone on a cliff deep in thought of....certain events. He appeared again, like some guardian angel of a sort. I was alone, I was in pain and he was there....and he finally got to find out what my name is. That RnR will stick with me forever....


I wish I was able to see him again, he sheds light into my dark and pitiful life, he is my spirit animal...the one who understood me...the feeling and shivers I get when I recall his presence and how he treats me is indescribable.  Oh how I wish he would come back.....



Eric McDowly: Good Friend of mine, dense as fuck, he showed me around once I arrived new to the Unit and on the Same day we formed a cheeky Sparing Rivalry, you and me we'll rumble, just you watch.


Elizabeth Graham : It appears she couldn't cope with the infantry life, being always afraid of Dying....well its her decision, am I sad that she left.....absolutely, its a real shame, but its her choice. I wish her best of luck with her life and hopefully can peep in visit when I can ,despite knowing how unlikely that will be......I do miss her...alot...our times when we watched TV together and having a blast in the specialist


Oliver Stanley: He's a gentle Giant it seems, very nice individual. Though I do not know him too well, perhaps that can change for the future.


Carter Vert: Interesting...Another Veteran from the Murphy,  I thought that Breed would be long gone. But I am glad to be seeing this Man back in our Ranks, he was a Good NCO before and all in all good Trooper. Hopefully he stays with us now for good, would'nt mind sitting down for another Conversation in the Future

Well then, he's actually  a lot more interesting then I thought, and has a few similar traits like myself, he's actually a good person to hang out with. I'll probably seek out to talk with him more often from time to time...maybe convince him to reconsider his output on the situation.


Adam Cry: Very young boy, wishes to join Medical if I remember correctly. I shall keep a closer eye on him, perhaps give him a few tips and tricks for Infantry life


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