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Valerie Faust

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General Information
(Valerie Faust, moments before leaving for basic Training)










           First Name: Valerie

Middle Name: Elise

Last Name: Faust

Age (yo): 20

Date of Birth: November the 14th.

Nationality: German

Place of Birth: Leipzig, Germany, Terra
Alignment: Neutral Good
Father: Peter Faust (Alignment: Lawful Evil) , Mobile Infantry Captain. Status: Alive




(Peter Faust as a Prisoner of War)


Mother: Monika (Dreher) Faust (Alignment: Chaotic Good) , Mobile Infantry Corporal. Status:  Alive


Brother: Ferdinand Faust (Alignment: Lawful Good) , Marauder Second Specialist. Status: Deceased








Physical Information

Height: 5ft 9
Weight:  150 pounds
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Build Type: Mesomorph


General Physical Description:  
19 years old, 5 ft 9 , blue eyes, blonde hair in a ponytail fashion  , slightly   muscular, stereotypical German accent. , Iron Cross Tattoo on her Bicep and Mobile Infantry Tattoo on left Bicep. Minor Burns on Forearms. Shrapnel Scars to Left Leg , Right arm Tainted with multiple Surgery Scars. Multiple scars across Torso from GSW'S to Deep Cuts. Scar running from right cheek to ear.
Tattoo Right Bicep



Tattoo Left Bicep


Medical History:
- Ruptured Spleen during Field Hockey Fixture


Mental Information

IQ: 119

Preferred Learning Method: Reading and Writing

Academic Interests: History , P.E.

Athletic Interests: Field hockey


Pre-enlistment Background
High School Education:  High school Diploma
High School GPA: 2.08

College Education (if applicable): N/A

- Field Hockey

Criminal Record:
- Fighting
- Vandalism

Summary of Pre-enlistment Life:
Born into a Military Family. Valerie Faust seems to be your average Individual following her Parents footsteps in their Military Careers, her Father being a Captain in the Mobile Infantry and her mother in the Reserves, thus letting her be home more often in comparison to her husband. A carefree and happy girl Valerie was, growing up with her Older Brother Ferdinand in a loving home during her childhood. 
Once Puberty came around the corner, Valerie appeared to have become more shy and quiet in the public, always seeking for her brothers aid.  Unfortunately later on, the young teen adapted a juvenile attitude possibly through the negative influence of the peers she mingled with, Valerie become a problem youth being charged with multiple Offenses and at risk of being expelled from School for her poor Behavior. Her parents were driven with a passion of guilt and shame of their Daughter, frustrated of her, they'd have given up quiet early on with her Antics, only her Brother was always right beside her, guiding his Sibling gradually towards a more reasonable and collected behavior before joining the MI. It all payed off in the end, Valerie just sorted herself out and graduated. Ultimately, with School over and Valerie being sent out into Adulthood , came to the decision of leaving her Rebellious Youth behind and enlist into the Federal Service, like her parents wished.
Letter of Suspension sent to her Parents



RE: Suspension of Valerie Faust


Dear Mr and Mrs Faust


This Letter is to advise that your Daughter Valerie Faust , has been suspended from school for:


- Disrupting other Students Studies

- Violent Conduct (A fellow Student needed Medical Care for their Injuries inflicted upon by your Daughter)

- Disrespecting Staff


This Suspension is in effect from the 24th of February to the 18th of March inclusive.


You and your Daughter are requested to meet with myself at 8:45 AM on the 17th of March for the purpose of discussing your child's re-entry back into School.


If you wish too discuss this suspension, please contact my Office.



Yours Truly,

Principle Fabian Gasser.


cc: Superintendent Manuela Burgstaller







( Valerie Faust, age 8 at her home on Christmas eve)




( Valerie Faust, age 13.)






