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'Megalith' Incident (12/6/2298) Recordings + Denouement

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The recording to follow features two voices, a female with a Norwegian accent, and a male hailing from Yonkers, New York.


BF: We took a look at the photographs you took.

BF: Same thing with the specialist that you encountered-... Specialist Maxwell Fields, one of GnT's assets assigned for lone reconaissance near the site of the Incident.

BF: We took apart his camera, and went through his photos. Same thing.

BF: I want you to walk me through what happened that deployment, Master Specialist Verbeck.

BF: From the beginning.

LV: We deployed to a small island as planned with the Infantry organised to deal with arachnis on our way to the objective, we moved north west as per guidence of our  radio operator, staff sergeant Bently.

LV: From there we had light contact and met up with the specalist, Fields. he appeared to show lack of knowledge to why we were there in the first place

BF: He's currently being court martialed.

LV: I grew suspicous at that time and made attempts to give hints without telling outright incase of a control bug."

LV: He still seemed null to my attempts and only wished to leave to avoid being bug chowder, he did seem shaken, not heavily but noticeable for me.

LV: I had that reported in and noted by the RTO, along with his only useful note. The direction of this site.

LV: We pushed on through the sands, taking another doseage of light bug contact before moving into a less ridgid area of the planet. After what

seemed an hours time we had reached the site

LV: From a distance it would be hard to desrcibe it, two large black pillars arching in like claws were the dominant site with minor  claw like objects further in the center of it all, the area around these two claws were encalsed by black rectangle pillars tat formed a connecting circle between both claws

LV: We pushed down into the hill and to the site itself

LV: It's then I began to experince an uneasy sensation in my mind.

BF: Can you describe it?

BF: The sensation?

LV: As if we were being followed, the feeling of a psychic presence that lingered somewhat on my brain

LV: something that was here, yet not seen.

LV: I thought little of the sensation at that time due to the sweat build up inside the EVA equipment.

BF: Right. Marching in the suits. Not too many advancements about that, even from my days in the MI.

BF: Go on.

LV: We approached the mass of pillars, seeming to be five foot ten in human height, equal to many of our troopers.

LV: Myself, staff sergeant bently, technical sergeant york, staff sergeant hayes and sergeant chevosky remained in the center off the pillars with the infantry in a tight perimiter to watch for arachnids

LV: It was..chilling to say the least. The technical sergeant moved to swipe sand away from the bottom of the center object, something at the time I believed was a podium hosting an idol or weapon of some sort upon it

LV: When he moved to do this motion, I began to bleed from my nostrill.

LV: I knew then the sensation was of psychic origin, I could not get a grip on it however.

LV: Time went on as we kept in this circle, unsure what to do, what to touch. I snapped images of the inner workings, the pillars appeared to be inscribed with a language, nothing that I could translate with the center above the "podium" showing a pulsing ring.

LV: That would be one of the blurred images.

LV: Some time and thought and my staff sergeant removed the idol from the stand, nothing happened for those ten seconds. Then it radiated, everyone nearby began to endure voices their vision growing weak as we passed out in this circle

LV: We all experinced the same visison, or so I can only believe we had done so.

BF: Can you describe what you felt and saw?

LV: It was a battlefield, skinnies firing and fithing, dying one by one as their bodies began to pile upon the sands

BF: Fighting? Fighting who?

LV: I heard lack of arachnids, possibly themself

LV: The vision slowly drew to a close as we began to awaken, I had lost part of my visor due to my nose bleed which now coated my the interior

LV: And in the middle where the idol once laid was a skinnie ghost, or what I assume it to be

LV: It looked to bently first, I can only assume as he removed the idol it was focused upon him

LV: It turned itself attention to me when I moved up onto my knees and spoke to me

LV: --I could understand it then too

BF: What did it say?

LV: We had desicrated that site, and we should leave.

BF: Hm.

LV: It wasn't hard to figure out with the vision that we were inside of a war memorial ground

LV: A mass grave for their warriors.

LV: or, atleast their commanding officer or some figure of importance.

LV: I orded everyone to go, not wanting to exactly risk my men for that thing, something I couldn't match in power.

LV: Before we left the coffin opened up, revealing the same uniform as the specter had dawned

LV: though the body was nothing but ash

LV: I snapped an image of that site.


LV: We left shortly after, my staff sergeant, bently began to endure headaches and hearing voices growing louder. The rest of the men had been fine without a word of this instance to them

LV: We moved further and further with myself and york supporting the sergeant, It was possible he was still being targetted for touching the item

LV: not far on, near the top of the hill he collapsed once more in a yell of pain, in his whimper he made mention of his bag, and inside was the idol.

LV: When I took hold of the object, I began to endure a sensation, drawing me back to the coffin  in the graveyard

LV: I should return it, destruction will follow, do as I am told.

BF: Go on.

LV: I moved with sergeant young back to the site to place the object in it's resting place only to be met with the spectre once more, it spoke yet I did not understand it this time around

LV: Young began to endure headaches, I suppose punishment until what was stolen had been returned, I placed it back upon the alter and we made contact with MOBCOMM once again, leaving the area shortly after.

BF: Very good, Master sergeant.


[The recording stops.]

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The following recording contains two voices; one with a subtly British accent, and one with a New York accent.


BF: This is Brian Fellows, speaking with John York, technical sergeant, 112th.

BF: We talked to some of your colleagues, about your recent deployment.

