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Miguel Lorenzo ;-;

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Miguel's’ tattoo.

And face reference. 




After the Battle of Cassandra. (obviously it would be MI gear not what ever he is wearing)

Image result for ptsd marine (

Basic Information:

||Height-5’11||Weight- 156||Age-21||Birthday-May 18|| A veteran MI trooper from a couple light scars apparent on any skin that is showing. He has a nose that looks like it is constantly broken as it is slightly curved. There is a tattoo shaped like a grape vine as it crawls up the right side of his face the final leaf ending on the corner of his eye. The tattoos’ stem gets thicker as it travels down his right arm the roots spreading out into each finger. Leaves following it until just above the wrist where the roots begin. The leaves surround his entire arm. He is of Mexican descent and many of his words in english seem to be replaced with mexican slang words.

Name: Miguel Lorenzo

Age: 21

D.O.B: May 18

Gender: Male

Role(s): LMG Gunner

Kin: N/A

Homeworld: Earth

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Brown

Build: Lean athletic.

Rank:  Spc.


Personal Relationships (will add just ask :P)

Relations: Loved|Like Family, Brethren|Goodfriends|Friends|Aquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears


Lyndsy 'Lynn' Carter-- Lynn. She’s fun. Pretty and we have some good times. Right now she’s an engineer. For some reason she loves puns. Which puns our like if a tanker and a brain bug had a baby it would be living hell which is what puns are. Lynn was actually the one to convince me to become a Specialist. Pretty sure Lynn was the first person I met after being transferd. Although I kind of took the first step it’s all childo. I can run to her if I have problems and she’s a great friend. I really worry about her but she's a good fighter so nothing should go wrong. I hope. Also I have no chance with her apparently which sucks. But it's all childo.  Also one time she saw me do a double back flip. That was badass. Friend...I think? She was never really there for me...maybe I should rethink my friends...Nah she's just not that kind of person.


James 'Chev' Chevkosky-- So...This guy is the best. He helped me through a hard time and made me not edgy any more. We have fun times with pen wars and shit. Really nice and really good at what he does. I'd jump on a grenade for this guy.Not even joking right now. After the fight we had I think we got a lot closer. We started hanging out a lot more...I'm just going to leave it here. The short descriptions are the best ones. Best güey I could ask for. Also we went through a band of brothers pinche training mission with shells and shit all night. We were hole buddys so it was fine.


Bently. He’s a Staff Sergeant. If it were not for Verbeck I’m pretty sure I would have. Hardass for no reason unlike Finch. Tries to act nice. Wearing a mask like all the SNCOs. Saved my life yesterday. Says he's just doing his job. I still don't trust him but I owe him one.  All SNCOs wear masks, you can't really help it. Nice guy. I need to talk to him a bit more.

Verbeck-- Some psychic stuff. Some loco shit is what that is. This one time I am talking to this guy named Cen about Verbeck and she just appears and says, “Whispering won’t help.” Freaked me the fuck out until she said that she can’t actually hear conversations. She told me that after I apologized to her. Saved me from being whipped though. And she does not seem mean but who can hold a Master Sergeant position and not be an absolute dick? She’s wearing a mask. 


Finch- Scary mother fucker but I know he means well. He’s just trying to make sure we all don’t die horrible deaths. He’s hard on us but for the right reason. Unlike some of the NCOs I respect him the most. Good leader. Perfect NCO I believe. Gone. Discharged, let an enemy escape. HIS FAULT! IT'S ALL HIS FAULT! HE ORDERED THE RETREAT! WE SHOULD HAVE PRESSED! If I see you again I will kill you. VALES VERGA VALES VERGA VALES VERGA! I'm going to leave this how it is. It's still his fault. He's an idiot.


Tallie Vega- Ok so she helped me after I got kicked in the balls by Sigrun REALLY hard when I was drunk on RnR. But that’s all I remember from that night. Also she seems pretty chill. Also she’s nice. But of course I think that is a requirement for medic Medic. Ok I have not really seen her since that whole thing.


White- Ok so she's a medic and she's dating the Staff. Which means she's almost invincible. If she gets into any trouble the Staff can bail her out. Which is stupid. The rest of us would serve the punishment but White can just avoid it. She's also a specialist medic which means she must be good. Better then the guy that uses nano-machines son. He tried to inject me and Lynn for some reason. But going off topic. She seems alright but she's kinda untouchable. I don't want to talk to her much. And she is dating Bently who I don't really like.  Weak. Smart. Medic. 


Sigrun- She kicked me REALLY hard in the balls on RnR once. I'm going to get back at that merodeador in a hand to hand fight if it's the last thing I do. I swear. I will END HER I will send her to the FUCKING SHADOW REALM HOMBRE. I mean it's all fun and games but I -will- get a one up on her in a fight. I think she wants to be a pathfinder. Good for her.  Strong. Useful. I have not sparred her since then. I want to show her what I have learned. 


