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Thomas Constantinos(WIP)

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Character Theme:



Combat Theme:




Face Claim (Thomas on RnR):




Basic Information:

Name: Thomas Constantinos
Age: 22
D.O.B: June, 30 2278

Gender: Male
Affiliation: United Citizen Federation, Mobile Infantry, Marauders
Role(s): Certified Killer aka Marauder
Kin: Mother, Father, 2 Brothers, 1 Sister
Homeworld: Unknown Farming Colony
Alignment: United Citizen Federation
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Emerald
Build: Athletic

Time Served: 2 1/2 Years



Rank: Second Specialist

Promotion Record: Rct - Pvt - Spc - 3Spc - 2Spc

Constantinos' Story: He was born on a farming colony near the edge of the galaxy. He spent his youth helping out his family on their farm but wanted adventure and thrill in his life so he joined the Mobile Infantry. After basic training he went on to be a competent trooper, though he felt no desire to lead he decided to spend his time getting better at what he did, and that was fighting. He sparred a lot and decided to become a CQC Specialist in the 112th Alpha Company, Third platoon. He fought on Terra before being sent to marauder training, where when the Civil War started his trainers put their loyalties in the Coalition so he ended up becoming a Coalition Marauder rather than a Sanctuary one. He was then sent back to his original unit, the 112th Moritas deployed to the 13th Marauder Detachment.

Attributes: Excitable, Friendly, Charismatic, Strong, Serious (When the need arises), humorous.

Combat Record: Countless Drops.


Other Information: Will often be seen socializing and getting to know people around him. Rather being open with the people around him than an introvert. He will often try to make friends with everyone he can, but also be serious when called for. He is fiercely loyal to his commanding officers and would die for them and his comrades.

Character Description: Would stand at 6 feet 1 inch, being pretty athletic, having a toned fit body. He would be a bit 'handsome' in the face one could say, his left cheek having a large scar from eye to jaw. His body can be seen as fit, having defined muscle and tone to it, a sign he keeps in shape for his duties and to be able to fight very easily in hand-to-hand combat. Usually very clean shaven and often his hair kept in a buzz cut(unlike the face-claim, you know how it is). Will often be seen wearing his blue marauder beret and patches, as well as the uniform.

Characteristics: Nothing of note except his large scar.


Equipment: Wears Standard Aegis Mark 2 Armor. His Armor seemed clean and well kept from little combat use so far. He also Appears to have a decal of a spartan shield on his chest-plate. His right shoulder would have the federation eagle and the left a marauder emblem. His voice in the helmet would be slightly muffled and robotic. He would carry the standard marauder belt fed M134 Minigun.

Chest Decal:



Left Shoulder:



Right Shoulder:




Achivements: N/A

Regrets: N/A


Relations: Loved|Admired|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Aquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears| 

(Request to be added for now if you know the guy)


3Spc Izla Sinthachai:


"He's a fellow marauder, so I kind of like him right off the bat, from the couple times I've talked to him seems like a solid dude, he's my teammate and I cannot wait to kick some fucking ass with him. Hoah!"


3Spc Johnathan Skye:


"My other fellow marauder of my training group, pretty cool dude and I definitely am looking forward to fighting beside him on the battlefield." 


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