(An Image sent to Ferdinand Faust on Social Media "I miss you brother, I hope you are doing well <3)




(Valerie Faust age 15 , with two classmates)




               A drawing of Pfc. Valerie Faust by Sergeant John York






Armed Services Career
Branches Served In:  Mobile Infantry
Current Unit: 112th Mechanized Morita Rifles Battalion, A. Company, 1st. Platoon.
Role: M55 Gunner
Rank:  Private First Class
Promotion Record:
Rct - Pvt - Pfc - LCpl - Pfc - LCpl - Cpl - Sgt - Cpl - LCpl - Pfc - Cpl - Spc - SSpc - MSpc - GySgt - WO- 3Spc- Pfc
Criminal Record: Article 92
Age of Enlistment: 17
Wounds Received in Duty:
- 308. Round to the left shoulder blade
- 308. Round to left Bicep
- Multiple Rounds to the Torso and Right Shoulder
- Second degree burns to Forearms
- Right Arm Mangled from Shotgun blast.
- Ribs bruised and left arm Broken and dislocated from Tank shell.
- Pincer to left shoulder
- Chest slashed open
-  Concussion, Skull Fracture, Popped ear drums, Cracked Ribs and Collarbone after diving onto a grenade
- Left Ring Finger shot off
- Second Degree Burns to the Face
Status: Alive
Awards Received:



Mobile Infantry Cross

Citation: For throwing herself onto a Grenade, saving the Lives of 5 Troopers.




Mobile Infantry Distinguished Service Medal (V Device, Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster)


1st Award Citation: For Merit as a Non Commissioned Officer

2nd Award Citation: For Covering her Squads retreat on her own as a Machine Gunner.



Purple Heart (1 Gold Star)




Combat Veteran Medal





Combat Action Medal




  Meritorious Unit Medal

Citation: For Participating in the Battle for Terra




  Valorous Unit Medal

Citation: Awarded for the Siege and Destruction of the Ark.





Citation for Meritorious Service





Mobile Infantry Service Ribbon




General Specialization Ribbon  ( 3 Silver Stars )




Citizenship Ribbon




Mobile Infantry Veterancy Ribbon




Operation Olympus Unit Citation





Operation Meggido Unit Citation




Operation Lambda Unit Citation




Operation Dawn Citation




Omega Campaign Unit Citation





Operation Restoring Hope Unit Citation



Personal Relationships
Relations: Loved|Admired |Bruder/Schwester| Good friends|Friends|Acquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hate|Fears   Deceased


  Friedhelm Wolf: Goodbye dear Friend...
Ethan Thacker: Another friend of Wolf.  Wolf told me a lot about him. How much of Role model he was for him and such. Only got to meet him a few times. He seems like a decent bloke. Plus he is married with Anna, I find that rather cute. I hope I get see him in the future to know him a bit more. Heard he's been transferred due to Marriage laws, Shame.
Reece Thacker:  See you on the Other side, old man
Casey Ray: She.. is.........just a friend......where are you?
Alfred Smith: Oh he died.... tja Pech gehabt.
Annabelle Thacker: She is very sweet, a lot seem to despise her, but  she really cares for people and does her absolute best.
Guess She's back now....at-least she's alive.
Eric McDowly: Good Friend of mine, dense as fuck, he showed me around once I arrived new to the Unit and on the Same day we formed a cheeky Sparing Rivalry, you and me we'll rumble, just you watch.
Cody Howard: Apparently he was Captured and killed by the Bugs. I hope it went and painless, even though it is unlikely.Sadly.


Michelle Cooper: Ryan's daughter. I supported her after her father's suicide and showed her the ropes of the Platoon. She seems very keen on her Duties and is willing to become an outstanding Trooper and Leader. I consider her my Battle sister and would fight by her side until the very end. I would go as far as risking my own life for her.  She's quite Special, she means a lot to me.    Well I guess it wasn't meant to be....she just changed so drastically it was hard to keep up and bear. I wish her best of luck where ever she's going.
Travis Young: A very "prince charming" Sergeant. Asked for a dance in the Med bay. Immediately asked me out afterwards. It just was to quick for me.... I kinda feel terrible of what I did to him. He's pretty chilled, I enjoy talking to him.  He's does a good job of keeping us Enlisted in line, always glad to be serving under his Command. He's a real Gentleman. He seems to care about me a lot, despite our rough start and my Relationship status. He has an artistic talent that astonishes me highly. I would be honored to have another dance with him in the Future. Seems to be an Officer now, im happy for him for going so far. So OSW now I see...I would be lying If I say I don't admire the man for making it. I just hope he still has some humanity left in him...be a damn shame to only have you know as a killer from now on. He's still the man I met in the Med bay back on the Murphy long ago....we danced once more...for old times sakes. Hes back..a Sargeant now, back at square one, im happy he has returned to us and is still himself, I hope things will go back like they were on the Murphy.

