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Specialist Claud Cozwin [WIP]

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Claud playing his guitar and singing a day or so after another brush with death

(Voice Claim)

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A picture taken by his ex while on leave.




Father - Adrian M Cozwin [Assumed dead] -Age unkown-

Mother- Debra C Cozwin McCallister [Dead] -Age 41-

Son - Kim H Cozwin [Displaced] -Age 17-



General Information

Name: Claud Marcus Cozwin
Rank: Specialist

Role: Mobile Infantry, Marauder 

Age: 26
Date of Birth: September 20 2272
Place of Birth: Seoul South Korea, Terra
Relationship status: Single
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 206lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Nationality: English
Religion: Lutheran
Gender: Male
Criminal Record: None

Blood type: O+


Claud Marcus Cozwin was born an only child to a father who abandoned his mother and him when he was an Infant. His mother was an alcoholic who was barely functioning so from a very young age Claud would take care of his mother during her drinking benders. Late one night the authorities came too his door step as he was awaiting his mother to inform him she had died on impact while driving under the influence. He swore that if one day he started a family he would never drink or put his children through the same hell he had dealt with. At the age of of twenty he was cleared to adopt a child finally taking a chance at making a family. He did everything he could providing for him while working at a local steel mill and it paid off. His adopted son Kim was just about to be fifteen when Claud decided to join the Federation leaving behind the only family he had. His son understood and took pride that his new father was joining to fight for their freedoms and beliefs. Sadly shortly after he was accepted into the Marauder program the attack on Terra happened. Claud's silence around many is not because he isn't social more so he is worried his son never made it. So he fights forwards hoping one day to see his son again.




Ask to be added. 


Spc. Devin Saiphan - Seems okay one of the few who hasn't given me problems or told me to fuck myself for no reason hopefully he becomes a friend. Because I can literally say Im in short supply of those... This man is one of the closest friends I have constantly talking about noodles.. He is a quirky one but overall he truly is the closest thing to a brother I have on the ship.


Cpt. Daisy 'Hel' Bailey - I know little about her except some stories. She is my OIC and seems to be strict on discipline nothing wrong with that at all. I hope I can drop with her one day some of the stories of her fighting leave me awe struck like a child watching a superhero movie.

Mom is gone... and I wont lie I feel a certain knot in my chest over this. I hope it was glorious like everything else you had done Ma'am..


3Spc. Johnathan Skye - New guy to the marauders seems chill we in a group decided to call all the tall mofos Iron Giants. I think its fitting so Im happy that we all agreed. Needs to keep his eyes on the prize not bouncing things but other than that cant wait to see what the man can do.   Youre gone.. Just like the rest of the Iron Giants.. Guess Ill carry the torch too the new bunch.. Who knows..


SSpc. Lyndsey "Lynn" Carter - She is a genuine sweetheart. A little awkward but nothing wrong with that in the least bit. Has a cone friend named John... but I mean I get it? All I have to say is thanks for not kicking me when I was down the first couple days I got to the Grant. Truly one I want to keep alive as long as I can. 

My favorite Wasp... You were truly remarkable. You were always friendly too me and didn't mind if I stole John every now and again... You were an amazingly caring person.. The ship hasn't felt like home since your goofy self hasn't been around. 


Spc. Ashley Olsen - She is a character also an orphan like I am. She is pretty broken from her past but I think she is realizing that we’re similar and is warming up too me. This is one I want to keep alive as long as I can. 


This chick is literally one of my best friends on board. She literally looks after me with everything. Who would have thought that a midget like you and a giant like me would even get along. Love you Kitten.


3Spc. Haleem bint al-Attar - The Doc who kept me company after I was hit.. with a shovel... off a cliff... She splinted me and kept me in high spirits. Told me I was retarded for giving an Idea so I kinda let her do her thing after that and kept my mouth shut. She kept me company while I was stuck in med bay hands down one of the best medics I know.


Spc. Maddox Ryder - All in all I cant read this dude... Acts like he has never eaten anything his whole life. Weighed maybe 110lbs soaking wet when I first met him so I helped him out a bit and shared my precooked meals for the week with the man. Truly believe this guy had to fight for food as a child so I feel for him. 


Sgt. James 'Chev' Chevosky - Ive been on multiple drops where this man has lead from the front. He is hands down one of the best NCOs I have the pleasure of working with. He takes it to heart when something happens in the squad injuries, deaths, along with pointless squabbles. I just hope he keeps leading in the front.. Hang in there Chev.. Its hard but you truly need to keep pushing forwards and showing the new guys how its done.

Died while I was gone.. I guess you lead the best you could.. I hope it was with honor when you rode into the gates my friend. Rest easy..


2Spc. Thomas Constantinos - Can be a bit of an asshole but hey his humor is appreciated Skye Himself and I have dawned the nickname Iron Giants for the three of us so I cant really complain. 

Well I don't know where you have gone records say you've been kicked out of rauders.. I don't know what you did but that hot temper of yours probably didn't help.. Hope to see you on the battlefield someday.. where ever that may be.


Lt. Lux "Sol" Archer - First off let me apologize for missing the ` Over your nickname. Secondly lets get down to it. This woman is the new OIC of the marauder detachment here on the Grant i.e. My boss. Enough about the formalities though. She seems sweet and has her head on in the right direction. Dropped with her a couple times now and she knows her shit all I can hope is to learn everything she knows.




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Finally got around to some Updates. Nothing truly outstanding.


@StevieJr Sorry It took so long but he is there the best I could (Given the circumstances of the character.)

@HazyDay An add for an add it felt like the right thing to do.

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