BF: We've reconstructed a timeline, and you're a person of interested to G'n'T' at the moment.

BF: We want to know about the...

JY: Idol... thing?

BF: ...Precisely.

BF: Tell me about the site. What did you feel as you entered your AO? -Near the structure.

JY: Uneasy... You know that feeling you get when... something is nearby?

BF: ...As though you're being watched?

JY: Like that primal feeling of being watched. Yea.

BF: Go on.

JY: So that feeling only got exasterbated as we went up to it... Which put everyone on edge. It was obvious people were getting skitsy.

BF: Tell me about what happened when you got to the center.

BF: What did you see?

JY: Well we all noted the place was like a grave yard. Looked like one with the outer structure having what looked like headstones.

BF: Can you describe the site?

JY: Well it was like two circles -- You mind if I draw it?

JY: Make explaining alot easier.

BF: Go ahead.

JY: So, it was like it had two segments an inner and outer. Outer were the headstones inner was the tomb. Like a singular coffin, probably to a more senior guy... Other than what seemed like graves there were these spires? I guess? But they were placed here, here and here."

BF: Can you describe the... 'idol?'

BF: Feel free to use the paper.

JY: Yea, can do one better. There were these little... gem peices? Well what ever they were they glowed. But other than that it looked like a peice of bone. Not really sure about that.

BF: What happened when you came into contact with it?

JY:  Well when we walked up to it it... felt like the bad feelings origin. I know that sounds a little weird but we talked about what we should do until we came to the conclusion we should at least take something with us.

JY: Thats when the Staff picked it up.

JY: The Staff being Bently.

BF: Yes.

BF: Go on.

JY: So after that we were feeling uneasy... and then we all began hearing voices and blacked out and faded into some kind of dream place.

BF: Can you describe what happened?

JY: I guess it felt like a nightmare... Well... More like a memory that wasn't mine? -- Well inside there was fighting. Skinnie on Skinnie I think. Felt quite sureal and after a bit, I don't remember how long we came to. I asked if everyone saw that and we all did.

BF: Can you describe the fighting? The contents of the vision?

JY: It's a bit hazy, but it wasn't like anything I've seen. Weapons I have -Never- seen. Chaotic as all hell. I mean I though Earth was bad but christ.

JY: I could try drawing a scene if you'd want? Might take me a beat but.

BF: If you'd like to. I want to ask you about what happened once the 'idol' fell into your posession.

BF: Can you describe what happened while you draw?

JY: It was never in my possession. I never touched it, but from what the people who did described it caused them pain, confusion and fatigue.

BF: Did you have any visions, or hear any voices after the 'battle?'

JY: Well there was some, nothing I could make out or understand, but there was some weird voices.

JY: Did they mention the light in the sky as we left?"

BF: Not as you left.

JY: Well I'm not really sure when it appeared but a small light was in the sky as Hayes gave the order to get moving back.

BF: Looked like this?

JY: Yea. Thats the one.

BF: What happened after you all came to, after the 'battle' vision?

JY: Well after there was this Skinnie that appeared on the tomb where the idol stood. Bright as hell, it said a couple things and then it left.

JY: Thats when we left.

BF: Can you describe anything about it further? Did you feel any sensations afterwards?

JY: A little dizzy and disorientated, but I think that was just me reacting to the events. Other than that the Feeling of being watched never left until we parted from the area.

BF: Anything else happen to you once you left the site?

JY: No, I still feel a little shaken but thats been passing ever since I got back.

BF: Good. I think that's all we need from you, Technical sergeant.


[The recording stops.]

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The following recording contains two voices; both male, one sounding like a disgruntled New York cab driver, the other sounding like Lech Wałęsa.


BF: This is Brian Fellows, with Sergeant James Chevosky. Sergeant Chevosky, tell me about what happened once you came into contact with the site. Any and all details, no matter how minute they seem to you, may prove to be helpful to us.

JC: Well, the first thing I know for sure I felt. Was very uncomfortable, a feeling that something awful happened at that site.

JC: We went to this... it almost looked like some sort of tomb or altar, of a dead important person, it was making strange sounds and noises.

BF: Can you describe the noises and sounds?

JC: They were almost like moans, or a strange language, of either people mourning or dying, I couldn't tell which.


JC: Almost spiritual.

JC: Yeah, that sounds about right.

JC: There was no distinct place it was coming from other than the tomb or altar.

BF: What happened once someone touched the 'altar?'

JC: Well, the Staff Sergeant picked it up, said it was surprisingly light, then all the sudden I was seeing visions, blanked out.

BF: Can you describe said visions?

JC: Well, it was like a warzone, these people killing each other and fighting.

BF: People?

JC: Skinnies, it looked like skinnies fighting each other.

BF: Go on.

JC: They were using the weird weaponry, it seemed pretty violent and brutal combat.

JC: But it looked like one side obviously had an edge over the other.

BF: As you approached the site, did you feel any sensations? Anything strange like that?

JC: Yeah, a feeling of dread and uncomfortable feelings, almost like walking through a mass grave y'know, it's hard to describe, but that's what I felt.

BF: What happened after you experienced the vision where you blacked out?

JC: I got up, and a ghost or hologram of some sort was there, it shined bright, and started talking to us in a strange language.

JC: On top of the altar.

BF: Can you describe the appearance of the ghost? Or the hologram?

JC: It was tall, wearing a large helmet and a robe of some sort.

JC: It seemed to be important, whatever or whoever it was.