Tyron Crews: He reminds me off John Coffey from "The Green Mile"...


 Aphelion Dominica: Dead



              Blade Strzakla: Welcome back, you lunatic


Jackie Knoxx: How you do


Aaron Holtz:


'' You vant me to be specialized in ze Flamer, do you vant me to die zat Badly?'


As I arrived on the Audie Murphy for the First time, I was clueless..not knowing what to do...not knowing my place..being torn between following the heard in their hunt for the higher ranks in the Mobile Infantry...everyone wanted that...but not me...despite the potential the NCOs said I had...I decided to get myself Trained in the Mark 2 , since I seemed intrigued by its firepower....then came Mister Aaron Holtz. The man out of the Blue picked me, out of any other more experienced troopers to become his Pointman and Battle buddy...me...a Fresh Pfc and LMG Gunner....The same happened over and over...he was always there and had full faith in me...at times encouraged me to be teached in every single Weapon there is possible...over the time...I gradually looked to this man...he made me to the Trooper I am today...I cant truly express how thankful I am....I hope I still make you proud to this day...



(Pfc. Valerie Faust being overseen in Mark 2 Training by Corporal Aaron Holtz)







Katie Heartfilia:  She's a good Friend of mine. Reminds me of the Girls I grew up and hung out with during my Childhood. Funny, Chaotic , Eccentric, Clever,  Outgoing, Tough and talk active.


  Sarah Redbrick:


''Zhey vere Zombies indeed Red''


Sarah Redbrick, my dearest and staunchest Companion.  Or M55 Buddies in our own little Code. I've known this Trooper since the Days on the Audie Murphy. It all started with  a small chat and us sharing a cigarette after a long and grueling drop. At first was rivalry then acceptance of our M55 abilities and long behold, we became partners in crime from Omega to the Fall of Terra, side by side. She was there to help me after my countless blunders as an NCO and I was there to help her overcome the guilt and horrors of War...despite how cruel I sounded at times.

I thought I lost her once...after she gave herself for the well being of myself and the troopers around, the officer swine played an act of 'Executing' her to prove our loyalty......I was lost...in an endless absyss of nothing...it appeared I just used my own words against myself , This is War'

....I lost all hope...I wanted out...I wanted to leave...badly...but I couldn't, i had to keep my promise ......it was the right choice....She came back...and now.....me and her will be once more M55 Buddies..no matter what.




(Pfc's Valerie Faust and Sarah Redbrick posing with their M55s)







Ottilie Kittel :  kleiner Hosenscheißer.....


Jamie Northcutt: Dead.



Sebastian Bently 


''Ve all find our purpose one day....'


There are times where I take a trip down memory lane and stop by the most exhausting and meek experiences that are also known as the 'Dark Ages', the name fits like a glove. Being surrounded by depressed, apathetic and selfish NCOs wearing Black Armor to show of their Elitist attitude is indeed a sore sight. But...oddly enough its not all dark and depressed like a Edgar Allan Poe Story ....a certain Individual Named Sebastian Bently arrived to the 112th as a Transfer from a the way he put it  'a Failing Infantry Unit'.. from First Glance I considered him...too..'Neutral' and 'No fucks given' for my taste...but eventually I got to know him more and his intentions...he was a broken man..having lost one of his role models..also...we were both sent up shits creek without a paddle...being the underdog NCOs at the time...we needed to stick together...and stick together we did...both of us doing decent work as NCOs despite getting the shit end of the stick no matter what...after Terra..we havent talked much....the grieve was severe for the both of us....he still did the right thing....even stepping up to an NCO resposible for the death of Civilans.....balls of steel...he got punished...banished to Private for ever...not anymore...I present you CAPTAIN Sebastian Bently...a man who scrapped the bottom of the barrel who gradually climbed back up to the Top, spitting right into his Opponents faces while they basked in their apparent 'Victory....'

This man...I'll follow through hellfire and back...all the fucking way



( Corporals Sebastian Bently and Valerie Faust wearing Full dress uniforms as an NJP dished out by the Senior NCOs)







Erae Bellic :


''Shut up and dont die!''


My Parents always lectured me at a young age to keep close ties with your Fellow peers and be there for one another. Unfortunately that was something I did not pay much attention to it.

