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Dossier: Clenmore

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Reference Picture:



[Pictured: Clenmore in a photo that her half-siblings have.]










Name: Helena Violet Clenmore

Age: 25

D.O.B: May 6th, 2273

Gender: Female

Faction Alignment: Coalition

Faction Division: 112th Mobile Infantry Battalion

Role: Infantry

Service Length: 1 Month

Service Summary Record:

  • Promoted to Private following her first drop
  • Promoted to Private First Class by Staff Sergeant Bently
  • Promoted to Lance Corporal by Staff Sergeant Bently
  • Promoted to Corporal by Captain Bently



  • Young Seymour [Father, Status: Unknown]
  • Ellen Clenmore [Mother, Status: Unknown]
  • Quincy Clenmore [Half-Brother, Status: Unknown]
  • Moira Clenmore [Half-Sister, Status: Unknown]


Homeworld: Earth [Location: Manchester England, Earth]

Height: 74 Inches (6 Feet, 2 Inches)

Build: Average

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Auburn


Summarized description:


/ A Rather tall female trooper stands before you at 6’2 with her legs accounting for more than half of her height / Her Heart-Shaped face bearing signs of British heritage / Blue Eyes / Rather Short Auburn Haircut to chin length / A Portion of her left ear is missing./ Ring of minor scarring above the left knee from surgery to reattach the leg. / Well Built, average shaped build / Fair Skin / Dressed in standard and run of the mill Mobile Infantry Fatigues (Also wears Armor when needed)/ Rather Ornate Silver Cross attached to Jewelry Chain around her neck /






A Girl from a middle class family in Manchester, Clenmore has her fair share of issues with her parents, stemming from her father leaving the family when she was two to do programming work in the inner colonies and her mother’s inherent struggle with a prescription painkiller addiction. The same could not be said of her relationship with her half-siblings from a previous marriage of her Mother.


The day Earth fell to the Neons, Helena was on a train to Geneva, planning to visit her half-brother Quincy when the train was derailed more than halfway through the trip in France by a downed TAC Fighter. After that, Clenmore moved through the city with a group of the other passengers in a attempt to escape, either to Geneva or aboard a Transport off-planet. As they traversed the ruined remains of the city of lights, a stray piece of debris struck her in the side of the head, rendering her unconscious in a comatose state but the group continued onward with her on a hotel luggage dolly being used as a makeshift stretcher, eventually making contact with a Mobile Infantry rescue patrol searching the surrounding area of a Evacuation Site and was aboard a priority transport to receive the proper treatment for her injury but was still left comatose for the duration of two months. The next two months were a mix of physical training to regain her strength and filing requests to the varying splintered factions of the Federation in a attempt to locate her friends and family with little to no success as they all collapsed or were absorbed by bigger ones until it was just Sanctuary and the Coalition.


Tired of the lack of progress and the feeling that what she was doing wasn’t enough, she chose to enlist in the mobile infantry, spending another month running through boot camp before being transferred to the 112th.




Medical Record



Permanent Injuries:

  •  Portion of cartilage from her left ear is missing.
  •  Ring of residual scarring above the knee on her left leg as a result of surgery to re-attach the leg.
  •  Right knee was shattered by a sniper bullet, surgery was needed to re-assemble it.
  •  Large scar on the inside of her thigh from bug slicing to the bone.
  • Right Shin and Foot replaced by a Biotech after the Shin was melted away by corrosive Bug Acid


Temporary Injury:

  •  Shrapnel that was embedded in the entirety of the right leg.
  • Rendered Comatose by debris that struck the Cranium during l their escape from Earth as it fell (Pre-Enlistment, duration of two months)
  • Recieved 21 GSWs into her lower back following a incident of Friendly Fire in the field by a Friendly Marauder
  • Liver was pierced by a GSW during the initial siege on O'Brien's Compound at the end of the Civil War
  • Lower Abdomen was pierced by a piece of Improvised Shrapnel launched by the detonation of a M55 Heat Warhead in a Bughole created in a road.




Mental State


The subject seems motivated by what she has seen of Sanctuary’s atrocities and the brave sacrifice of a Private Thomas Anderson to become a better Trooper and see the end of Sanctuary through. The Subject vents her anger through her combat skills and physical exercise. Another goal that should be noted is that she still file missing person reports within the coalition to find both friends and family.





|| Hated || Disliked || Neutral || Acquaintance || Friend ||


>>Faust: “A German Trooper with a big gun and a lot more experience than me, we both sparred once and it ended in a draw but hopefully we’ll get to know each other.”


>>Bently: “The new CO for the Unit since Franco dissappeared, he has been really fitting into the role like its a glove ”


>>Saiphan: “I have only seen him a couple times, seems to be in a chipper mood wherever I see him.”



In Remembrance

  • Chevosky: Heard he died from a blow to the Head, its a bad way to go if you ask me, but I'll be sure to carry on the good fight in his name.

This is still very much a work in progress with several additional sections being added.

And as usual, ask if you want to be added.

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