JC: Considering it had a blinding light surrounding it.

BF: Can you describe what happened after that?

JC: Well, all the sudden it dissapeared, and the Master Sergeant told us to leave, so we left the altar, that's when the big light appeared in the sky.

BF: Like the one in the picture.

JC: Yup.

JC: It seemed like an eye to me.


JC: Or something like that.

BF: Your group departed from the site, leaving with an 'object' from the site. I believe Staff Sergeant Bently- Sebastian Bently, carried the object. Were you near him when you were leaving?

JC: Nope, I was told to take my squad up a hill to scout, so I was far when that happened.

JC: But I was informed what happened afterwards.

BF: Did anything strange happen to your squad after the 'battle' vision?

JC: Well, most my troopers were scared and uncomfortable.

JC: Which is understandable.

BF: Indeed. Anything else noteworthy happen to you on the deployment? Any details will help us, Sergeant.

JC: Well, I was surprised the skinnie thing didn't try to kill us right away, the Master Sergeant said it actually just told us to leave.


JC: Usually it seems they are more hostile.

BF: Anything else?

JC: I think that is all I have to say really unless you want any other info

BF: I believe that's all we need from you, Sergeant. 


[The recording stops.]



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The following recording contains two voices; one male, sounding like he's from New York, and one female, with a slight British accent.


BF: What we need from you, is a recollection of the events that transpired once you came into contact with the site.

BF: Walk me through what happened once you entered your AO.

BF: Any and all details you have can prove to be helpful. Even if you might think it isn't.

BF: Whenever you're ready.

EG: Well, when we exited the dropship we were immediately met with what was obviously an alien world. Other than that, it seemed fairly 'normal', for a Mobile Infantry drop at least. We landed on a small island, then walked across to the mainland through shallow liquid.

BF: Indeed. You were suited up, correct?

EG: Yep, all of us in EVA suits.

BF: Go on.

EG: We kept walking, I then reported seeing a bug corpse I believe either directly North or Northwest of where our dropship landed. We headed in that general direction and soon found ourselves attacked by a handful of Hoppers, I'd reckon about.. Eight to ten or so.

EG: - I should add, at some point between us landing and us being attacked by the Hoppers, a red light appeared up in the sky.

BF: Did it move at all?

BF: Blink, change shape...

BF: Or stay as it is, like in the photograph?

EG: It did disappear, though it made a return at least once later.

BF: Hm.

BF: What happened once you made contact with Specialist Fields?

EG: I don't know what they talked about, I was on overwatch. I noticed a building nearby that seemed.. Out of place, for the planet. The station we found the Specialist in seemed to be pressurized, for obvious reasons. But the building I saw looked.. Civilian, the same kind you'd find on a normal planet more suitable for human living. Brick, painted and with normal windows and a doorway and such.

EG: It seemed like it had either been there for a while or it'd been placed with little care, 'cause it had tilted significantly and partially buried. We never did get to investigate it though, as just as I wanted to move to get a better view we were told we got what we wanted from the Specialist and that we were to move out. We then walked up some relatively short cliffs and took a bit of minor arachnid contact, about ten-fifteenish normal warriors. 

BF: What happened once you approached the site?

EG: Well, we crested a hill and was met with what I honestly at first throught to be some kind of super-bug, like a tunnel digger or something like that. It looked like some form of tentacles or maw or some sort was protruding from the ground. Alas, it was determined to be non-living, though the spires did have very organic-looking structures to them. At first I thought it was a terminal of some sort, possibly projenitor, but it was quickly determined to be a gravesite.

BF: What happened as you moved closer to the site?

EG: At first, not much. There was an obvious vibe of creepiness but at first everything was as normal as it could be considering the situation. I don't know if Verbeck felt any psychic influence but, if she did I didn't know about it. There was a relatively lengthy discussion about what to do and eventually Staff Sergeant Bently decided to pick up what seemed to be an ornament of some sort, of similar shape to the spires, only a lot smaller, about forearms length. Upon doing this, we soon after fell unconcious due to psychic influence and heard what I can only assume to be memories from the skinnie the alter was dedicated to. It sounded like some form of alien battle, all alien sounds so, possibly a tribal battle or something along those lines? Then we got a few flashes in our heads of.. I can hardly remember, but it seemed like a battlefield filled with dead skinnies, if I remember correctly.

BF: What happened once you woke up from said vision?

EG: We woke up to a skinnie ontop of the alter. It spoke in native skinnie language, though naturally Verbeck had some understanding. Something about dessecrating the grave I think? I don't really know. It looked  at a few of us as it spoke, then disappeared into thin air. 

BF: ...Reports show that Staff Sergeant Bently took the forearm-length ornament with him, after the apparition disappeared. What happen as you left the site?

EG: The psychic influence worsened on Bently the further from the site he went, to the point of needing assistance just to walk. He eventually muttered "bag", upon which we investigated and found the artifact in his backpack. Obviously we decided to take it back. Specifically Verbeck and Sergeant Young went to return it.

EG: - I don't know what happened with them when they were down there, but they were obviously preoccupied seeing as they didn't respond over radio so, I took Specialist Mikhail with me to walk down and check on them. It turned out to be unnecessary, as they came out from the site just as we arrived, but obviously something preoccupied them.

BF: Hm. Can you describe the vision that you all collectively experienced further?

BF: Any sensations, sounds, sights... Anything in addition to what you've already said?