Bellic was in the same platoon of Recruits heading to the Audie Murphy I was in, from first glance, she seemed like the rest of us New Blood...nervous out of our minds of what is to happen on our first drop in the field. Ofcourse the two of us got out our First Taste of Battle in one piece, both of us now as Privates, we seemed to have different views in our Careers in the MI, she wanted NCO, I wanted Enlisted Life. So that how it came to be, the only times I'd hear from her was when Wolf had his little pep talks with her. He was a Sergeant and she was a Fresh Faced Corporal. After his death, I was fueled with hatred and lust for slaughtering as many arachnids as possible. I wanted to become a Section Gunner, the spearhead of a Rifle squad in a Man versus Bug. And coincidentally...my Trainer was Bellic. Afterwards, as I become more 'Essential' in the field with my superior Weaponry, it seemed I was second in command under her lead quiet often, along the line she walks up to me with a Pair Lance Corporal Patches, personally I appreciated the gesture of Appreciation of my effort but the leadership never interested me, I just wanted to kill. But, we finally were able to converse off duty and I was surprised by her past, she was indeed the opposite of what I expected and had a good laugh when I made her faint in fear because of a Scary Story I told her.

One Drop she got hit bad and I was the closest one to do anything, so I did what any other Trooper would do. Carried her through the midst of a Sand storm into a Bunker, cut of from the Main Squad and surrounded by Bugs. I thought that was it..the end. But we pulled through, that experience made me realize how valid the words from my mother and father were......

After Omega we unfortunately got sent back to square one, Terminal PFC Faust and MASTER Sergeant Bellic, but despite the distance and the apparent death of her, I still consider this Woman an ally and friend, and gladly be her LMG Gunner if she ever gets up the ranks once more.


And thats how quick it goes....this time shes dead for real. It does that I might've let her down, realizing how much she wanted me to progress in the MI....I dont think theres no too late to start now, no?



Felix Krautstag:  Another Kamerad fallen in Combat..



Vinera Rose :  I never thought I would see her again ever since that run in I had with her resulting in her nearly getting her ass kicked... Its strange, her being in the same Unit as I am, guess it shows how small the Galaxy can be. Aside from that we are good friends, I showed her the ropes, taught her some weapons. We seem to hang out a lot, quite surprising first being Enemies and now good friends.


John York: Avid Artist, taught me how to play video games. He's an interesting character, like he's always open for talk...A New Yorker...I always admired people from New York..probably cause of one of my favorite Movies of all times ...Warriors Come out to Play! , haha...still ...a shame what happened on terra...I know how it feels buddy...but hey...we both are from the City and we'll always be...


Zealious Odin: An Engineer,  wide range of historical knowledge. I like. Seems to be eager for leadership rather then his engineering. Dude loves his War Movies, I'll him that. My Meme Brother, we might have our differences (the yerman and the Tommy) but I shall fight beside this man , share a foxhole, tend his wounds and carry him through and hell back.  Fallschirmjaegers for life.


Joshua Edwards:



'' I muss be such a train wreck in your eyes...''


Every Romance Novel or even Movie ends with Drama but ultimately the Couple make up and get stronger together from all the Arguing and hate, a Happy ending...Alas its not that easy as it looks and the chances of things going like that are nill...thats how I feel about Joshua Edwards....the one that got away, the countertype...as cheesy as it sounds, its true. It could've blossomed into something else...Could've..thats what I say...it Could've..but it didnt....its painful now to see him..whatever sanity remaining inside instantly goes berserk..wanting nothing put pain and sorrow...He promised...he promised we'll get together after all this madness....I couldnt believe it at first....or maybe I didnt want too when Sigrun told me of him and the Lieutenant....as he told me the truth...I went into a frenzy..I wasnt myself...I hurt him...and now he's married to ..her.

I still love him....with my shattered and weak heart...even though I should hate him...for all of this..I just cant....maybe in time I will...



( 'Get out...' he muttered, looking upwards to Face the woman...fresh and hot tears running down his pale cheeks)





  Ashley Rose: Looks like I won the Bet..



Aoife Hviteulven:  I like this Marauder, she reminds me of my friends I grew up with. She's Wild and clever as a fox seems to get away with Stuff I can never pull of, Im jealous. Im still waiting for that Fan Fiction tutoring, Sis.



