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This log will be kept for all NCO's to know and keep record of any and all training's / Inspections performed on or off ship. Corporals and above are expected to run one training / inspection every two weeks. Below is a list of what sort of training's you will be expected to run at that rank, to keep in mind you can go higher than what is expected.



Lance Corporals: Lance corporals should be attending training's when possible, these will help bolster and show ways to run training's later in their career, they may also conduct their own training's with corporal advisory (Optional).


Corporals: Corporals are expected to run squad based training's situation that put the Infantry cooperation and teamwork at play to better on-field performances. With sergeant advisory Corporals can also conduct classroom programmes that will help bring attention weaknesses that wouldn't require full on simulations along with conducting inspections such as kit in the armoury, bunk inspections are optional for sergeant advisory


Sergeants: Sergeants are expected to conduct company/platoon wide training's that will place the Infantry into whatever scenario that can possibly be considered on field, from Civilian handling to a standard bug hunt.  Classroom programmes and inspections are also free to this rank.


Staff Sergeants:  This rank can conduct platoon wide training's that follow the example of sergeants and should focus on the inclusion of all Infantry. These are expected to be thought out. Classroom are placed on this list with inspections optional to this rank.


**OOC Note: Ask an admin if you need to use the sim room to set up, they will teleport you down.



Below is the format to follow when recording these logs, staff sergeants and above should moderate the record to mark down those who have conducted their training for their two weeks. Remember you can conduct more but one is necessary:






Training Premise:







Training Log Roster 12/07 - 26/07


Platoon Master Sergeant:

MSgt. Travis Young (0) 


Platoon Staff Sergeants:

SSgt. Dominic Cage (0) 


Platoon Sergeants:

Sgt. Zealious Edwards (1)  

Sgt. James Chevosky (2) 

Sgt. Troy Hughes (2) 

Sgt. Alison Walcroft (0) 

Sgt. William St. Claire (1) 


Platoon Corporals: 

Cpl. Miranda Walters (1) 

Cpl. Anton Volker (0)  

Cpl. Simo Hyvonen (1) 

 Cpl. Donald Handly (0) 

Cpl. Lyndsey Carter (2)   

Cpl. Alice Vickers (2)  

Cpl. Pauline Westervelt (1)  

Cpl. William Hedgeworth (0) 

Cpl. Dillon Nosh (1)  

Cpl. Decim Takeshi (1)  


Platoon Lance Corporals:

LCpl. Hakam Singh (0)  

LCpl. Mathew Krauw (0)  

LCpl. Gray Seraphim (0)  

LCpl. Ottilie Kittel (0)  

LCpl. Kyle Lowel (0)  

LCpl. Reuben Amukama  (0) 

LCpl. Helena Clenmore  (0)  




Key:   (Conducted Training)  (Not conducted)


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Name: Noah Gargano

Rank: Sergeant

Date(GMT): 13th July

Training Premise: Worked on communication, efficiency and reaction time. Small 'roleplay' training in which I narrated events over the radio which they played into, an example being me saying how Faust was injured and seeing how fast and how they react overall to the situation at hand as a squad to prepare them for when we're on the field for real. Side note: Vickers helped a lot and also took part.

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Name: Zealious Edwards

Rank: Sergeant

Date(GMT/EST): 2298-07-21

Training Premise: Breaching and Sweeping and Clearing in a Urban Environment.

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Name: Florens Egterekktek (Sgt. Vickers and Sgt. Claire overseeing)

Rank: Pfc.

Date(GMT/EST): 24/7/2298

Training Premise: 2ic's role and squad cohesion. Hoping to expand the format and have lances and corporals run it in future.

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Name: Patrick Stevenson

Rank: Sgt

Date(US Central): 5:10 pm - 6:10 pm 8/8/2018

Training Premise: Keeping troopers up to date on frag grenades and teaching them the proper procedures.

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