EG: A lot of what sounded like alien weaponry firing, some alien speech no doubt. Best I can guess is a battle of some type. I don't remember much of the few flashes we got, other than I think some battlefield-type scenery.


BF: Once Master Sergeant Verbeck and Sergeant Young returned the ornament, what happened?

EG: The psychic influence lifted itself for the most part, weakening the further we got from the site. We then called in extraction while we walked back.

BF: Anything else noteworthy that stood out to you?

EG: As we walked away I noticed the red light in the sky again. I took up my rangefinders and zoomed in on it all the way, but as I did it disappeared. I didn't get to snap a picture of it.

BF: Hm. Anything else?

EG: Mmmn, not that I remember at this moment.

BF: Well, if anything comes to mind, let us know. Thanks for your time, Master Specialist.


[The recording stops.]

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The following recording contains two voices; both male, one with a New York accent, and one with an Irish accent with an Asiatic inflection. 


BF: ...This is in regards to the Incident that took place on the twelfth of June, 2298. You dropped on a small planet, BF: Do you know what I'm talking about?

DS: Oh.. yes of course... The megalith incident..

BF: ...You were mentioned as a Person of Interest by your colleagues. Thanks to them, we've managed to reconstruct a timeline of the events that transpired, and we've been afforded a great deal of information thanks to their testimony."

BF: I want you to describe what happened to you once you made contact with the site. Any and all details may prove to be helpful, even if they might seem irrelevant. Can you do that for me?

DS: Ahh.. well ehh yes of course so..

DS: So.. I assigned to Chevosky squad. Tasking with leading ahead of the main group for possible hostiles untill we saw the big giant shrine in the desert. On the right side probaly east there's one bug hole there but there's no bug coming out at all..

BF: You're sure it was a bughole?

DS: Me? Just like everybody.. when we saw that.. I can feel chill sending down my spine and yes I'm sure. It was big only for the bugs. Who would build a hole? And for what if it's not a bugs.

BF: What happened when you approached the site?

DS: So.. we went down to investigate.. Well.. I feel uncomfortable.. the shrine have some kind of blue pulse going out every 5 seconds on the top.

BF: Go on.

DS: Chill.. the winds... et cetera.

DS: As we approached closer.. we found some sort of coffin with some sort of weird idol ontop of it. The NCOs are investigating. Me and others are holding the line.. untill we have been told to get inside the shrine as the winds grew stronger for some reason.

DS: And after that.. Staff Sargeant Bently touch the idol.. hold on to it and some weird shoot going on...

BF: Can you elaborate?

DS: We..... -.. experiences some sort of.. vision.. we felt light headed and fall back onto the ground. For how long I don't know it is..

BF: What did you see?

DS: Like.. a skinnies fighting.. not with bugs or us but their own.. against their own species... the chanting the noise grew stronger during that time..

BF: You have any idea what it was about?

DS: I.. well .. and then it repeats.. it keeps repeats the vision.. I have to clue on what's going on. It's like I was there at that time.. They don't seems to notice me but one in particular.. does...

DS: I don't know maybe it just my feelings.,..

BF: You were noticed, you say? What happened next?

DS: After that we woke up.... the noise.. it stills inside my head.. and then suddenly a bright light shines ontop of the coffin.. I saw... a figure.. a skinny in some facy suit...

DS: It is too bright I can't see it's face..

BF: Go on.

DS: Well.. we're shocked and has been ordered to stand down and hold fire... And then it seems to be looking at us and then stares down to Verbeck.. after that Master Sargeant told us to leave..

DS: The NCO's who were near the coffin or have contact it seems to be... exhausted.

BF: You mentioned the 'idol' that you came into contact with. Did you notice anything strange about it?

DS: It grows a blue light... or you could say aura..I've noticed Bently's hand shaking as he touched it and tries to pull it up.

DS: A strange Idol that I don't know what it actually resembles.

BF: Our reports state that Staff Sergeant Bently left with the 'idol.' Were you near him when this happened?

DS: Hmm... no I was with Chevosky squad who has been tasked to move up to the hill to provide an over watch and cover. Chevosky seems to be frustrated I don't know why.. my teammates looks very uncomfortable and wanted to get out off there as fast as we can but..

BF: But what?

DS: Master Sargeant goes back to the shrine alongside Corporal Troy.. I don't know why they go back there.. I was kinda frustrated and uncomfortable too but we're not leaving anyones behind.. so we wait for them to get back and we load into the dropship and head back home.

BF: Anything else you can tell me about the sensations and visions you experienced?"

DS: Well...visions about battle is brutal.. blood limbs every where... and.. the one who's noticed me... I don't recognised the face but the suit that it wear...

BF: Can you describe its appearance?

DS: Is the exact same suit that the figure appear ontop of the coffin.

DS: .. Well is a lean typical skinnie you'll see everyday.. exept the suit.. I've never saw that suit before.. at all.

DS: And the head? It shines bright light..

BF: Hm. You said it spoke to you?

DS: No it didn't.. it just.. notice me while others seems to be busy fighting. I don't know if it actually spokes to me at all.. It does spokes ... something that we can't recognise.. no not a typical languages that skinnies used at all.

BF: How do you mean?

DS: I mean it spokes when it appears on the coffin... The languages the way it pronounces is weird. I've seen and heard some skinnies spokes but not exactly like it.

BF: Anything else noteworthy you want wish to add? Anything strange, or peculiar that you experienced on the deployment?