Troy Hughes : He's...unique I give him that. Not like all the other male Troopers, hes more ..sensitive if that's the word, I don't know. But still I consider him one of my closest friends, we've been around our fair share of battles. He seems to care about me a lot...kinda Dorky but in a good way....sometimes I think he's too good for the Infantry...he has a pure heart and soul...hes so human its good to be true..

He has to pull through this, he just has to...not much else to it. I've been there, I know the pain, but what he planning is not the right way...I know he can get out of this hole....its all on him.


Kristina Sigrun :  My Sparring Rival...this isn't over Swede, soon I'll be just as big and strong to kick your ass, already left a few decent hits on you. Just need to overcome and adapt and your mine....all I need is the perfect training and montage.



Elizabeth Graham : It appears she couldn't cope with the infantry life, being always afraid of Dying....well its her decision, am I sad that she left.....absolutely, its a real shame, but its her choice. I wish her best of luck with her life and hopefully can peep in visit when I can ,despite knowing how unlikely that will be......I do miss her...alot...our times when we watched TV together and having a blast in the specialist program...I do hope I get the chance to see her again...


Genevieve Vermillion:You didnt deserve to go like that


Michael Finch: Ruhe in Frieden....du alter hase.


Tina König Looks like all the German's are getting it.....only a matter of time till I met them on the other side


Alexander 'Lick' Tschenkowitsch:


'' Have you ever had in mind that Finch wants you to keep on being yourself, no matter what''


When It comes to Nicknames used in the MI I have always been skeptical about them, for one they can be used when they see fit, like Mikey for Michael or Ali for Alison but it can also be used as an Excuse to bring across how cool you are and a source of making you feel special. However, not all fall under that Case. In comes Mister Alexander Tschenkowitsch or.....Lick, as we call him..a Well Deserved name I believe. This man here is unique...a rare Gem. The first interaction we had was when he Greeted me as 'Human'.

'What a fucking Retard' was the first that came into my mind, but ultimately through more observations of him offduty and in the Field...I was wrong about him, the man is an Unsung Example of what a Trooper is supposed to be. A mix of humanity and Professionalism.

He was able to make my day a hundred times brighter and enjoyable with his 'Words of Advice.'

As one of his dearests Friends perished, he was at Rock bottom...a sad little Robot he was. So I was obliged to return the favor, luckily it worked. That must've really lit up his little red heart. Regardless I admire this man, A true Landser and Kamerad in my eyes...



Cornelius Zeem: A new Private to the unit, one of the Troopers who I put my life on the line during a drop, he seemed to show regret for not saving me, in the end of the day...he needs to understand that I was my call and risk..He'll do fine if he stays on the path he is.....



Elizabeth Taylor: Took the easy way out




Alicia White: One of the last Murphy Veteran's. We used to know each as simple comrades on the Battlefield.  Now, we seems to be inseparable, Friends...probably best friends now. She one of the better Medics, if not the Best around, I know she'll go far in the Medical Ranks. Her humor is quiet contagious, in a good way off course . Never seems to be down, hard to bring down indeed, she got captured and tortured it seems.....hopefully she's not fighting any past demon's....I used to hate you...for a long time....because I was some hollow and hateful bitch who looked down to the ones who still somehow woke up with a smile on their face...I hope you can forgive for that....I wasn't myself...




Ferdinand FaustMy Brother, I haven't seen him in the last 4 years. He has enlisted way before me, sort of been a goal in my life. To join the MI....and now I found him. I know the two of us and take on this War together and hopefully re unite with our Father and be a family again...I hope..      

....I still see him...in my mind...his face.....the Face I destroyed....the face of my very own brother.....I had to kill him...I had to.....but why....why him?...the only person I truly believed who can survive this war.....I always looked up to him for help and advice...he was my knight in shinning Armor.....the best Brother a girl can ever ask for...

Maybe..its for the best...maybe it was all faith, for me to learn to the true values of war...the pain and suffering it causes one...emotionally....

Ferdinand....I'll miss you.....if there is truly a heaven...you've earned your place there long ago..



James Chevosky: another NCO gone....


Jennifer Hayes: Verdammt...well atleast I gave you a few more months to live on....Hughes is realy suffering from this....I'll promise to keep him from hurting himself



Cierra O'Casey: MI Love indeed.......