*One of the files was recently deleted. It was over Anderson*


Darius Hawke This guy. Man I love this guy. He's a Pathfinder. REAAAAALY good at fighting. I spared him with Konig (Konig is the CQC Master Specialist) She got beat up. I got kneed in the head and kicked in the jaw. I did pretty good for who I was fighting. I eventually gave up when Konig was knocked out and it was me versus him.  I realized I could not beat him even after a great combo. So I sat down and tapped three times. I got a couple good hits in too. A round house to the jaw. And a punch to the jaw as well. It was fun. I asked him his name and he complemented me on my fighting skills. That was that. He's pretty cool honestly. You could tell he was a veteran also he had the upper hand with Konig the whole time. He kept her on the ground and was chocking her which made me do something. Cool guy.  Strong. Smart. Fast. Trust. Useful. Admired.


Lawrence Chandler-- So he's an engineer. Pretty chido guy. Speaks Spanish. Pretty nice and stuff. Complemented me on my fight with Hawke. I heard he fucked up on a drop, nuked everyone apparently. But mistakes are mistakes and he will get over it. Friends with the cone and Lynn. He's actually pretty chido.  Smart. Useful. Never really talked to me when I was going through the whole ... uh phase I guess.


The Cone-- This mother fucker will pay. I'ma kill it. I swear Enough. This is so dumb.


*One of the files was recently deleted. It was over Knoxx*


Devin Saiphan-- Specialist. LMG. Can't remember him.


Annabella Thacker-- Crewman. Veteran. She seems really good in combat. Apparently she transferred to fleet from medical discharge. She tought me a few things and we hung out when we kept getting shelled a couple times. Good person I think. She also told me a couple war stories of hers. She's been helping me though a lot of stuff and she's also helping me with my fighting stance and new moves. I really like her. A lot of really good advice comes from her and I respect her.


Attar-- Medic. Long name. Talks a bit too much. Yeah...Just a bit too much.


Valerie Faust-- Master specialist. Strong. She dwells on her brothers death too much. She says she's not dwelling on it but I see her there every two seconds. Get over it. Trained me.  Useful. She's a really good soldier. I agree with edgy me though.


Gray Seraphim--Lance Corporal. Useful.


Ethan Thacker-- He's a cool guy. Seems like a veteran. I think he has a wife aboard also. She's a crewman. He seems pretty good at fighting and all. Good guy really. I'd like to talk to him some more. He also is from the Audie Murphy!


Kyle O'Reilly--He's one of those hype beast guys. He seems really friendly. I had a friend like him once. Good guys the both of them. 


Dumbcunt-- He's really annoying, a racist, and a coward. I've never seen him go on drops. And he refuses to spar anyone because 'What's the point he'll just hop the boarder again' Literately Mexicans have not done that for hundreds of years now.




*A really laggy recording comes up*


"Ahem. Alright so...If you're hearing this I'm dead....Fuck that was so cliche!" *Beep*


"Ok lets do this...is it still recording? *He leans forwards and clicks a button and the camera turns off*


*Miguel sits there for several seconds staring into the screen. He then finger guns the camera and makes "Boom" noises.*


*This time Miguel just stares at the camera for a couple minutes. After a while he suddenly flinches and jumps up and holds up an imaginary rifle. "Fuck...not again."


"God damnit! Ok this time is for real."


"Alright so yadda yadda I'm dead. But who gives a shit right? We're MI. But anyways uh...To all the people that have made my time in the MI bearable like, Chev, Lynn, Saiphan, Tina, Bently sort of. But anyways you get the point. You know who you are. Thank you. Really." *Miguel shifts slightly and his eyes begin to water.*


"Pinche...I don't know why I'm about to cry. Not like I'm going to die or anything. Th...Nah it's fine. I make all my possessions out to Chev and Lynn...Because uh...My family died. But if I die I better get the most kick ass funeral. Like fucking fireworks and 3GL shots going off. Thank you everyone for sparring me and shit. That was my dream when I was little....To fight in the big leagues. Closest I got was the MI so far. B-But it's ok. There is still time." *Miguel wipes his eyes and clears his throat* 


"But uh...Ahem...Going into a bit of a more edgy side. *He laughs a bit nervously* Th...This...If I die this is going to put me at peace. I won't see the visions and night mares and-and the noises...I can finally rest...and I just look at it as one -long- nap. Haha....But uh. Yeah! That's that. I'm not going to die. I have my 3GL and some of the best fighters in the MI with me. I'm fine..."


*Miguel wipes his eyes again and he puts on a sparring glove.* "Welp...I'm off to fight Chev in a sparring match. Ganna kick his ass. Might throw in a spinning heel kick or something. We never get to finish any rounds. I hope we will get to finish it today." *Miguel puts on the other glove and he hits them together.* "Adiós" *Miguel chuckles and punches the door on the way out. After several hours Miguel walks back in and notices the camera* "FUCK! The camera is st-" *The camera cuts to black and there is an eerie silence. The last shot of Miguel people could see a huge big dumb smile on his face and his eyes bright with happiness and 'shit'.* 


Miguel died as he lived.


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