DS: Hmm.. nothing I wished to add. But... after the deployment.. I've still experiencing some vision from time to time...the noise as well..

BF: Can you elaborate?

DS: It just exact same vision that we all had.. but some how... it keeps focus and stopped on when it noticed me. That figure.. it just keep stopping it at the exact same times..

BF: Hm...

BF: You've been hearing things as well? Similar to what you experienced on the deployment?

DS: Yes.. it's all chanting and it's hard to recognise what it's said.. not like I can speak skinnies languages.

BF: Of course. Anything else to add that you feel would be helpful to our investigation?

DS: Hmm.. nothing more to add.. that would be all.

BF: Very good, Specialist. Thanks for your time. Your information makes for a helpful contribution to our cause.



[NOTE: If auditory/visual hallucinations persist with Specialist Saiphan, he's to be taken from Medical care to be probed by PSYOPS and Games and Theory. Play it by ear.]

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The following recording contains two voices; both male, with one sounding like an abbrasive New Yorker, and the other a grating Londonite.


BF: Of course, this is related to the deployment on the twelfth of June, two-thousand two hundred ninety-eight. You recall the event I'm referencing, correct?

SB: I do, yes.

BF: I want you to describe to me what happened once you came into contact with the 'megalith.' After you received direction from Specialist Fields. Any and all details, even if they seem minor or inconsequential, may prove to be useful. I want you walk me through what happened once you came into contact with the site. Whenever you're ready.

SB: Well, we approached the site from the South. To the right was some odd hole of sorts, we never took the time to investigate it as the main site held our interest more. We approached, myself and Technical Sergeant York walked over, looking over the center tomb for a moment before Verbeck joined us. As I said before, it was surrounded by perhaps a hundred headstones. 


SB: After some time of examining the center tomb I decided to attempt to poke the thing with my shotgun to see if it was hot or dangerous to touch. It wasn't so I looked around for any sort of hatch to open the tomb up but couldn't find one. 

SB: I then spotted the object on top of the tomb, the Progenitor rifle looking thing and slowly picked it up, only for a few moments to pass and all of us passed out. I do remember the device being far lighter than I expected, and it also vibrated in my hand when I was holding it. 

BF: Can you describe the object's appearance? About fourteen inches in length? Almost looked as though it was shaped from bone?

BF: Would you agree with those descriptions?

SB: I'd say that sounds about right, yeah. 


BF: Can you describe what you experienced once you passed out?

SB: I suppose I'd describe it as a vision. Or experiencing someone elses memory. Like a flashback in the form of a dream. 

SB: In the vision I could hear voices. Dozens of them, like a crowded room of people trying to yell over each other in some odd language I'd never heard before. Then the screams stopped and instead I could see. It was, to put it simply, a war zone. Skinnie bodies everywhere, some dead, some dying, some were still alive and firing at each other. Looked like they were fighting themselves. Though why or how long ago I'm unsure. 

BF: Once you came to, what happened?"

SB: There was this bright light on top of the center altar. On top of it was a single Skinnie. It looked... different, I suppose. Bearing some odd armour and a mask. It looked down at me and spoke, thought what it said I'm unsure. I ordered everyone to hold their fire, raised my hands and attempted to apologise for touching the altar. It looked away from me and stared at the Master Sergeant for a few moments before vanishing. 

BF: You have any idea why they focused on Verbeck?

SB: At the time, I was unsure, though she's informed me since then that it spoke to her, which I didn't know until an hour or so after the drop. 

BF: What happened once it vanished?

SB: The Master Sergeant began yelling that we had to leave. She was rushing everyone along. I asked if I should grab the object from the top of the altar and she said no. Then the altar opened up. 

BF: What did you see?

SB: Mostly just old ragged clothes, similair to what the skinnie on top of the altar was wearing. A lot of dust as well. Ash and the likes. I'd assume it was what was left of the dead Skinnie, which raises the question as to how long ago it died if its body was nothing but dust and ash. 

BF: Hm. What happened after Master Sergeant Verbeck said to leave, and the tomb opened?

SB: Everyone took off. I waited for a moment and decided to grab the artifact from the top of the tomb after it fell onto the floor and put it in my bag, then ran to catch up. 

BF: ...What happened once you removed the artifact from the tomb?

SB: I must have gotten about... a hundred feet away from the tombs when I felt a really bad pain in my skull, then this heavy weight fell over me and I collapsed to my knees. I had this... feeling. This gnawing in my brain to turn around. To go back to the altar. 

BF: Go on.

SB: The Master Sergeant and Technical Sergeant York helped me up, though had to mostly drag me because I felt too heavy to move. The further away they moved me the heavier I felt. Like something was pushing down on me and crushing me, causing my head to hurt even more. I tried to ignore it and push through, having a pretty solid idea that it was because I had the artifact with me. 

BF: What happened after the artifact was returned?

SB: Well, the entire time I carried it I heard these voices. All screaming at me in an odd language. I didn't know what they were saying at first, but eventually the voices stopped and I just got this gut feeling. It felt like some kind of... prescense, I guess. Like something was literally /inside/ my skull. It was then that it became more clear what the voices were saying. It was telling me to return the artifact. That bad things would happen if I didn't so I finally gave in as the pain became too much. I told them that it was in my bag and the Master Sergeant took it and went back with Sergeant Young. As soon as they took it from me the pain, the voices and the weight on me went away and the headache started to get less and less severe the closer they got to the tomb with the artifact. 

