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Ban appeal and admin complaint

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Hello, my name is Jann. I recently logged into your server to check it out, as I have played sstrp a lot before. Upon connecting to the server I wanted to test the humor of people, and wrote a quite silly character description. In addition, my selected name was also of an unserious character. Seconds of getting into the server I explained I was merely trying to be funny, and even asked for the command to change the character description as /charphysdesc was something we did in the old days and it did not work out in your server. Unfortunately I forgot I had a chicken in the oven and explained to an admin I had to go but would be back shortly to explain. However, as I was trying to get back into the server I had received a permanent ban. Therefore I wish to be unbanned because never in my 4000 hours of srp have I ever tried anything like it. The admin even named the reason for being memeing (spelling) around. I am highly unsatisfied with this as I genuinely want to try the server out. This leads me on to the next thing, I think the admin was out of bounds for permabanning me. However, I get that he might have been irritated by my actions of which I was going to explain, but permabanning me and making me write this appeal is just humiliating and I very much do not appreciate it. Therefore I want to formally complain over this specific admin. I believe he was completely overreacting, even though I told him I'd be back shortly to converse with him about the situation. I had hoped for the admin to be a bit more patient as that is a quality an admin should posses. I did not get the name of the admin sadly.


Thank you


Character name: Your boy bangs (What I was talking about)

My steamID: STEAM_1:1:20034123






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I did the ban so I'll go ahead and give my reasoning for the ban, and my reasoning for revoking my own ban,


 To note, I was never told by the staff member assisting you that you had to leave for an actual reason. The only response I got to your original disconnect was a 'RIP'. 


 I issued the ban after going through your screenshots and seeing your moderate list of screenshots from previous SST communities; a clear indication you knew exactly how to role play on a serious server, SST or not. Secondly, you come onto the server with a joke character as you stated. Joke or not, it's beyond irritating, especially when we have clear proof that you know exactly how to role play, and are friends with a former administrator on our server (It'sShowtime, https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198329491340/ and @Showtime). All of these red flags kicked off that you knew exactly how to role play, and seemingly wanted to troll. 





I get it, you wanted to have a laugh. But we deal with trolls on a daily basis, sometimes upwards of 10 a day, whom do the exact same thing you did, though they don't return and wish to be here as you do. So maybe with that bit of information you can see our side, and how the patience policy regarding it is so low. We simply don't care for it.


When I issued the permanent ban, my thought process was 'If they really want to be here, they'll man an appeal and I'll overturn the ban. If not, they'll stay gone', and alas you did just that.


I don't really want the ban to hold as the player clearly holds interest, nor do I want the player to have to wait any length of time for another XA to be free from their IRL obligations, so I'll repeal it myself. 


If you have any questions, feel free to contact myself or any other Executive Staff about this case ( @Tonic @Durango being the two to message via a forum PM).


#Locked, Repealed



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