Miguel Lorenzo:  Dead now


Lyndsey Carter: It's a real shame with her....just as young as myself...atleast you can finally be with all your friends....be at rest.


Rahman Decim: Perhaps Japanese and German relation still exists, hint hint.



Devin Saiphan: Goodbye


Aiden O'Farrell: I never got that rematch...




William St.Claire: Been on the Grant for a while now, disappeared and then re appeared. He's alright, long time friend of Bently from what I've heard. Approachable and rather easy to hold a conversation with, knows when and when not to act serious.....A Joker...real Joker.

Putting money on the fact that he is definitely a masochist, the Choker, the black. I all fits


Cassie Newman:  A quiet Medic from the looks of it, bit odd, like drawing myself as a Rabbit or making share spaghetti with her .....but! She's a decent person one of the more 'Human' Troopers we have in the MI.


Maxine Valentine:   Well...I'd never thought I'd find someone I can relate to my High School days, it's strange..in a good way, I'd definitely rave to some old tunes with her ...shaka brah.



Alex Parker: . I guess you really are going....where the MI Crosses Grow.



Quasi Dubois: I am currently uncertain about this individual, he was once a Marine if I remember correctly so perhaps, he will become a valid asset on the Field. We shall see.


Sylase Freeman: Honestly, I have barely interacted with him, from what I gathered he's a watered down Version of Dumont.


Dorian Elswood: He helped me when I was in the lowest morale possible, he made me see the Truth and simply accept...I cant thank him enough for it, shame I havent spoken to him more before I transfered. Perhaps there might be a second chance for a conversation.


  Victor von Klauster: He has returned like all the other old hares from the Murphy, have I noticed any changes...sadly yes. It seems the older and more experienced Troopers also fall under the Stress of War...but, its good to see another familiar Face out among all the new blood...Perhaps the man needs some time to recover from whatever happened to him.




Ashley Weiss: It is unfortunate for her to transfer to Fleet, but I do not mind the conversations so far, despite being not too personal and just simply small chit chat. But that might change.



Kyril Layland: Ja, he was old. Ja, he was senile. And Ja, he might've been crazy but the Man did what any Trooper would do, fight until the very end, something most of our Grunts seemed to have completely forgotten about.


Izla Sintachai: He reminded me of all the men I've served with during my time in 72nd, strong, brave, dedicated and prideful. Alas, his death was a big black mark on his Record.....he will be truly missed.


Veronika Harth: The Master of Hug Fu! It seems, quiet frankly she is one of the more human and...kind Troopers we have. She is so pure it hurts to realize that she might do a full 180 if she does not beat this Grief she is fallen under, yes two of her Close friends perished,  but this is nothing to hard to overcome, regardless I feel obliged to assist her in her journey no matter what.....thats what Troopers do for one another.


Asbørn Nordheim


' Do not vorry, I still have a Pack of Cigarettes remaining.'


You know...it is strange when you stay late at night in the Armory, doing guard shift. Only for it to end with sharing a cigarette with a mysterious young boy. We first talked of similar topics we both admired and felt were pure adrenaline boosters, i.e getting up close and personal against a swarm of Arachnids without the help of Marauders. Funny enough...he seemed very intrigued in what I had to say....I am usually not the best when it comes to holding a conversation but...it seems he thought I was just right with what I had to say. I asked for his name , he answered Asbørn Nordheim. I wanted to give him mine, but he denied it. Wishing to find it out himself.


A few weeks later,  on an RnR when I was alone on a cliff deep in thought of....certain events. He appeared again, like some guardian angel of a sort. I was alone, I was in pain and he was there....and he finally got to find out what my name is. That RnR will stick with me forever....


I wish I was able to see him again, he sheds light into my dark and pitiful life, he is my spirit animal...the one who understood me...the feeling and shivers I get when I recall his presence and how he treats me is indescribable.  Oh how I wish he would come back.....





Sofia Holloway: Well then.....I am uncertain if this Woman wants to show of that she is a cold blooded killer or she really is a War addicted individual. Besides that she is uh....very extrovert when it comes to sex, but that is nothing new. She appears to have something in common with an ex lover of Sigrun, apprently something very  secretive. Oh well, I guess my advice sort of helped it.


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