BF: Hm. And after that? The feelings subsided?

SB: Eventually, yes. I needed a few minutes to recuperate myself and get back to my feet but it all went away, yeah. 

BF: Did anything happen to you after you departed from the AO?

SB: I had a headache for an hour or so. But I took some painkillers and drank some water and it eventually was gone by the time I woke up the next day. 

BF: Anything else noteworthy that happened during the deployment you'd like to mention?

SB: There was an odd light in the sky, a red orb looking thing. We saw it early into the drop, then while approaching the site and apparently it was in the sky again as we left, though I never looked up to check.

BF: Very good, Staff Sergeant. Your testimony's been helpful.



[The recording stops.]


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The following recording contains two voices; one male, and one female.


AS: Are there any other questions I can answer for you before we begin?

TY: I am satisfied.

AS: Very well. As I believe you'll recall, you were tasked with investigating a site of interest we had picked for Alpha company. We've reconstructed a timeline, and have a sizeable trove of information about what happened that day thanks to the testimonies of your colleagues. We're missing information from a few more people- you being one of them. You were mentioned several times in prior testimonies. Frankly, this meeting is overdue.

AS: So, I want you to tell me what happened once you made physical contact with the site. I want you to walk me through what happened once you physically -saw- the site. Any details, however minor they may seem, may prove to be useful to our investigation. Whenever you're ready.

TY: The site was located in a remote location where no other structures were observed. There was what appeared to be a hole in the ground, or a cavern or rubble of some kind off to the side. As far as I know we never got around to checking that area; If I had to guess it might have been filled with the remains of other beings. When we approached the location we all felt fairly uneasy, and there was a heavy tension in the air. I felt it in the recesses of my mind almost immediately.

AS: Go on.

TY: I was not apart of the NCO's that were investigating the structure, I was in charge of a smaller squad that took a position on the outskirts of the structure defending it from possible incursions. We had been attacked by a small number of Arachnids on the way there so I felt it prudent to have at least one NCO who was paying attention for attack. The weather started to pick up, so one of the Staff Sergeants-- I can't remember which ordered us back into the structure itself.

AS: Can you describe the structure? Its physical appearance?

TY: The structure appeared to have smaller monoliths black or dark in color approximately six feet three inches in length. They barely reached my height. They protruded neatly, and perfectly straight from the ground upwards and seemed to have no design, or adornments what so ever. In four different locations around the site where large curved "Tusk" like liths that streched up into the sky as if trying to tear it open. In the center was what looked liek a casket, or coffin with something laying on the top of it. I did not get a good look at the item; Directly above the casket about eight feet up a small blue pulse would emit every few seconds out in a perfect circle. Dissapate, then start all over again.

AS: What happened once you drew closer to the site upon being ordered in?

TY: Other than the nervous tension nothing was really out of the ordinary. Up until suddenly I was taken with a massive head ache, and dropped. I was hit with a psychic wave that challenges, or surpasses anything I have ever encountered in the field. It showed me images of a raging battlefield that had occured sometime ago. The Images seemed to show a strange likeness to our current surroundings. It was then I found out who probably put the Megalith there; The skinnes. Images of them in a grueling, and sustained combat roiled through my brain. Casualties, death, gunfire, explosions.. Screaming. It was all as if I was laying on the ground in this battlefield witnessing it rage around me.

AS: How long would you say this lasted?

TY: As soon as we came to my .. training kicked in. I checked my watch noting that fifteen minutes had passed while I was unconscious.

AS: Once you came to, what did you see?

TY: The first thing I looked for was my Squad, then outwards from the Megalith looking for enemies. Anything that posed an immediate threat to myself, and my men. I didn't find any of course but during my search a bright light shone behind me; Though there were many Troopers around me, I turned around to look anyway. I saw standing on the casket where the item /USED/ to be, was a Skinny in an intricate set of uniform and armor. The light was blinding, and I had to shield most of it with my hand. 

TY: It started to speak out towards us but not in any language any of us recognized. It screamed it at us as if in out rage. It was then that I noticed Staff Sergeant Bently had picked up the item on the top of the Coffin.

AS: About fourteen inches in length, looked as though it was shaped from bone?

TY: I honestly never got even the slightest look at it.

AS: What happened after that?

TY: I was very wound up. I was freaking out mainly because I was attacked by something I could not defend against. As an Ex-OSW that never leaves me in a good position. I turned away from it all and almost robotically scanned around us for contacts of some kind, anything that I can physically deal with. I almost killed a Trooper who grabbed me from behind; It was a close thing, and luckily she was not hurt. After several moments of watching for threats we were ordered away from the site up a hill.

AS: You... absconded from the site after that. Staff Sergeant Bently, he retained the artifact you had mentioned. Our reports suggest you had an interaction with him- he was under duress after leaving. Can you elaborate on that?

TY: We were returning to the LZ when suddenly a halt was ordered, and something was wrong with Bently. My Squad was behind the other two squads, and closest to the Command team that was lagging behind. We held in front, but too far away to see what was going on until I gave the order for my squad to form a perimeter around them for safety. It was then I noticed that Staff Sergeant Bently had the item in his back pack, and it was removed by Staff Sergeant Verbeck. It wsa decided that it needed to be returned, but no one in particular was stepping up to do the job. So I volunteered.

AS: You took the artifact back to the site. What happened once you returned it?

TY: I did not end up taking the item physically it was carried by Staff Sergeant Verbeck who ordered me to return with her to the site. When we returned the .. being was already there standing on the coffin watching us. It gets hazy at this point I am unsure if she returned it before, or after.. but I was personally attacked by the being. It entered my mind, and it was like it was crushing my head with a vicegrip. I fell to the floor screaming in immense pain thinking I was just going to die; but it spoke to me instead of killing me. The only word I managed to remember, or that stuck was .. Hubris.

AS: Hubris?

TY: Yes, Hubris. After my mind finally registered the entire event I recognized what the Megalith actually was. It was a memorial to either the buried there, or to the battle that raged. I don't know who the figure was exactly but he was obviously prominent. I think we desecrated the site with out presence, and then removal of the significant artifact. The Megatlith defended itself probably in a automated way rather than transcendant.

AS: After that, you left the AO without further incident?

TY: I was messed up after the second attack, and could barely register my own name for several hours. I was half walking half dragged back to the Dropship; my mind was in shambles and I had pain for several hours after the event until I eventually rested in my bunk during the rest of the night.

TY: But nothing happened that I can remember.

AS: Yes, we've seen some residual effects from the encounter with a few other troopers we spoke to. None of them were permanently afflicted, however.

AS: I think that's all we need from you, Sergeant. Unless you've anything else you believe might be helpful to the investigation to add?

TY: Uh, during the initial pulling back into the Megalith for weather I reached out to touch one of the "Tusks." It hummed strangly, but I figured that was because of some hidden mechanics below or something.

AS: Very well.


[The recording stops.]

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The following recording contains the voices of two women; one with an Irish accent, and one without.


AS: This is in regards to a deployment you participated on during the twelfth of June, 2298. You were sent to investigate a 'site' that held interest to Military Intelligence. Do you recall what I'm speaking of?

JH: Well I remember it pretty well. First was that informant that ran the fuck away. Then our long walk to the middle of a desert to find that alien structure. The odd pillars going skyward in a circle like pattern with  differing sizes in an order to them. Then the middle of the pillars was a slab like a sarcophagus. To me it looked like a weapon or grave site in the beginning. Once we were inside of the site, it gave off a terrible vibe and didn't feel right. Upon investigating it, it knocked everyone out once someone picked up a small object on the slab. Then seeing the visions...

AS: Go on.

JH: The visions were Skinnies fighting each other and a large civil war from the looks of it. Then I woke up with my head wanting to kill me. When I passed out, my head hit a pillar rather hard, even with a helmet on. Then I ordered everyone to leave the site right away. Get away from it as soon as possible. Also Verbeck was telling me that she had reason to believe to leave that moment. Then upon leaving some one was having issues because they picked up an artifact. So we only made it up the hill from the site before we had to  send two back to try and return the artifact. Then once it was returned we called for a dropship and left.

AS: Yes... Staff Sergeant Verbeck and Sergeant Young returned the artifact, and then you all absconded and exfiltrated. Did anything else that you might think would be beneficial for the record happen after that, or were there no further instances of any psychic phenomena?

JH: Just the normal skinnie nightmare but that just might be me. I have a troubled past with them.

AS: Can you elaborate on what you felt a little bit more once you came into contact with the site?

AS: Sensations of... dread... being watched... Did you experience anything like that?

JH: At first it was a hum like, then it did turn into that. I felt the need to leave for awhile. Like I wasn't supposed to be there and we were wrong in being there.

JH: The place glowed an odd color too.

AS: Can you describe the artifact's physical appearance? Would you say it's around fourteen inches in length, as far as dimensions?

JH: Oh, that one. I did not get a good look at it as for small detail. It was small like an idol. Fourteen inches sounds about right.

JH: Probably supposed to look like one of them or something.

AS: Any other details that you feel might be pertinent to the investigation that caught your attention during the deployment?

JH: I think I said all I remember....There was a ghost like being after the visions. Speaking in an unknown language. It looked like a skinnie.

AS: Showed up after you came to from the first 'vision?'

JH: Yes. Ontop of the slab

AS: Do you recall seeing anything like this during your deployment?

JH: That was in the sky the whole time I believe. I remember looking at it once and then ignoring it.

AS: Right. I believe that's all we'll be needing from you then, Staff Sergeant, if you've nothing further to add.


JH: That is all, Ma'am.

AS: Very good. Door's unlocked, I believe you know the way out. Thank you, Staff Sergeant.

[The recording stops.]




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Based on the testimony of the 112th, prior collected evidence from ███████ on ████ and █████, Sites ███████ and ███████; Games and Theory is convinced that these sites, specifically the 'Megalith' on ███████ have strong cultural significance to the Skinny race. Evidence collected from prior sites corroborate the same camera phenomena; none of the aforementioned sites can be captured with a camera (precise cause still unknown, requires further analysis.)


Witnesses describe similar sensations when in proximity with the aforementioned sites. Whether this is tied to the distorting effects exhibited on photographic elements is undetermined as of the writing of this denouement. The 112th's statements corroborate prior testimony from both other Mobile Infantry, Fleet researchers, and even civilian statements about sensations of dread, being followed, feeling 'a presence' that seems to permeate the site, and cause discomfort to all nearby.


Carbon dating of the 'Megalith' proved to be inconclusive. Sedimentary analysis nearby, along with relative dating of the rocks and minerals surrounding the site suggest that the site in question is approximately 13,500 years old. 


Prior encounters on ███████ and ████, along with testimony from research teams on ██████ and ███ ███████ from an expedition in 2294 seem to corroborate mostly mild psychic phenomena- very different from the intense 'vision' that Alpha company of the 112th experienced. Said 'vision' sets this site apart in terms of intrigue and importance to Games and Theory.


[DISCLAIMER: Human thought constructs have proven to be misleading in describing the true nature/characteristics of extraterrestrial cultural contributions. Regarding the Skinny race, even our most advanced translation apparatuses experience difficulty in transmitting ideas originated by Skinnies into a format that's able to be understood and digested by the human race. Games and Theory arrives to the conclusion about the 'Megalith' after examining testimony and testimony only, as not much else proves to be a viable way to relay information in regards to sites of this nature. In our limited human understanding, interpreting the exact purpose and precise significance of certain extraterrestrial constructs sometimes proves as accurate as forecasting the path of a typhoon by lifting one's wet finger to the wind. A measure of skepticism is not only strongly advised when discerning the true nature of such sites, it is expected, and encouraged.]


Descriptions of the 'vision' itself varied slightly among troopers, but there's no doubt they experienced the same 'event,' some ancient battle most likely between Skinnies. The 'vision' appears to have lasted approximately thirteen minutes, with no known occurences of time dilation. The apparition eminating from the central sarcophagus in the site is believed to belong to a Chieftain, or some distinguished warrior, as the sarcophagus is set aside and placed in the center of the site, while the headstones (Subterranean imaging along with mild excavation came back with NO other remains, save for the contents of the central sarcophagus) flanked the sides- all composed of some form of polished stone (Samples taken, analysis pending) whilst the sarcophagus itself was adorned with carvings, as well as an 'artifact' that rested atop said sarcophagus. The precise purpose for the artifact is so far unknown, whether it serves as a 'trophy,' or some kind of device imbibed with psychic energies, G'n'T is unsure. Psychic operatives did not detect any living Skinnies anywhere near the 'Megalith', raising questions about the nature of the psychic energies seemingly embedded within these sites, and even more as to the actual process of doing so. As of now, the intensity of the psychic vision experienced by Alpha company is believed to be tied to the destructive nature of the fighting, or the cultural significance of the 'battle' that the MI witnessed.


Alpha's troopers drew their own conclusions, many of which fell in line with Games and Theory's denouement.


"...After my mind finally registered the entire event I recognized what the Megalith actually was. It was a memorial to either the buried there, or to the battle that raged. I don't know who the figure was exactly but he was obviously prominent. I think we desecrated the site with our presence, and then removal of the significant artifact. The Megalith defended itself probably in a automated way rather than transcendant."



 "...We had desecrated that site, and we should leave. It wasn't hard to figure out with the vision that we were inside of a war memorial ground. A mass grave for their warriors, or, atleast their commanding officer or some figure of importance."


With the disclaimer in mind, Games and Theory's denouement is largely similar to conclusions drawn up by Alpha.

The point of intrigue comes with the nature of the vision itself, with which G'n'T has a hypothesis.


Prior encounters with said sites in the past have left little to no means of transmitting physical evidence of its existence (photographs, etc.)

The remedy to this situation was to deploy a psychic operative to merely observe the sites, and they would be 'read' by another psychic operative upon their return to safety.

However, this proved to be disastrous, as severe mental trauma was inflicted on both the 'reader' and the 'read-ee' when they tried to recall their experiences from the site. 

Operatives were left in catatonic states, and were subsequently medically discharged as their conditions worsened. 

Why this is, Games and Theory doesn't have a concise, concrete explanation. Our hypothesis is that the nature of the knowledge imbibed in these sites appears to be 'sacred,' or seemingly meant for Skinny consumption only. 


This is supported by the chaotic and frazzled nature of the 'battle vision' where many voices belonging to Skinnies long gone appeared to badger the troopers' minds- something that a Skinny would be able to handle and synthesize easily, but something that could prove overwhelming and terrifying to an organism not versed in psychic discourse.

It's very likely that if this site is some kind of 'memorial,' than like reading a plaque at the bottom of a statue, the 'vision' the MI experienced would serve a similar purpose to Skinnies coming to 'pay their respects.'


Photographs from both Master Sergeant Liliana Verbeck, and G'n'T operative Specialist Maxwell Fields both contain shots of a red light that appeared to 'follow' and 'watch' the MI throughout their deployment.


Photographic analysis of both Fields' and Verbeck's photograph show a light profile that's congruent with Skinny space vessels that we've recorded in the past, i.e; The Skinnies were consciously 'watching' the MI and Specialist Fields throughout the course of their deployment.




- Investigation of the site is to continue, contact with ████ ██████ and ██████ ████ shows promise as far as yielding more substantial results.


- Followup with psychically disturbed individuals deemed unneccesary; residual effects appear to have completely subsided.


-Technical Sergeant York's drawings to be vaulted- Along with Master Sergeant Verbeck's photograph of the Skinny vesel.


- Further investigation at ██████████ is to be delayed until boots on the ground can be procured, and further analysis can be achieved. Whether or not Alpha will be called again for similar operations in the future is undetermined as of the writing of this denouement. 


- Contact with ██████████ of █████ advised, however ██████████ have proven to be uncooperative in the past. Exercise discretion.


-Megalith Incident to be classified, and added to the list of other encounters. Alpha will be given an exception.


Delay investigation at ████-████ until further safety measures can be ensured to research parties.












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